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  1. The Plan is changed, so I have to sell parts of the tickets of mine and my friends' John Williams in Vienna 1 for 3rd, Nov, Parterre Links | 5 | 3 (Very close to Mr. Williams, and you will be shoot while this concert will be live) Price: €240 (Orignal Price:€240) 2 for 4th, Nov. Balkon-Loge Rechts | 2 | 6 Balkon-Loge Rechts | 2 | 5 (You will face to Mr. Williams) Price: €120 (Orignal Price:€120 ) for two Here is the location of 3 tickets in Vienna
  2. If you didn't get the tickets, just refresh this page again and again: https://tickets.royalalberthall.com/booking/production/bestavailable/60089 will find some remained tickets
  3. I'm a massive fan of Mr. Williams, followed his music nearly 25 years, collected over 200 CDs of his music, but never met him live before. he's far away from me. I feel very pitty that I missed the tickets of his concert with LSO at Royal Albert Hall going on sale, but I still deside to fly to London. If you have 2-3 tickets to transfer for a resonable price, PM or email me at lester1231#gmail.com Thank you all Best, Qiu
  4. Officail recording live streaming: http://www.xiami.com/song/mSwev067e23 blob:http://www.xiami.com/d070221d-bc28-489f-b570-47dd11ad354f
  5. I'm just wondering will the agent send them back if I mail a few CD covers to ask for his signature?
  6. Yes, please! I need to archive this ASAP. Crazy, wonderful piece! This is a recording in the front row of the stage, fan made version, not bad I think. I'll told you guys if there is a official one. Here is the link https://www.sendspace.com/file/qxw9kd
  7. Now, i have the complete recording with first few tone, anyone need it?
  8. Chinese government's the Great Fire Wall, you can google it. Anyone can help?
  9. the opening concert won't be broadcasted in the past years, I think the situation is same with this year. BTW who can help upload the video of Scherzo for Piano and Orchestra to youtube? I can't visit because of the GFW.
  10. Wow, thank you so much, never heard the last two before. BTW "我希望这个信息就够了。" is not the regular way to express in Chinese, you can say, "我希望这些信息能够帮助到你"
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