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  1. - Every sound that has came out of John Williams has been nominated for an Academy Award, including the sound of him breaking his nose from a roundhouse kick in a showdown with Chuck Norris. - When he was in college, John Williams had more women than Keith Richards and all of the Beatles combined. - There was no music before John Williams. :thumbup: Haha, this one really made my day, congrats to the authors!
  2. OK, this one is really over the top, I imagine one'd have to be quite mad to do it. On the other hand, The Throne Room as a wedding processional seems like a great (not that eccentric really) idea and maybe I'll even use it on my own wedding!
  3. I'm sure any small respectability this board had would evaporate. My opinion exactly. Come on, guys, we all do it on a daily basis, it's one of the most human things! I understand it must be funny hearing the thing, but I'm not sure whether opening a new topic just because of one little fart seems like a good idea. I must quote Josh500 here:
  4. Beautifully and truthfully written.
  5. Hm, that's an interesting observation, although I couldn't agree with it completely. I'd rather say that there are many who can write a melody, but quite a few who can write a really good melody. Otherwise, it's certainly of great importance how, when, where etc. the melody is actually used, so good point, Morlock.
  6. Oh holy s**t! I don't know whether I should laugh or cry ... If I won't be able to sleep tonight due to some bizzare nightmare, at least I'll know whom to blame ...
  7. Yeah, requiescas in pace, Jerry, such an amazing composer ... Listened to Total Recall yesterday.
  8. I have very positive experience with Varese for every order that I make, especially considering the fact that I live in Slovenia, which is like half the world away from CA. Yesterday, I received my latest (three new Club releases) package only 8 days after it shipped from California (on VS's webpage it said that the orders of the new Club titles would start shipping on July 16th, but mine already shipped on 13th). So, all the best to Varese for being ever so fast and reliable. I hope it stays that way.
  9. Nice one Only that those are more on the "soft" side, while this HP is more "hardcore".
  10. He'd turn it into a song-based one. There were a few songs in GoF already ... What about Harry Gregson-Williams? I think his versatility might have proven just the right thing for a HP score ...
  11. True, true. Proves that there's at least one positive side to everything.
  12. Yeah, believe it or not, but it was the first time that I saw that movie. It's pretty much like Chris Reeve himself once said: "The less about Superman IV, the better." But it's almost one of those movies that are so bad that they're already good.
  13. What about another Howard - Shore? He already proved himself in the fantasy genre , maybe he could do it again.
  14. ... which is what I don't have (I'd only be able to record myself on MD). But yes, we can dream.
  15. Gosh, I wish that would happen (Columbus coming back, Williams writing another score), but we can only speculate and wait.
  16. In an interview of some years ago, I remember he mentioned James Horner, Tom Newman and George Fenton above some of his favourites of the younger generation. In antoher interview, he also said that he and Steven Spielberg usually talk about contemporary film music. Hm, sounds interesting, do you maybe remember what interview that was? My opinion exactly.
  17. So have I, and I'm not sure I'd want to hear the result.
  18. I'm a percussionist too (a timpanist, mostly), if I'm still eligible to join the band.
  19. Hm, quite possible, but why would Williams want to pay a tribute to that particular composer and/or score? Otherwise, it's a fine cue.
  20. Good point. My girlfriend has been warned of my geekiness early enough and guess what - we're still together, even after all these geeky years! Perhaps we geeks could have for our motto two lines from the Dream Theater song As I Am's chorus: To those who understand - I extend my hand To the doubtful I demand - take me as I am
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