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  1. Fabulin speaks the hard truth most eloquently. It doesn't feel cheap and plastic like "Imperial Suite," but in a franchise that has known the Imperial March and Duel of the Fates, it doesn't live up to its title. When it tries to kick into gear later in the concert suite, I get the image of someone carrying too much laundry and trying in vain not to drop any socks. It almost hangs together, but it feels frantic and insufficient.
  2. I just realized that Williams was frigging in Vienna this year and they still didn't seize the opportunity to do a Hollywood in Vienna special devoted to him. Come on, guys! Bribe his driver and kidnap him there if you have to!
  3. Only one way to be sure. Quick! Release an expanded soundtrack with no narration!
  4. Solo for sure. It's not just the new themes, but the way Powell takes apart every measure of "The Adventures of Han," lovingly polishes it, and re-inserts it into the vast clockwork of his musical architecture. I'm still noticing little details or re-dressings of melodic fragments in various cues that go back to Williams' theme. The level of humility (making JW's theme the true, unquestionable centerpiece of the score) but not obsequiousness (having the guts to deploy it in so many different ways) that Powell displayed in that score is so perfect to the occasion. It's honestly some of the most impressive music of the Disney era, and I don't feel like a traitor for saying that because Williams wrote the original tune fresh. I put Jurassic World as the worst—even though I'm a huge Giacchino fan—because its deployment of the Williams material was both hamfisted and awkward (the island theme on a seemingly random shot in the helicopter's ascent) and because it tended to be almost totally verbatim quotes (minus the neat misterioso version when they're exploring the old visitors' center, but that was a snippet), which only exacerbated the massive quality difference between Williams' themes and Giacchino's pleasant-but-obvious homages. Contrast with Don Davis, whose sweeping family theme in JPIII actually sits rather proudly alongside the Williams material. He probably should have scored the Jurassic World franchise. But then again, that would have deprived us of some of Gia's impressive work on Fallen Kingdom, where he downplays some of the less impressive material from the first Jurassic World and lets the Gothic horror stuff really shine.
  5. I just discovered this evolution of the thread, and it's glorious.
  6. I think "Jimmy Mac," the other co-host of SWO and I think one of the driving forces behind RFR at large, went on a rant about female protagonists in Star Wars films or something. I don't think LFL distanced themselves from Collins, though, since he continues to host SW Celebration events and red carpet broadcasts routinely.
  7. A post in the Last Jedi isolated score thread seems to indicate that the entire iso score for TROS will be on the Blu-Ray: That means we get the whole thing, right? Assuming this graphic is correct.
  8. This is awesome! Great find. His listing of new themes is odd, though. A theme for Anakin's mother? And the Queen? Did we watch the same movie?
  9. These are both fantastic. I'll take cello arrangements over violin arrangements any day of the week. Someone really needs to do a proper album of Williams pieces for cello [shoots a dirty look at Yo-Yo Ma].
  10. I think I liked the movie more than most around here, but since you mentioned it, I’ll elaborate on my complicated feelings regarding that. I was a die-hard non-redemptionist before the movie came out, but I thought the way it was accomplished—by essentially rewinding Han Solo’s death visually and thematically, albeit a bit abruptly and glibly—was the best way they could have pulled it off. And the reintroduction of Palpatine made it a lot less anticlimactic and more palatable (Palpatable?) than otherwise. But the kiss was still dumb pandering.
  11. I was listening to one of the FYC tracks with the “Kylo Ben” variation on his theme the other day, and I was imagining what he might be able to come up with if he combined Kylo’s two-and-a-half themes and that low cello bit from the TFA credits. He could take Ben on a dark-light musical journey. Whatever the folly of redeeming Ben in the films, It’s musically tantalizing.
