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  1. I think you're referring to the Grail Theme. As noted above, John Takis did NOT write the Last Crusade Analysis. But still, I always assumed that the theme in question was the "Grail Knight" theme since it pops up in places when relating to the knight's clues or the tomb of sir richard. Oh well...
  2. I was happy to hear several quotes from the Last Crusade. But I was a little taken aback by the use of what I have always called "The Grail Knight" or "The Last Knight" theme as a "Father / Son" Theme. In John Takis' original analysis of Last Crusade, he calls this "The Last Knight" theme. Yet in his new analysis of Crystal Skull, it's suddenly called the "Father Son theme" from Last Crusade? WEBMASTER'S NOTE: John Takis is not the author of the 'Last Crusade' analysis. Can anyone help make sense of this?
  3. See, this doesn't seem so logical to me. If FSM wanted to do a podcast and for some reason they requested music, why would Paramount or Lucasfilm (or whoever owns the music rights) give them a snippet from some random track at the end of an unannounced, previously unavailable "Holy Grail" score like Indiana Jones? I'd imagine they'd just send a few tracks or the previously available CDs. My guess is that someone at (or involved with) FSM has access to the complete masters - as used in a forthcoming expanded release, and they teased us with 30 seconds of it. Perhaps after Concord has done the "Lucas" thing and milked us all out of money on straight-reissues, they will capitalize on the Blu-Ray Quadrilogy box set. Anyone at or around FSM that has been contacted about the music gives the standard, "can't say anything right now " answer. I take that to mean that they can say something later... Maybe I'm just reading way too much into all of this. Maybe I just really want complete releases of these score.
  4. Was it just me or did the History Channel's Indiana jones documentary feature some previously unreleased music from "pankot palace trek" in one of the first segments? It sounded like a different arrangement of Short Round's theme. Anyone else catch that?
  5. They have a little jazz number on the soundtrack, so I imagine it was used near the beginning when Stark was supposed to accept his reward. I think it was used on his cell phone ring tone You're both right. It was played as a jazzy source cue for Tony's Vegas escapades and as Pepper's cell phone ring. It's those nice little touches that made me love this movie even more. It really is a fun flick! As for the rather disappointing score, the less said - the better.
  6. I do. Just got it. I only had enough time to listen to a track or two, but the sound quality sounds great and it definitely has a lot of re-takes and alternates. I am not in front of my tracklist right now, but if anyone is interested, I'll post it when I get home.
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