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    Taikomochi reacted to mrbellamy in Ennio Morricone - The Hateful Eight   
    "What you will hear is Tarantino music."
    God that is so fucking cool. Good for Morricone, especially knowing that Tarantino did likely ask for more of a Leone pastiche, with that anecdote about him being a little startled by the music at the recording. I think QT needed this, it seems like the music alone will make this feel very different from his other films. I can't wait to hear Morricone's "Tarantino" sound
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    Taikomochi reacted to Muad'Dib in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
    Esentially what Pilgrim is saying, I think, is a composer with a jazz background or influence can bring so much more to the table than a composer who's stuck listening to 18th century music and goes backwards but not forward. It is considered that Wagner practically invented what became formally later as the atonal side of music, like Stravinsky and such. Listen to some of Alex North's work, the main influence of Williams. You probably know about him, but the guy had an amazing musical vocabulary essentially thanks to his jazz background. Most of his music is very jazzy in nature, maybe not directly or obvious, but he liked to mix around lots of amazing chords and harmonies, never did music the traditional way so to speak -probably Pilgrim can explain this much better than me. For example, my favorite work of his

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    Taikomochi reacted to crumbs in Force Awakens ABC TV Spot - CONFIRMED premiere of Williams' score!   
    I find it hard to believe trailer 2 is completely non-Williams. Real, live orchestral music is clearly the base for 90% of the music, especially the horn solo at the beginning and the rendition of Yoda and the Force at the end. There are clearly artificial sweeteners that Disney have used to "enhance" the music with.
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    Taikomochi reacted to A24 in What is the last Television series you watched?   
    Yes, David Fincher is an apparent influence. In fact, Mr. Robot is more David Fincher than House Of Cards.
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    Taikomochi reacted to mrbellamy in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
    I think he meant specifically when it comes to Williams pastiche.
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    Taikomochi reacted to Barnald in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (JJ Abrams 2015)   
    Hamill may be wearing a full Adam Driver mask, with hair, underneath the helmet in order to further disguise himself.
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    Taikomochi reacted to aj_vader in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (JJ Abrams 2015)   
    You can see Adam Driver's hair coming out of the back of the helmet, its not Mark Hamill.
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    Taikomochi reacted to Uni in New Film Score FB Page   
    I've been trying to get a new page up on Facebook for about a month and a half. Haven't had enough time to polish it off . . . until now. I'm looking to launch it tomorrow. It'll focus on film scores--release news, trivia, bits 'n' pieces about scores present and past, and a daily sampling of music from scores both popular and obscure. The idea is to inform and educate, to get more people thinking about the music they probably love without being aware they love it (like many of us were in the days before we became collectors), maybe even nurture the hobby in a few people already on the edge of the idea.
    And it's a chance for me to get to talk about this subject I adore so much. I've wanted to pursue . . . something like this for a long time. My main conundrum was the format. I have neither the time nor the energy to do a full-blown blog, mostly because I know I wouldn't be able to resist all the bells and whistles that would inevitably gobble up hours every day (not to mention all the effort that goes into promotion). I thought this would offer a better compromise, something that would require only a few hours a week but still provide plenty of content. It's taken me this long to develop an "assembly line" that'll make rolling material out a short and simple process, but I think I'm ready to tackle this thing.
    I'll post a link here once the page is published. It would be nice to see some of you there, perhaps even commenting and contributing once in a while.
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    Taikomochi reacted to Wojo in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
    Whatever. You fucks are the new Thor. Thor is pleasant to read though.
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    Taikomochi reacted to Wojo in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
    You're not by any chance dying of a terminal disease that's shortened your life and taken away your time for listening to good music? Otherwise what do you have that's more important to do than listen to full length albums?
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    Taikomochi reacted to Chewy in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
    Google Play Store shows 23 tracks too but indicates the full time as well: 1 hour, 17 minutes and 8 seconds!! Longer than the 3 prequel CDs!
    Link: https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Bcy2ehekhvtysp3ftal2bwz7hxe
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    Taikomochi reacted to Not Mr. Big in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
    Wait. Are you Erik Dercf?
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    Taikomochi reacted to Incanus in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
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    Taikomochi reacted to BloodBoal in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
    There is simply too much music!

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    Taikomochi reacted to Not Mr. Big in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
    I hope E.T and Drax hate the album. Then I'll be guaranteed to like it.
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    Taikomochi reacted to Not Mr. Big in The Force Awakens Disney Records OST   
    2 weeks exactly until the premiere; hooray!
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    Taikomochi reacted to Will Tasker in Most UNDERrated Williams Scores   
    Agreed on both counts. But as an addendum, I'd like to add that no matter how pedestrian The Book Thief would seem in Johnny's long list of music, its still far and away better than the overwhelming majority of other composers and songwriters.
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    Taikomochi reacted to Unlucky Bastard in Your favorite Indiana Jones ost?   
    I love the Polydor album and that mutilated Desert Chase baffles me. He's otherwise great at album assembly but this track was one case where he needlessly second guessed himself.
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    Taikomochi reacted to Scarpia in .   
    One Platinum for each name in the Fanify Poster!
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    Taikomochi reacted to crumbs in .   
    One Platinum for each bonus screensaver!
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    Taikomochi reacted to Jay in .   
    One Platinum for each level of Emboss!
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    Taikomochi reacted to Dixon Hill in Most UNDERrated Williams Scores   
    Lincoln is definitely underappreciated by some members here, dismissed as boring or whatever. Extreme bullshit. It's a breathtaking score, every note is "right."
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    Taikomochi reacted to Gruesome Son of a Bitch in One track from any JW movie that sums up the 'Golden Age' for you ?   
    Obviously, "Stalking Carl" from Munich. Doesn't get any better than that!
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    Taikomochi got a reaction from Bilbo in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (JJ Abrams 2015)   
    I like my blockbusters over 2 hours because it suggests there is less studio intervention, unlike the cut-down Prometheus, for example. At least, until you get needlessly long like with The Dark Knight Rises.
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    Taikomochi reacted to mrbellamy in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (JJ Abrams 2015)   
    She was a little too heavy to be believable as Leia at the weight she was at a few years ago. I wouldn't expect her to be thin, though. As long as it was to get her down to a more average weight for a woman that age which it seems like she did. I see no issue with that pic of her but who knows if 35 was more than necessary when they can hide things with lighting, makeup, wardrobe. And it is often ridiculous what is considered "fat" or "old" in Hollywood.
    Honestly I'd just be happy with an official, confirmed tracklist.
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