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  1. Through the generosity of someone outside Lincoln Center who had an extra ticket (and refused any money for it) I ended up with an incredible fifth row orchestra dead center seat. I was able to attend the dinner and after party as well thanks to someone who had to leave before dinner. It was amazing to be so close to JW. Chris Martin performed “Fanfare for Solo Trumpet” at the start of the dinner. JW spoke at the dinner for several minutes and made a number of jokes about his granddaughter saying he’s not woke after hearing him call the NY Phil President “babe” and “angel,” and JW argued that it’s one of the things you can get away with being 91. He declared that he’d have to continue working until he’s 100. He also called for political change against the Trump sorts (though he didn’t mention Trump by name). Hillary Clinton attended the dinner but didn’t speak (though I was able to get a selfie with her, not included below). The after party was quite tame with no sign of Williams or others. I didn’t see anyone dancing.
  2. If anyone ends up with an extra ticket to sell, I’d be super grateful
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