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  1. In 2011 I released the "French Horn Tribute to Film Music", a 12-min long medley featuring music from 29 composers ! Well, here we are 10 years later and I present to you the freshly remixed/remastered version, with sheet music
  2. Thanks man ! David Newman actually saw it and left me a very nice comment too
  3. Little thing I did with the help of a few friends
  4. Thank you very much ! No other ESB cue planned at the moment but who knows...there might very well be another one someday ( End of Mynock cave would be pretty cool indeed ! ) Haha, I've played other cues full of rips (stuff from Powell's HTTYD comes to mind) but yeah I've rarely seen that many in a cue
  5. Thank you Jay !! Horner sure wrote some incredible (and quite challenging !) parts for the horns in this one And here's something different ^^
  6. Here's one I'd wanted to do for a while...and it's a big one
  7. Wow, just got into those podcasts recently, was listening to Malcolm McNab's yesterday and thought "hope Jim Thatcher will be the next !" Perfect timing 🙂
  8. Here's how The Reunion sounds with solo horn and trumpet
  9. And here are the last 12 minutes of the Lion King
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