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  1. Yes, arguments and victimhood. We're not dumb.
  2. Then you'll keep polluting this forum with endlessly redundant arguments that will help *nobody*.
  3. I only deleted one post.
  4. Vinyl made its comeback in the late 2000s. I can't see any reason why CDs would make a comeback, though.
  5. It's been like that for at least a decade.
  6. I'd say it all depends on the selections and length of the OST in relation to the complete score.
  7. That's your personal bias. Try it and you'll be proven wrong.
  8. Oh, you're right. No "free speech" when it comes to political discussion on JWFan. That will not change.
  9. Please stop acting like an ass
  10. That's a completely ridiculous thing to say. I wasn't going to do it, but because of this reply I will delete the video.
  11. Discussion of politics is not allowed precisely to avoid this kind of comment.
  12. A short guide for the uninitiated: Random guy: "I love the Indiana Jones soundtrack" = "I love The Raiders March" Thor: "I love the Raiders of the Lost Ark score" = I love the 40-minute Raiders of the Lost Ark original soundtrack album
  13. When you keep talking about 'scores' when you're actually referring to OSTs you're confusing people.
  14. And this is your first post in a month. Nice.
  15. Am I the only one who doesn't feel comfortable reading this kind of posts on JWFan, regardless of who the subject is?
  16. Main post updated with the two new Williams/Mutter concerts in LA and NYC.
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