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  1. I saw this movie when it first came out, I found it to be rather generic with the best part of the movie being the special effects. The main ballad is a lovely one. The other songs were so-so. I don't remember much of the score in the movie.
  2. Hi everyone, I am in the process of forming the next composers challenge. But first, I wanted feedback from the previous challenges (Dear Esther, Mass Effect 2, The Artist). Some of the things that I would like to know: -What were the things that worked for you? -What things didn't work for you? -How do you feel about the variety of the clips? -How do you feel about the length of the clips? -How do you feel about the feedback being given? If there's anything else that you want to add, please do. Kevin
  3. Thank you for the information. How long would you spend at Tintern Abbey/Caerphilly Castle/Caernarvon Castle? I've heard 1-1.5 hours for Tintern, 1-2 hours for Caerphilly and 2 hours for Caernarvon. We do not have any time to go to any heritage railways (next time). Next time we come back we will do the Southwest (Devon/Cornwall), we will definitely go to the West Somerset Railway. Because York is the National and the much more impressive one.
  4. Harry Potter is my girlfriend's choice, not mine. So is Stonehenge. We plan to go to Llyn Ogwen (resting place of Excalibur) and Betws-y-Coed (the Fairy Glen Gorge) in Snowdonia.
  5. Hey everybody, My girlfriend and I are planning our first overseas trip and we've decided on England as a safe first choice. Our interests are: 1) History (both of us) 2) Trains (me) 3) Exploring/Things off the beaten path (her) Here is our itinerary so far: Day 1: Early flight into London (Heathrow)/Windsor Castle and touring London - Airbnb Day 2-4: London - Airbnb Day 5: Harry Potter World/End in Portsmouth - stay with relatives Day 6: Portsmouth - visit relatives Day 7: Train from Portsmouth/Salisbury Cathedral/Sto
  6. Hello everyone, First of all, I want to thank everyone would participated in this composers challenge. We actually had more entries than with Dear Esther and Mass Effect 2 which is a very gratifying feeling. I tell you that two of the professional composers (James Peterson and William Stromberg) were unable to review the entries due to professional commitments. However, Alain Mayrand and Vladmir Nikolov. Before I announce the top three, I want to explain the voting process. People voted each entry out of 10 and then I averaged out the votes per entry to determine
  7. Just to remind people that they have until the end of Sunday to send their votes and comments you me.
  8. Hello everyone, In the end, it turned out that we have 12 wonderful entries (which is more than the last two composers challenge). Now that the contest is closed, the voting can begin. Let me be clear, everyone (not just composers) can vote and giving feedback on the entries is highly encouraged. The comments allow each of the composers to learn from this experience. For voting, you rate each entry out of 10 (one being the worst and ten being the best). At the end, the votes will be added up and the top three will be announced. Composers who entered thi
  9. Kevin


    Every Donald Trump Cameo
  10. Started with this on a foggy morning (no filters - shot on a Samsung s7 phone) I thought I would play with filters for the first time. While I really like the original photo above, I thought it would be cool to turn the photo into apocalyptic moment (like the Rapture was coming or something like that). Please give comments on what you think of them.
  11. It's getting a bit messy now: Scottish government seeks to intervene in Brexit case
  12. And I thought the Daily Mail couldn't get any worse. The Daily Mail is very upset because an ‘openly gay judge’ ruled on Brexit
  13. 's two weeks left until the deadline, plenty of time to sign and write! There's two weeks left until the deadline, plenty of time to sign and write! Remember if you enter, you will receive feedback from professional composers: 1) William Stromberg - Composer best known for Trinty & Beyond and Starship Troopers 2 and Master of Re-recordings. 2) Alain Mayrand - Composer best known for The Legend of Silk Boy and Orchestrator/Conductor of Elysium. 3) James Peterson - Composer best known for The Red Canvas (with its 12 minute Ballet for Brawlers cue).
  14. Another update: Composer James Peterson has agreed to be a part of the professional review team. James is best known for his work on the The Red Canvas (for which the "Ballet for Brawlers cue is magnificent).
  15. Pound slumps to 168-year low https://www.ft.com/content/78478eee-e170-32d3-bdbb-b88a98f2f9bd
  16. Don't be afraid to enter, you're guaranteed to have constructive feedback about your entry. More than a month left to before the deadline, plenty of time to sign up!
  17. There's still plenty of time to sign up for the challenge! I know of at least half a dozen composers who will be entering.
  18. You could ask the same thing about the movie, they can't use Bishop's Countdown twice within 10 minutes of each other? I actually think that Horner's original "Resolution and Hyperspace" would have been absolutely fine in film.
  19. Hello everyone, With the last Composers Challenge using an action clip from the award winning game 'Mass Effect 2', I thought that the next Composers Challenge should take us into another realm. The Artist is an Oscar winning silent film which follows the life of an actor in the silent film era. Ludovic Bource wrote an Oscar winning score for the movie. The 3 minute scene is from the dramatic climax of the movie where the actor is down in the dumps because, faced with the ultimate choice in life and his love interest is desperately trying to find him:
  20. I would love to see Aliens in London but alas in the wrong part of the world.
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