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  1. I'm gonna do a few Christmas cues this month ! And here's the first one
  2. Thank you !! Oh yeah The Battle is fantastic, there's a good chance I'll cover it too someday Thanks ! Very glad you're enjoying them
  3. New addition to my Prince of Egypt cover series
  4. Merci beaucoup ! LOTR music is always such a delight to play
  5. Listened to that cue so many times when the movie came out ! I was 15, had been playing the horn for about 7 years and just loved those brass parts
  6. Always wanted to transcribe and record that fantastic cue
  7. Indeed !! Especially during that part : The sheer INTENSITY of those 6 horns & 4 trumpets with the trombones and violin/woodwind parts underneath...it just blows me away every time
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