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  1. We're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.
  2. Meet Joe Black - Thomas Newman I like this score although there is one big weakness to it. The problem is that the highlights (Whisper of a Thrill, Someone Else, That Next Place) are surrounded by short, average cues. The album isn't even that long really. The themes are really nice though.
  3. K2 by Hans Zimmer One of Hans's best scores of the 1990s. Electric guitar, synthesizers, dramatic themes and brooding orchestration mix in together wonderfully.
  4. All The Pretty Horses - Marty Stuart & Co One of my favourite scores ever.
  5. Addicted to Love by Rachel Portman Trademark romantic comedy score by her.
  6. The Terminal - John Williams A wonderful romantic comedy/drama score, one of Williams's better scores of the 2000s. Neverwas - Philip Glass Imagine Jan A.P. Kaczmarek's Finding Neverland, but written by Philip Glass and that's what you get. Good score. Vampires Suck - Christopher Lennertz A well thought out parody score, surpassing Desplat's New Moon in quality for the serious vampire movies.
  7. I didn't think my comment was that funny to win but I'll take it.
  8. No. It'd be nice if Pixar branched out a bit more. Thomas Newman's scores were brilliant. But... Patrick Doyle sucks How many of his scores have you heard? Really? Haters gonna hate.
  9. Apt Pupil - John Ottman Lovely dramatic score with definite Ottman tendencies. It's like a darker/more menacing/horror-ish 'The Usual Suspects' with a memorable main theme. The album is not too long either at a well rounded 45 minutes.
  10. You're missing out a good 2 centuries of superb music. And we're talking film music here, not classical. No, but my point is still very relevant. There will always be people who say that something that is older is superior to something today.
  11. You know, I was listening to a classical radio station in the car for a little bit, and they had a section of 0 A.D to 1800 A.D, which shows how "superior" music was during that time compared to now. It's just all about perspective.
  12. Wait a minute, that's no moon!
  13. I'm on the second disc, and it's the well done orchestral music. But for me, it's just decent. Certain episode scores by Messrs McNeely and Rosenthal are very good (Vienna 1908 and German East Africa 1908 in particular), but on the whole the music is average. The way that albums are set up are not very cohesive and probably overlong. The thing that really gets me is the lack of integration of the above average main theme into the various episode scores.
  14. Is Mars Needs Moms = How To Train Your Dragon 2.0?
  15. Glory - James Horner Probably one of the most unoriginal scores that James has ever penned, but in the top 10 most effective scores in the film/album in his career.
  16. The Informant! - Marvin Hamlisch A fun, tongue in cheek throwback score to the Hamlisch scores and sound of the 1960s/1970s.
  17. Good score, unfairly treated by film score fans.
  18. Get the choir singing "Iron Man"
  19. So overall, was I right to not order the LaLaLand release and keep my original one?
  20. Nah, I'll just buy 10 copies for speculation purposes...
  21. Good grief, I'm turning into Thor, but I'm not going to buy it because I've heard that other than a few cues outside of the original album, the original album was fine.
  22. Weren't they banned afterwards and all their posts stricken from the Board? No. I'm still here and greatly enjoy the Tron: Legacy score. It's more of an orchestral score than a purely electronic one.
  23. Tell you what- next time you're in Toronto Ontario, have the balls to say that to my face sonny. Even if you're just trying to be funny, wishing someone death isn't a joking matter. At least where I come from. Milton ain't as tough as you think it is.
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1QW-RHMBUE Here's a suite of material that I've written over the past few months. Most of you may have heard the first one when I posted it a while back. Selections include: The Big Race Stars Going Into Battle Spying Tension Piano Ideas Please comment, I would be interested to know what you think overall.
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