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  1. Honestly that still sounds way better than what we got in TLJ so I aint mad
  2. Probably didn't realize the track list was alrady known here (despite the thread title lol)
  3. Is it possible that Falcon Flight is in the opening track? The last two albums have opened with big action cues, though chronological
  4. In sad low quality... Hopefully lossless rips gets out there soon enough
  5. I guess it’s probably hard to tell just from seeing in theater if it’s a properly flowing suite like TFA or an editorial mashing of cues like TLJ.
  6. Most of the people posting these things are just posting critical-sounding gibberish since they know they are briefly the authority on the quality of the film.
  7. Hehe pretty sure they played the exact same thing at the premiere for TLJ and people freaked out it might be a new recording then too.
  8. Didn’t they just play stuff from earlier films like the Carbon Freeze bit at TLJ’s premiere? I wouldn’t anticipate new music but would be gladly wrong.
  9. If there is a villain theme, and it’s used as infrequently as March of the Resistance in TFA, I could see it missing the FYC if there just isn’t much in terms of statements and development (though, I recognize MOTR was on the TFA FYC)
  10. Anthem of Evil will just be source music for Sheev humming to himself when he takes a deuce. Approaching the Throne will be the preceding track.
  11. It’s good that’s on the FYC because this seems like the type of material Williams cuts for the albums
  12. Interviewer: “How does it feel to finish this series?” Williams: “I'm tired of this film series, these people. I'm tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.”
  13. Actually, mine still says delivery date pending despite being ordered as soon as the pre order went up on Amazon. Hmmmmmm. The fact that the preorder didn’t go up till later is also what I was thinking of.
  14. Well, the limited information on shipping on Amazon, whereas last time I’m pretty sure it had a shipping date listed by now, plus the lack of cover art until yesterday plus the lack of any type of leaks of track titles makes me think maybe the album was assembled later in the process than the preceding two films. I don’t know - did Williams do sessions as late on the last two films as he did this time? I didn’t say I knew for sure, just a suspicion.
  15. I suspect this album was put together far later than the other two, hence the limited info.
  16. Some people here are more interested in trolling others for liking the music than they are in the music itself, and it’s sad.
  17. What in the hell? How did this thread get so awesome? I feel like I am reading a great book as I scroll through the comments of @stravinsky and @karelm. Thank you both for your insight! Incredible!
  18. “the new theme in Farewell” It’s almost comically Williams. Like “I love the new theme he introduces at the end of the credits!!!”
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