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  1. The very end of the finale always gets me teary-eyed.. Harpsichord/harp playing Across the Stars followed by Anakin's Theme (that is one heavenly horn solo !)
  2. One awesome opening cue ! Especially fun to play
  3. Haha well misspelling aside, I thank you for posting that tracklist cause looking at the pieces I'd say there's a good chance he actually recorded some of my arrangements ! The Star Wars ones, Bill Conti's Mickey and Yoko Kanno's Little Sister all are covers I made in the past few years and for which I released the sheet music, and the timing of his recordings matches I need to add that Hervé is one of the horn players who inspired me when I picked up the horn so...if those are indeed my arrangements I'd say that's pretty cool
  4. Thank you very much ! Like I said there's something really special about this theme, and playing it "with JW" makes things every more special
  5. I usually don't start new threads for my covers but I feel this one is quite special ! Theme from Sabrina has always been one of favorite JW pieces and I recently felt like playing it on my French Horn I ended up doing a mix of the original piece and the violin version, to which I also added little woodwind lines here and there. The backing track I used is the CD version of the theme, and to make things more interesting visually I synchronized the great video of JW performing it with the Boston Pops conducted by Seiji Ozawa ! (a video originally posted and recently upscaled by my good friend @Martyprod Thanks man !!) And so there it is, hope you'll enjoy it
  6. Some very cool cues in that score ! Like this one
  7. Felt like adding some real horns and trumpets to this masterpiece
  8. I thought it could be nice to add a french horn quartet to that lovely "La Vie en Rose" accordion solo part
  9. And with these I conclude Alan's Disney Golden Era
  10. Two more Menken Disney ending cues
  11. Absolutely agree with everything you said ! This morning I was actually wondering if there was a "JW romantic theme" I loved more than this one (or equally) and the only one I could think of was the love theme from The Terminal. Simply singing those in my head gives me goosebumps
  12. Well, here's the Beauty and the Beast Finale ! I think it just might be my favorite Menken cue
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