  12. I would actually argue that, whatever its other faults, TRoS actually comes closest to that pulpy sense of fun. The movie has the zippy humor and fist-pump moments of Episode IV in spades, and its biggest failing is that it fails to properly land the enormous Star Destroyer of a mythology, which Star Wars hadn’t yet become the last time it had that sense of pulpy fun. Same goes for the TRoS score. Its two major action set pieces, “The Speeder Chase” and whatever we’re calling Lando’s unreleased return, come closer to the spirit of “Chasm Crossfire” than anything since the Ewok battles. Compare them to the frantic pseudo-fun of “The Falcon” or “The Fathiers” or “A New Alliance” and see what I mean. (You can make a case that “Canto Bight” has that spirit, too, but that sequence leaves such bile in my throat that I can’t dissociate it enough to tell.)
  13. Man, where were you ten years ago? Actually, I may have just been swung by the digital price. But that's tempting!
  14. She did an absolutely fantabulous Disney album about ten years ago called "Wish Upon a Star." Stunning arrangements for violin and orchestra by I-forget-who. I remember it was the first time I really wanted to buy something on CD and could only find it digitally. She's a keeper! https://open.spotify.com/album/3WtqBaeYnqOo08F3kK97ts
  15. So it turns out this video was teasing a new album called Epic, which dropped today with a few more Williams- and film-score-centric tracks. Check out the clever JW twist on "Chariots of Fire" and another new isotope of "Across the Stars," which features a nifty evocation of the Rebel Fanfare near the end. https://open.spotify.com/album/6MTmVRcfXZS1Ri4yQT9Gv9
  16. I just watched Argo for the first time, and now I think we need to set up a fake production company to option scripts and announce fake movies with fake music needs that happen coincide with our JW wish lists. First up: a sword-and-sorcery epic that needs a main theme! Go, Maestro! Then you can work on some swingin' string-backed big band music for this '60s throwback comedy that I swear we're making...
  17. Good stuff! I always love hearing a new twist on an old chestnut...
  18. I love that "The Speeder Chase" got a better airing at the Oscars than it did in the film! Too bad it came ten seconds before the inevitable disappointment.
  19. What the heck is this unmistakably Williamsy melody at 0:23? It's in the rhythmic ballpark of the trio theme, but it's pretty clearly not that theme, and yet it has JW leitmotif written all over it. I don't think it appears again, though. (Of course, that tells us nothing about Williams' intentions, because the "Speeder Chase" fanfare comes across in the film as a one-off melody, and that's a fully developed theme with its own setpiece.) Apologies if someone has discussed this already, but I searched for the word "Fleeing" and couldn't find it anywhere.
  20. "See, I'm way more famous than this guy! Even his wife is cosplaying as me! But honestly, lady, take some of the white hair from on top and put it on your chin. It'll bring the whole look together."
  21. Whoa! That was...not well acted. But with a little spit-shine on the writing and those production values, that could have been awesome!
  22. Bring on the Scherzo for Droids and Orchestra! Bomp BAAAAAAAH bah doddle omp, doddle omp, BAAAAAAH! If I were ever to change my JWFan handle, it would be to Droid Motif Acolyte. But aside from that, I think "Into the Trap" would make an awesome concert suite with the addition of a nice B section.
  23. I remember hearing this as a rumor after my first viewing, but I couldn't see any on my second or third because I was so focused on getting a discreet photo. Hook confirmed!
  24. Given the witty coyness and elliptical phrasing of so many of the cue titles, I've gotta believe "Approaching the Nursery" is a reference to this guy: https://www.scified.com/news/the-oracle-leaked-star-wars-rise-skywalker-concept-art-unveils-strange-unused-alien-creature Man, am I stoked to see the unused footage from this movie! Why did they not just go full Endgame and give us a three-hour cut? Honestly, we know the answer—because they probably (rightly) intuited that not enough of the various fragmented planetoids of Star Wars fandom were interested in sitting through a massive final film. The blind corporate flailing that has defined the approach to these new movies had already alienated so many people, one way or another, that they figured they'd be better off shortening the run time and squeezing in more showings. Darn shame. I like the movie (nonsense plot, retcons, and all), but I think it would actually be more of a crowd-pleaser with even a few minutes more exposition, explanation, and emotional breathing room.
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