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  1. Thought some of you guys could enjoy these
  2. This may have been discussed in here already but I just realized something by studying the handwritten full score... So right after the Throne Room sequence ends we hear the Main Title's theme played by the horns, but I just saw it actually wasn't what JW originally wrote ! It looked like this : And a 9-bar insert was created to add the Main Theme : I find it interesting that JW's first take on it didn't include that Main Theme ! Knowing that it was used for every episode afterwards ( played by the trombones in V and VI ) and has
  3. Toy Planes, Home And Hearth is such a gorgeous piece... When the horns enter at 0:58 and are joined by the choir at 1:17, oh man the goosebumps
  4. Sure, many things in these score seem reminiscent of other scores such as Far & Away and Amistad ( sometimes it also reminds me of Seven Years In Tibet ) and the movie itself might not be the best movie ever.. Yet, I actually really like this score ! Especially some of the slow cues which I find really poignant, plus all of those gorgeous horn moments of course This one for example :
  5. Listened to this score this morning...and I still love everything about it ! The choirs, the guitar, the harmonica, the horn solos Just read this great article about the score and John Singleton (RIP) https://thelegacyofjohnwilliams.com/2019/04/30/john-singleton-rosewood/
  6. Oh I know that one of course ! I meant it'd be cool to see like an hour-long or so video of him today, playing anything he wants
  7. He could even record it in an hour ! Just a simple video of him playing anything he wants and I'd be in heaven
  8. That actually gave me goosebumps ^^
  9. Such fantastic horn parts in this cue ! (3:30)
  10. Sarah Willis ( famous horn player from the Berlin Phiharmonic ) was amongst the horn section on the 24th ! And she got to interview JW
  11. Definitely one of Zimmer's most moving cues ! Really needed to control myself when recording this otherwise the music gets to me and it becomes hard to play ^^
  12. Here's something different...I transcribed, re-arranged and recorded all the horn parts from this awesome Metallica song, originally arranged by Michael Kamen !
  13. Yeah the very last cue is exquisite That melody I'm playing at 1'43 is originally written for solo horn + 4 bass flutes ! I don't think I'd ever seen that before...only Desplat could compose that ^^
  14. SOmeone actua This guy recreated all of the cues the way they're heard in the movie, using the LLL release : Oh and so here's my cover of Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch I ended up doing a mix of the film version and the original cue !
  15. Thank you !! It is one really fantastic cue Right now working on the last cues from Harry Potter 7 - Part 2 ! Wonderful score by Monsieur Desplat
  16. Yeah what I meant is I didn't know a horn was also playing that part ( I saw it on the full score ) The violas can be heard fine of course
  17. Yeah once you know it it becomes quite obvious indeed ^^ It's a really cool part, too bad Cameron didn't use it...
  18. While working on a horn/trumpet cover of "Take Her to Sea Mr Murdoch" I kind of discovered this horn part which is quite buried in the mix ( and can't even be heard at all in the movie since Cameron entirely cut that part ) It's all triplets in unison with the violas
  19. Wow I hadn't listened to that track in a while ^^ Very cool project Also I just released this new video, an awesome cue by Mr Goldsmith !
  20. Thank you ! It is also one of my favorite JW cues...such delicate writing, so subtle and moving ! An absolute delight to play and to listen to
  21. Thanks ! Yeah I've rarely played that many high D's in a piece before ^^
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