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  1. Maybe he has a point or two but, at the end of the day, what a pompous wind bag this writer is.
  2. It is a creative decision that is sometimes tempered with having nothing better to work with. Case in point: Yoda's theme playing in the droid factory rescue scene in Attack of the Clones. Makes absolutely no sense there but Lucas reportedly threw this whole sequence in last minute to keep the movie from dragging at that point. He needed some exisiting music and put Yoda's theme there because he must have felt it fit musically, if not logicially.
  3. That looks like Goldsmith's wife, Carol next to him in that Gremlins 2 clip.
  4. Leave it to Thor to find no enjoyment in Goldsmith's most Williams-like score. And he's always buying things he ends up not liking. Maybe he should try gauging the music in the movie or paying more attention to sound samples. The world is littered with stuff he says he found "uninteresting" and later sold.
  5. Awesome performance of "Never Surrender" from First Knight.
  6. I think we will see these releases but if anyone is going to do them it will probably be FSM.
  7. Didn't I just address this?
  8. I know. That's why I didn't vote. I just haven't heard the Jeff Wayne score. I was just saying that I prefer The Stevens score over Williams.
  9. Williams score works very well in the film but, as often as I've tried, I just can't get through it all on CD. There is good music there but not much engagement for me. Honestly I prefer Leith Steven's more straightforward and traditional score.
  10. No, it's not exactly. But it is a shadow of what the first big-screen Trek should have been and it certainly isn't a film which you would expect to inspire such a mammoth score.
  11. I will order both but Search for Spock is easily the one that I am most anticipating. I have always loved that score, even more than Wrath of Khan. It just has a melancholy and introspective quality, even in the more exciting bits. There is a lot of essential material that was left of the original release. The Enterprise Death scene and the break up of Planet Genesis alone are enough to make me buy this new release. While I enjoy Giachinno's Trek it is also the most generic and mainstream sounding of all the Trek Scores. Of the 2 new releases Trek 3 just has more emotional resonance for me.
  12. There are several reasons why Goldsmith often scored bad movies. Some have been mentioned. For most of his career Goldsmith was a workoholic who just couldn't stop writing so he scored constantly... often 7-8 movies a year. All of them couldn't possibly be good ones but many of them were. The fact is that he scored far more good movies than bad ones. It's just that his stature as an artist would seem to demand that he didn't score the trash movies that he did. Another reason is that Goldsmith probably wasn't good at judging material from a script. In his earlier days he would be sent one and
  13. I ordered it in a flash. Why can't some of you guys simply celebrate the release of this gem instead of somehow trying to discredit the success of CDs of scores from other composers?
  14. This sounds like an absolutely awful and desperate idea. I'd rather know what happened to Roy Neary after years with the CE3K aliens than this kind of wrong-headed concept.
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