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  1. I just got my ticket for the Sunday concert after having been in the waiting queue since October 28th 13:54 GMT+1. I queued for all categories and now got category 6-7. FYI, the ticket clearly states JW as the conductor as well as Anne-Sophie Mutter as the violinist.
  2. I went to Vienna despite the cancellation. At the Musikverein there was a notice with some lovely scribbles by fans. I didn’t have the time or pen to add something myself, though.
  3. 27/80 Yes, when Lemony Snicket came, which I've never heard, I immediately knew it was a Thomas Newman Score. So, hoping it was from an obscure passage of American Beauty, i typed that in which happened to be the next piece.
  4. I also made a piano medley of themes from lost. Also included are the tracks "The Hole Shabang" and "Aloha" from the season six soundtrack.
  5. I love Bruce Broughton's theme. Steve Bramson did an excellent job scoring the actual series.
  6. It was also used in the DS9 pilot, where it obviously belongs to the Enterprise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okQ5qe4ZrP0#t=110s Jay Chattaway hinted at the theme in the Voyager pilot as well. Right after Janeway says "to seek out new worlds and explore space". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr2i1DfaKZM#t=425s
  7. Another good interview at aicn. http://www.aintitcool.com/node/46847 A lot of talk about John Williams
  8. Thanks, BurgaFlippinMan. Horrible decision by the referee. It's time to use video proofs. Bad decisions can work both ways. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEtaGwVAyJQ
  9. d'oh! In my defense, I've searched for the clip in this thread. I didn't consider, it might be elsewhere.
  10. http://www.ascap.com/eventsawards/awards/f...eo/shaiman.aspx
  11. Did anyone record this? Unfortunately I can't fast forward the music. So, when I heard the ALIAS quote about 3/4 through, I wanted to get back a few seconds, but now i have to get through all music again.
  12. Hi Chris, will there be a soundtrack release for Mercenaries 2? I really liked the first one. Good to see you here
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