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  1. I think it’s more likely there is just increased media scrutiny on these properties in general during awards season rather than some conspiracy. I’m not saying that’s never happened, but I think it’s more likely just people are taking a closer look at those who are nominated for awards than some sinister plan. Like, JW was not gonna win for TROS anyways, and he’s not gonna lose because of a single opinion piece. Beyond that, you kind of defeat your own point by using examples for a film that won a bunch of awards anyways...
  2. Yes, and I’m sure if you looked you could find a bunch of criticisms from them on any number of Oscar winners. The people who vote on Oscars are like sheep. They vote what’s trendy, but they certainly won’t be bothered to READ. This article I have not seen shared anywhere but on this forum, and that’s coming from someone who does read WaPo and is surrounded by people who read WaPo.
  3. It’s definitely not trying to destroy his entire career, and I doubt the Hollywood elite give a fuck about a single WaPo article. There were plenty of critiques of Green Book in the print media last year, and that didn’t stop it from winning. That was certainly a more problematic film from a PC perspective. This article is just masturbatory, but no one is gonna read it. John won’t win because the Academy doesn’t care about him anymore, not because of some dumb ass article.
  4. I have no problem with this type of cultural criticism when it is well thought out. This article just selectively overlooks counter examples like the Imperial March to make a point, and that’s unacceptable.
  5. He conducted the entire show last time he was in Cleveland, every piece. Doesn’t he usually not do that?
  6. I am pretty sure part of The Bombing Run from TFA that leads to the Rey theme statement is dialed out in the film, but is on the FYC. No one seemed to care then. Doubt they will now.
  7. They did change the credits music (for the worse) between theatrical release and blu ray for TFA, but that would be on a different level.
  8. That’s why, despite having superior themes, I’d rank it below TLJ.
  9. I agree that Anthem of Evil is a major weak spot in the album, especially since the theme makes so little an impression. The end credits arrangement is enough for me
  10. I still have no idea what the Knights of Ren theme/motif is, and I’ve listened to this thing dozens of times now.
  11. I can’t think of any tracks on the album I don’t think are essential to the musical narrative.
  12. It’s the low, slow strings that come in immediately following Rey’s theme in Jedi Steps and Finale. (I can’t read it either, but pretty sure that’s what we’re talking about)
  13. That’s assuming those cues are actually as short as they appear in film. Knowing how badly other cues are cut down...
  14. The statement of Luke and Leia is definitely new, though it starts with the concert arrangement. It’s a beautiful moment.
  15. There’s cues on this album I’d rather have than those two. I think, for example, if we took out “Reunion” and replaced it with those, people would say “Reunion” is the absolute highlight of the score and that it should have been on the album. I think the importance of these cues is inflated by the fact we don’t have them. Of course, there are cues on the album I’d rather those two over...
  16. I think if you compiled all of the absolutely essential cues only, you’d still end up with over 80 minutes of music. It’s a catch 22.
  17. I think the album is as good as could reasonably have been expected considering how massive this score is. The reality is that this is just not a score that could ever be satisfactorily covered by one disc. As is, its not as bad a representation as I feared. There’s a coherent narrative on the album, which is better than I could say of the prequels. The absence of the Lando cue is a real head scratcher though. I don’t even like the cue as much as others here, but it’s probably the most immediately memorable piece of the score.
  18. It’s in Maz’s counsel. I think it’s officially part of Rey’s theme. It’s in the concert suite
  19. I love all the themes in that track, even Yoda. I just kinda wish Rey’s theme didn’t cut off so quickly because it feels like it’s building into what could be the best and most mature statement of her theme, and then it drips away and Luke and Leia comes in
  20. I have mad respect for anyone who refers to others as “grubby and feculent”. I’m not even being sarcastic.
  21. I don’t mind the fanfare reprise at the end of Finale. I like it as Williams taking a nostalgic victory lap. The Imperial March and Rey’s theme concert pieces being smushed inbetween the new themes is much more problematic and awkward to me. The Rey’s theme there did nothing for me. Nothing new about it.
  22. I am getting a lot of anxiety about when we might be able to track down a lossless presentation. I’m not a quality stickler, but 192 is simply not good enough.
  23. The Jedi Steps and Finale is the best piece of music Williams ever wrote. I didn’t expect he’d be able to touch it
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