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  1. My list still is pretty much the same as several years ago, in ranked order: 1) The Empire Strikes Back 2) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 3) Jurassic Park 4) Star Wars 5) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 6) Raiders of the Lost Ark 7) The Phantom Menace 8) ET 9) Home Alone 10) War Horse and damn, Temple of Doom is so mindblowingly good. Only in terms of themes TESB beats it. I guess Temple of Doom also must be one of the hardest scores to play in orginal film tempo (see mine car chase). The roller coaster ride of the
  2. That was really fantastic. I started watching right before midnight only planning to watch 10-20 minutes before going to bed, but then i was glued to the sofa till the end and went to bed with a smile on my face. I loved your selection of music previews and all the pictures/photos of JW and the LSO that were shown at the appropriate spots in the discussion. It was a great moment in the end, when David Cripps directly addressed John Williams (in case he somehow gets to watch this discussion) to personally thank him. Thanks for making that happen!
  3. Best is Azkaban, which is a creative firework almost unseen in JWs carreer which still blows me away. Its biggest feat is capturing the Potter atmosphere so perfectly while having a completely different approach as the first two films. The new medieval atmosphere is perfect for Potter as well as the equally perfect warm and magical first two scores. Worst is DH Part 1, which is just a boring and dissapointing affair, which also further destroyed the thematic continuity of the scores. PS: GoF to me still is a great score to listen to apart from Harry Potter and the film
  4. I will also see it but regarding visuals i expected much more from it. Also because i loved the visuals for BR2049, which increased my expectations for Dune.
  5. I don't know, i was disappointed about the visual aspects. Visually it looks somehow bland and boring, devoid of any colour and wonder. The set design is also far too ancient/stoney looking, like a medieval film. I mean look at that boring library set or the establishing shot of the atreides home base, that looks like a generic medieval castle or even a temple ruin. I really miss a sense of wonder and awe which is something i expect from a science fiction film which takes place in outer space and on different planets.
  6. @InTheCity I guess your interview never was finished and posted anywhere? Well, now that the PoA score got its deserved release we finally have all kinds of interesting background information included in the La-la-land Booklet.
  7. Yes, i used this tracking website, which was faster and more detailled than usps tracking: https://trackitonline.org
  8. My package arrived today. I was among the first few orders and was very lucky that customs procedure went fast. Last year the Jurassic Box arrived in January and was stuck in customs for over 3 weeks. Seems to be a bit of a lottery.
  9. I had packages stuck in custom for over a month. The Jurassic Park Set ordered on the first day arrived in January... so i really hope i have more luck this year.
  10. Fantastic news, really incredible! This made my day. Kudos to all involved, especially to Lalaland, MM and Jason.
  11. Interesting post i read that i want to share here, which shows the stupidness of the whole backstory of the sequel trilogy: The politics of the sequels is so puzzling. First it's so vague and unhelpful for creating context during the movie, then they use books to fill in the details, but the movie has established details that are so dumb that the book explanations end up completely contradictory... Here, follow this 'logic': Q: So why didn't the New Republic want to take on the First Order themselves? Why are the Resistance on their own? A: Well acting directl
  12. @Chen G. I just reacted to the insulting post John made towards Mattris. Someone has to, if the majority on this thread seems to not care anymore or even support such a behaviour. And i bow to you Mattris, its a pleasure to read your well thought out and well articulated discussion points and arguments. And all that in the face of massive opposition and even nastiness by some posters in this thread.
  13. i wrote MAY hate... Why must not liking something (even hating something) mean being obsessed? Your question therefore makes no sense to me...
  14. Thats what fans do, they care. John you are here on the JWFan forum, you should know what fans are... Fans become fans because they love something. Of course they also have the right to be extremely disappointed or even hate something... the more you love the more you may hate... Your suggestion seems to stop being a fan and don't give a crap... are you serious?
  15. Not all people are emotionless saints, who never express their disappointment in a more extrovert way. Better leave the forum world if you can't take something like that. If someone looks forward to one theme that for this person was the best theme in this franchise and also the main theme of its main character and this theme doesn't appear at all there is every right to overreact! I mean imagine RotJ dismissing the Imperial March and returning to the Imperial Motif and Death Star motif because the Empire is well represented with two thematic ideas already... would
  16. This is absolutely serious. Most Starwars fans i know (me included) think mostly the same like Mattris and are extremely dissapointed after TLJ. But there is this also vocal other side of the fandom who seem to wear their pink Mickey Mouse glasses and consider everything Disney-Lucasfilm does pure gold... to each their own i guess The facts of Starwars in decline speak for themselves!
  17. Mattris is absolutely right in most of his points. What you just posted is not only insulting, it's exactly the thing you criticise. It seems you got no arguments left, you lost the discussion against the excellent points Mattris brought up and now you are like a whiny kid who can't accept that.
  18. Is this a joke, no Newts Main Theme at all??? JNHs best theme in this franchise (which should be the real main theme of the fantastic beasts series) doesnt appear at all... I looked forward to this soundtrack mostly because i wanted to hear this theme again! What a colossal disappointment and failure in thematic planning and development.
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