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  1. ^banned for correcting my name english! dammit! i shoulda known that! i'm a fan of hers!^
  2. that's a good book that i just read. the ending... not so great, but i'll let it slide since this book is not about story, but political message exactly! it's so dumb! it's like harry did this and harry did that! so bland! My favorite book would have to be.... Memoirs of a Geisha, despite the incredibly-conspicuous flaw known as the Mizuage, which doesn't exist, or not for geisha anyways.
  3. well, i can't much disagree with someone with that wierd kate blanchett/bob dylan avatar. it's so funky
  4. pitchforks hurt as i've recently learned. oh, and everywhere i go, i make awful 1st impressions so um...
  5. but this is on any serious forum, i tell you, so... and i'm getting offed? or whacked:? or whacked-o-- hey! i almost fell into that one
  6. and i quote: "youngest to post!"
  7. ^banned for liking the witches of eastwick's score, which was ok, but i need a reason to ban^
  8. [damn you varese! you never sent me my vertigo!] ^banned for sending money to varese^
  9. jewish (the stein thingy. you get the point)
  10. ^banned for getting NbyNW which i have long searched for, only to find a crap 40 min. version^
  11. ok,ok, if there's another thread like this, i'm sorry. the rules are simple: you find a dumb reason to ban the person who posted before you. for example, i would say something like ^banned for not animated avatar^ because it's just like that. so on and so on. let the game begin(if this isn't closed, of course )
  12. off-topic: thanks! it's one from another forum i'm involved with and i was lazy and put it here i'm surprised i'm the youngest though.... or am i?
  13. hah! i'm 15! youngest to post! you may complain i'm too young, but who's gonna die first!? (me, i don't exercise/eat healthy)
  14. NAME: Gabriel LOCATION: USA AGE: 15 SEX: Yes Please --err-- Male PROFESSION/EDUCATION: I'm 15! FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Memoirs of a Geisha(like no one else picked this!? shame on y'all!) FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Pirates of The Caribbean 2 : Dead Man's Chest FAVORITE FILM(S): Aliens FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Steven Spielberg(duh), Tim Burton, Martic Scorsese(i can't spell), Alfred Hitchkock SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Writing political short stories VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: 10 minutes ago and excuse me for my retardedness, but what exactly do you do with trading lists?
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