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  1. My thoughts too ! I've also done a full cover of it ! Entirely played on the french horn
  2. Definitely one of the most intense cues in film music history !
  3. Thank you ! I actually edited the movie sequence myself, is your video still on Youtube ? By the way, too bad most of this cue was actually replaced in the movie...there isn't one second from it that I would cut, absolutely brilliant scoring by Mr Horner !
  4. Yeah...there are actually quite a few cues with wrong notes here and there ! Typically when the Horn section is in unison in the high register, someone is always bound to mess up a note 😛 I've heard that so many times during live concerts, even with the best orchestras ! Horn definitely is not the easiest instrument to play 🙃
  5. Since this thread is about transcriptions I thought I'd share this video here too ! Instant goosebumps when I first heard glimpses of that theme in the very first cue...it's just gorgeous
  6. I think Galadriel's theme is quite possibly one of the most magnificent I've ever heard in a TV show ! I just had to transcribe and record it 😀
  7. Mother and Son truly is gorgeous... Cannot wait to see the images that go with it ! I can imagine Steven shedding a tear or two when he first heard that piece
  8. Had a blast transcribing and recording this fantastic action cue
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