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  1. Perhaps is this the explanation why 75% of the population from the U.S.A. suffers from obesity...
  2. I saw it Tuesday. I didn't pay much attention to the music, the only thing I noticed was during the end credits a lot of songs were credited. Almost every time the name of 'John Debney' was credited. The movie itself was entertaining. Lots of action, humor, lots of clichés, bit of romance, bit of drama... Nothing special, just a cool summer movie like it should be. One annoying thing was all the american pattriotism... It was too much.
  3. They got the 2 samples mixed up. You want the one right below it. Well... I thought that the sample from 'Girl with a pearl earring' sounded a lot like Pirates...
  4. I've read somewhere on these boards that Williams actually composed a new 'Harry Wondrous World' with inclusion of the new theme's, but that the producers decided to go with a cut and paste job.
  5. No... It sounds like a new recording... I think I have seen it in the Free Record Shop, I'll try today to look at it and give you guys some more information.
  6. Well, judging on the samples, it's not synth.
  7. Well, they are perfectly aware of the camera, and I think that has a lot to do with it. If you know that in five days it's going to be on the internet, you better try not to let slip anything wrong. Have you ever heard something bad coming out of those production diary's? There where other problems too with the production of Kong, things like strikes and protests from unions... Yess, and in this diary Jacksons looks more like himself. He's gigling because James has so much to do and so little time, exactly as he was doing with RotK. He's going to deliver the picture, JUST in time, and battling with that time, clearly amuses him. I don't think the studio executives had much to do with it. I think they were very well awared that music form Howard Shore would be much much more commercially appealing than music from Newton Howard. I don't think that James Newton Howard has ever done a world wide tour for a symphony based on a score he has written? I was there in Antwerp, and there were a lot of people who generally don't like 'classical music'. They were there because they fel in love with the music of the trilogy. It was going to be their first and probably last classical concert. I think that what happened was exactly what the press said. Jackson didn't like the music. We don't know why, I don't think that we ever are going to know why, but Jackson didn't liked it. I don't think that it works like that... 'Ok, Peter, you can keep the length, but then you'll have to find a new composer.' It actually sounds more logical to keep the music and trim down the film. But perhaps there will be a Collecter's Edition of King Kong with the music from Howard Shore.
  8. SPOILER! Myrtle's Move... Rowlings words ... sang! By mermaids!
  9. And it seems that already in the very first teaser, we heard some music from Doyle... Listening to Track 4 currently, only heard Hedwig's Theme so far.
  10. Full soundtrack, now online http://music.aol.com/artist/main.adp?tab=a...&albumid=802181
  11. The official Harry Potter website has updated http://harrypotter.warnerbros.co.uk/site/index.html I'm quite sure that if you click on 'Menu' that you'll hear another new variation from Doyle of hedwig's theme.
  12. I think that Doyle opted to use Williams themes where he felt they were good and uses his own themes where they fit. I don't think that he was forced to used some specific themes. He's smart enough to know he can't open the picture without Hedwig's Theme playing.
  13. Hi all, Could it be that some William's music was used als temp track in the Incredibles? I think (I'm not thàt big of a fan) i hear Minority Report in this scene: http://www.pixar.com/featurefilms/incredib...ehind_pop5.html
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