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  1. Especially with these latter two Star Wars films he's scored and presumably IX as well, they must be some of the most demanding films in Hollywood in terms of requiring rewrites and revisions to the score. The recording schedules have to be sprawling by nature
  2. I haven't seen anyone else comment on this, though maybe I just missed it - Has anyone noticed the little motif that plays in "Meeting in the Cave" at 2:37 and again in "Casting a Spell and The Visitation" at 4:00. Not sure if there are other occurences or not.
  3. The music is very prominent in the film, and one of Williams’ most effective in-film. It’s an interesting take on Dracula too. This is a case where I’d strongly recommend seeing the film to compare the score against.
  4. I think it's awesome, but I do hear the edit @Holko mentions. I bet this piece was longer as Williams wrote it and was perhaps cut for the video.
  5. Here's what I came up with. I think this plays very well. In addition to trimming the ambient cues, I moved Docking Waltz and End Credits to the front, like they were concert suites being put first. I also trimmed most of the theme heard in End Credits outside that track because that theme doesn't really develop and feels redundant by the end. End Credits gives it enough development in that one track that that is good enough. I kept most all of the instances of that harp theme/motif, though. Maybe that would seem redundant to some, but I think that gives the score its moody heart. It plays well reinforced, and maintains a strong narrative This clocks in right at 40 minutes.
  6. I’ll probably try my hand at a playlist taking out all the ambient electronic-only cues. The problem there, however, is that the playlist wouldn’t have a proper beginning. I was thinking I’d move “Docking Waltz” out of sequence to the start. It has that feeling like it’s the opening of a symphony, and I think it is jarring mixed in with the moodier material where it is in the middle of the album. Additionally, I think it would work well to bookend the album with the more romantic sections of the score, ending with the landing cues, of course. Thoughts?
  7. I would be disappointed if the release didn’t include PoA, but I realize I am spoiled.
  8. I had to go to my friend’s house because my internet was not stable enough to get the HPSS leak without the download dropping. Good times
  9. I read that linked thread and still don’t know what smnol is. I’m resigned to my fate
  10. I guess now is as good a time as ever to say I have no idea what smnol means
  11. I wish I could have sex as satisfying as the build up in "The Love Scene (Extended Version)." 👌
  12. Varese seems to have flubbed the shipping on my set, and didn't send it accidentally. They printed the label, which generated the tracking info, but didn't actually put it in the mail. They said they are overnighting one tonight, but it's still a bummer since I paid for the expedited shipping, which it now appears was worthless. I'd be more forgiving, but this is actually the second time in a row this has happened with them. Oh well, at least I will (probably) get my set tomorrow.
  13. Morricone has previously criticized Tarantino. It's not really out of character.
  14. I definitely believe he said those things, though. Just maybe someone told him after the fact it was not politically wise to have done so.
  15. Is anyone who is shipping throug USPS having issues with the tracking updating? Mine seems stuck saying “pre shipment,” suggesting they printed the label but didn’t actually put it in the mail. It has said that for two days now. Frustrating since I paid for the expedited shipping...
  16. The Force Awakens is the best. TPM is the worst.
  17. I can’t imagine there is a “complete” edit of Escape that isn’t substantially compromised by edits. I’ve combined the FYC, iso, and OST, and the most organic edit I could make is 9 and a half minutes. The additional material is splotched all over the place like a Jackson Pollock painting. It doesn’t work as it is.
  18. Luke and Leia has a sort of emotional maturity to it, whereas Leia’s theme has this youthful optimism. The former would not have worked for the concluding scenes of ROTS but was perfect for its appearance in TLJ. I think Williams’ decisions were the right ones, and I’m grateful the sequel films allowed him this one sublime opportunity to bring closure to that theme, what could be my favorite moment in all Star Wars, centainly the most emotionally resonant.
  19. Banning Back Home sucks, but it's what the scene called for, silly early-90's bullshit.
  20. I have only heard Spider-Man in the game, but the main theme is terribly generic. If it was to compare to Horner or Elfman's entries, it would need to be competitive in that way, and it's not even close.
  21. This is awesome. Thank you for putting these together. I’ve always thought WotW was an under appreciated Williams effort. It’s actually the score that got me into his work
  22. I might agree with that interpretation if it wasn't for such a huge franchise, owned by Disney. Surely, it would have been a small expense in the scheme of things.
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