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  1. Originally "Materia Collective" was just a collaboration between dozens of VGM artists to produce big Tribute albums, then it became an actual company which is a VGM record label and sheet music publisher. So they came up with the new name "Materia Community" for the collab albums !
  2. Yeah I highly recommend those Tribute albums by Materia Collective (also known as Materia Community) It started out in 2015 with a massive 5-CD tribute to FF7 (thus the name Materia) and since then dozens of albums have been produced ! I've played horn, trumpet and drums on a lot of them, also arranged a couple of tracks like this one :
  3. Maybe ! Here's my (partial) discography : https://www.marcpapeghin.com/about/ I've also played on a lot of stuff which wasn't officially released (like tv ads or musical/movie mockups !)
  4. Well, not that much to be honest ! I do receive Youtube earnings for them and a few donations now and then but not enough to make a living. That said my Youtube channel is something I have on the side, my main job being session musician ! Here's a few screenshots from it
  5. Thank you ! Always a fantastic experience for me to put these all together. From arranging the whole thing to receiving all of the tracks from the musicians (and often being blown away by what they've just sent me ^^), mixing it and coming up with fun visuals for the video... I just love doing these ! Yeah those are beautiful ! I can only imagine Uematsu's reaction when hearing them back in 1991, must have been quite an overwhelming experience for him
  6. It is a Masterpiece. And I had a real hard time selecting the songs to create that medley, there is just so much goodness in that OST ! I just knew I had to cover all 4 battle themes ( which all sound FANTASTIC ) plus that majestic Ending Theme
  7. Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy IV, a fantastic game with such a memorable soundtrack ! And so I thought it was the perfect moment to release this new little project of mine A 17-min progressive rock piece based on the FF4 OST, featuring 25 musicians and singers from all over the world
  8. My take on the (phenomenal) epilogue from La La Land
  9. Do you mean physical CDs ? If so I haven't, but some of my works are available digitally like this album : https://didiermartini.com/1m1/
  10. Wow, hard to choose ! Funny thing is I've actually covered them both And they are both absolutely delightful themes to play
  11. The Asteroid Field played by no less than... 24 horns Easily the most insane I've done in terms of range
  12. In 2011 I released the "French Horn Tribute to Film Music", a 12-min long medley featuring music from 29 composers ! Well, here we are 10 years later and I present to you the freshly remixed/remastered version, with sheet music
  13. Thanks man ! David Newman actually saw it and left me a very nice comment too
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