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  1. I was the kazoo soloist on the score, and I can confirm the trailer music was not a part of the recording sessions.
  2. Good to know. Then I think that would be the only unreleased cue. I didn’t notice anything else. Though, like I said, it was mixed pretty low so hard to hear.
  3. Saw the film. It sounded to me like the first half of “Mother and Son” was replaced with the piano arrangement from the first track for the final scene with Mitzi before segueing into the second half as it is on album. Guessing maybe the piano arrangement was a revision by Williams and the album track of “Mother and Son” is as originally written? (I could be wrong on this, it was mixed low so hard to tell) The guitar opening of “Mother and Son” does play in the credits, inserted between the Mitzi material and reprise of the main theme. The opening of “The Journey Begins” plays exactly as it does in film as on album. That cue is certainly meant to close the film. That it appears in that released clip, which is very early and I think the first time we hear any Williams, I am guessing was a tracking decision made by Spielberg or whoever.
  4. The Fabelmans is currently underrated but will become overrated the instant it wins John Oscar #6
  5. If the score won because voters liked the movie, not because voters liked the score, then, as far as I’m concerned, that’s political. When you have a film like Tar, which is excellent but basically has no score, as one of the front runners, I think that is political.
  6. Honestly, I think the unobtrusive nature of this score is a boon rather than an obstruction. I think there are probably a lot of academy members who recoil against the more bombastic Williams. They’d probably like to give him an Oscar, as long as they never actually noticed the score. Plus, I’d bank on Oscar voters to not understand Williams didn’t write the classical selections, even if they aren’t on the FYC
  7. The Leia’s theme quote is awesome and makes an otherwise silly scene work. As for the other quotes, I don’t love them (aside from Here they come and Yoda’s theme which also work well), but it’s like 5-10 min out of a 2.5 hour score. Ultimately, it’s negligible. But yes, too much Binary Sunset
  8. Well she was pulling double duty on the celesta. Does Jurassic Park use both? I noticed her frantically switching between the two during Adventures on Earth
  9. Yes! @rpvee You are the MVP for sharing the code. Thanks to you, I got to take some friends/family that I have long dreamed of sharing a JW concert with.
  10. I have seen those at every concert I have attended there. I don’t necessarily think it means it was recorded or will be released. Here’s hoping, though
  11. Scherzo for X Wings was so fast! I feel like folks usually complain it’s too slow. He played it much faster than the OST recording
  12. Awesome!! I was worried it would look like the Spain program and be totally conservative. Excited for Born on the Fourth of July
  13. I think Williams was trying to capture the feeling of nostalgia, rather than just aping things people are nostalgic for. A golden age sound would not fit here.
  14. A boy can dream. I know I will probably look like Charlie Brown in Disco Stu’s avatar come next spring.
  15. Starting to get some hopium that this could be Williams’ year
  16. If it were somehow deemed eligible, the fact that voters would be too ignorant to know most of the score isn’t Williams seems like the type of thing that would make a win more likely. The Oscars love fucking that stuff up.
  17. Probably the least interesting score Williams has written for a Spielberg film, but that still puts it better than the average score. Hampered too by the obnoxious clicking all over the recording.
  18. Oh yeah they have shit taste in music, the more they like or dislike something, the more likely I am to feel the opposite, thinking of early reviews I read praising The Post or trashing War Horse as scores. That said, this praise certainly elevates Williams’ chances of an Oscar, if anyone cares anymore.
  19. Well, that ain’t me because I listen to plenty of classical. I wouldn’t presume what anyone else does or doesn’t listen to because I would have no way of knowing, nor would I attempt to invalidate and gatekeep their opinions based on that info.
  20. As in nearly all cases where Williams is accused of ripping someone off, Williams did it better.
  21. Oh duh, that was obvious. Thank your for clarifying!
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