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  1. You must admit musically they are at least similar? No?
  2. Before this thread gets locked, I would like to post a random musing I had about this track on twitter the other day: Is the military motif from Last Crusade when Indy has just jumped onto the tank (1:25 into "On The Tank") the SAME MOTIF that is played (much slower) during Raiders opening trek through Peruvian jungle? To clarify: the ominous, searching motif from 1m1 “The Jungle” in Raiders vs the military sounding snare-drum accented march right after Colonel Vogel’s dramatic rise in 10m3/11m1 “On The Tank” from Crusade.
  3. Fascinating and very throughly assembled list, Jay. Amazed I hadn't seen that before. Any chance you made similar grids for Star Wars and Empire?
  4. First of all, thank you for all your hard work on this. It's fascinating to watch these alternate versions. And secondly, do you have any way of sharing the Symphonic Forces videos? I'd love to watch them. I was able to find GoodMusician's forum post elsewhere on the internet - but all the links are dead. Thanks again for your videos!
  5. oooooh sounds interesting! Thanks datameister. This all sounds great!
  6. Wow - I'm not having a good day. Sorry. I can't read music too well, either. But it should be interesting to hear these two cues. Let's hope someone can do that! Thanks Jason By the way ~ the film ending to "death of Kazim" as Indy rides off ends earlier than the bootlegged cue ("The other jones"). Was that done editorially? Insert A is 14 bars, - much closer to the 12 bar film ending (Fix for bar 65) - but Mr. Takis seems to imply that it would replace an earlier insert which was only 6 bars. As I said, I can't read music well enough to answer this question myself. Could the 14 bar "Insert A
  7. Ah, I see. So we have no idea, musically, what they sound like... Perhaps more "Raiders March" stuff? Perhaps more "Nazi" stuff? Perhaps an unused segment of "birds of charlamagne" that was misplaced? Ok, I'm reaching with that last one....
  8. Do we know what those cues are? I thought they were just the "Raiders Fanfare 1 & 2" from the bootleg and the "Nazi Theme" Insert for when Vogel descends into the tank. But now, looking at your website, it seems those three inserts were already accounted for. What are these new inserts?
  9. "Why am I not going under water?......DEAR GOD WHY AM I NOT GOING UNDER WATER!!!?" - T (Tobias)
  10. Great work Data - as always! Can't wait to hear more of your stuff.
  11. MINE TOO! That was the greatest run of episodes I've ever seen! (Anyone else who chimes in on this, no spoilers please.)
  12. If anyone can listen to the DVD rip or the movie, it should be pretty easy to emulate - I'd imagine at least.
  13. Hey - Here's something I was wondering. Can anyone do a high quality mock-up of the Timpani overdub (8m2) from LC? I have the march arranged like it is in the film, but I don't like the rear channel rip. It wouldn't be too hard to make a version of the timpani overdub that I can lay over the snare drums, would it? Thanks in advance to anyone that has the time and talent.
  14. Awesome. Are you playing a game of dodgeball or are you watching the mildly-hilarious Ben Stiller / Vince Vaughn comedy? I'll take a look at "Alarm" on DVD to see if I can spot the insert(s).
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