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  1. Louie have one of the all-time great TV performances in Baskets. RIP
  2. Scherzo for X Wing was not in the cinema credits. The soundtrack is accurate to the cinema version except that it shortens March of the resistance. The home video version replaced the statement of Rey’s theme with the concert recording (an awful choice) and then tacked on Scherzo. I remember all this well because I was very pissed about it at the time.
  3. Ansel is not a good actor, but he’s an improvement over the lead from the original, the central romance of which I find intolerable. Practically everything else about this version I loved. Spielberg went all out, and it shows.
  4. My friends who have very little interest in scoring and I still roast the Electro music regularly all these years later. It is uniquely bad film music.
  5. At least that’s only like 3 minutes of the score as opposed to a third of it
  6. It is pretty blatant but I feel like it’s a gesture that Williams uses a lot or things close to it. I’m not convinced it was directly lifted vs. Williams wrote it in a crunch.
  7. Every time Ross’ involvement in CoS is brought up, people show up to conflate people being disappointed that Williams reused material from other films with people being disappointed that Ross wrote music for the film. Everyone knows and understands Ross did not write new music and only adapted older music. That’s not what’s at issue. Some people, even in this thread, seem to be deeply in denial about that fact. Like, no, Williams lifting entire chunks from AOTC and nearly note for note rehashing them in CoS is not the same as him writing similar music for Minority Report and CMIYC or whatever false equivalency people wanna make up is. CoS has plenty of excellent material, but it’s a half finished score.
  8. “Across the Ocean of Time” is my cue of the year thus far. Judging by GoT and this, Djawadi is bizarrely talented with choral writing relative to his reliance on Zimmer-y cliche (which this score overall is not)
  9. The Force Awakens has become my favorite Williams score since it’s release. I can’t think of any other score of his that is as passionate and thrilling throughout. Or as narratively satisfying, how Williams bookends the film with similar yet tonally different, full statements of Rey’s theme and makes his skilled development of the theme the backbone inbetween. Or how Williams adapts the rebel fanfare into a general motif for nostalgic excitement, then interweaves it with the force theme and Rey’s theme in the end credits. Or how the score balances classic Williams adventure with his late period affection for soft woodwind writing. Or that statement of Rey’s theme that opens the credits that chokes me up every time with its beauty. It’s almost impossible to believe a score with so much life and creativity was written by an octogenarian. I might place scores like ET above TFA in their cumulative effect on the film (so much of TFA is barely audible…), but it’s nevertheless my favorite.
  10. I love the Belt of Faith cue and it’s incorporation in the Ram Don sequence later. There’s not a lot of great scoring in Parasite, but there is some.
  11. If there was no problem, why did they feel the need to correct it?
  12. The thing is that with PoA, maybe it does sound better corrected, but I did not immediately notice when listening the first time to the first pressing that it was in need of correction. With SL, I immediately noticed how compressed it sounds. The fix certainly sounds better, and you hear the difference when you play them side by side. The two sets do not have the same issue, so let’s not pretend they do. They are not the same at all.
  13. I just don’t get how he can be like “don’t think there were any issues” while also they corrected it for the next pressing. It’d be one thing if they’d just left it, but they actually took the time to fix it…
  14. I always enjoyed KOTCS a lot. Calling it an abomination seems extreme when it’s just a forgettable action flick at worst. I know in the world of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, everything either has to be the best thing ever made or the worst thing ever made, but I assure you it is possible to just be mediocre. That said, it is a fucking ugly movie. The color grading looks terrible in sequences like the jungle chase and highlights the CGI. Love Williams’ score though. “The Jungle Chase” is my favorite Indy action setpiece with “Ants!” not far behind
  15. I had long assumed it was written for Revenge of the Sith. Guess I was wrong.
  16. It’s difficult to describe how defects sound, but, to me, there’s this “swishy” quality to it. Almost reminds me of the sound of running water a bit. Maybe someone can describe this better… I can certainly hear it in the first pressing, and I certainly cannot hear it in the revised tracks.
  17. I don’t listen to LP’s because I can’t hear the difference. I can hear how bad Schindler’s List sounds. It’s not mental illness, and it’s insulting to suggest otherwise.
  18. I can understand the issues with PoA not getting picked up, since there really does seem to be no way to hear it. SL, though… It doesn’t sound good to me. Very audibly compressed.
  19. I mean, yes, the risk is low, but the it is nonetheless relatively higher for a nearly 90-year-old man. No need for him to fuck around with a disease that can have long lingering effects even in mild cases. We all want him to keep doing what he’s doing.
  20. I guess that’s possible, but I doubt it would be better than what we got. The Jungle Chase edit is not a good one…
  21. I’d rather have more UW than that song, but I am speaking from the perspective of the persnickety album producer that Williams is. If he put that song on the album, he wanted it there. I don’t think he’d have sacrificed it for more action material he’d surely find redundant when the original UW has a strong internal narrative of its own that stands without the rest of the material.
  22. I’m not really sure what people think the soundtrack would have been like if they waited. It was already 75+ minutes. I don’t think Williams would have put more of the Ultimate War than what was on the original album as it would have lopsided the narrative on the album to have 15-25 min of climactic action. What is on the original album is a good presentation if you don’t know what’s missing. It works well as a climax.
  23. I mean, if you’re right, then I have no problem acknowledging that. Just seems like you’ve provided no other evidence than “I was right about Palpatine, so I must be right now”.
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