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  1. Here's my arrangement of the epic ending piece from FFVII ( which to my knowloedge had never been covered, until now )
  2. Yeah, definitely too many to list, choosing just one is no easy task ! E.T. would be an obvious choice for me but I also absolutely adore this one from War Horse :
  3. Remembering Emilie and Finale has become one of my favorite JW cues. That piano solo followed by this delicate horn solo, and those strings ( the cellos especially....goosebumps) And this : Absolute beauty.
  4. Definitely ! There aren't a lot of instruments which in a quartet context offer this many possibilities in terms of range and expression. Trombone/tuba won't go as high as a horn, trumpet is limited in the low register as are most of the woodwinds, and same goes for strings ! Except for cello which would kind of be the equivalent of the horn, strong in both low and high registers
  5. Thanks man ! I did play in orchestras on numerous occasions, and the "logic" would be that I join one full-time at some point. But the thing is...arranging and studio recording are much more my thing ! And so that's what I've been doing full-time for the past 6 years or so
  6. Here is the full-length version of the Home Alone bit from Part 1
  7. Thanks for all the cool suggestions guys ! Keep'em coming I definitely want Part 6 to feature the latest scores from the 2010's that I haven't covered yet. About The Witches of Eastwick, I just remembered that I demoed Devil's Dance for Part 3 but in the end couldn't make it work within the medley... The Ballroom would sound pretty cool too !
  8. Would you guys have any ideas/requests for Part 6 ?
  9. Thank you ! I wanted to do so something a bit different with this one and building it around Mutt's Theme seemed like an interesting idea. I also wanted it to feature several JW non-score works which I've always loved and have rarely been covered !
  10. Yeah it's probably one of the most amazing arrangements of a song I've ever heard ! Not only is it extremely fun to play on the horn, but it also shows how good an arranger JW is
  11. Haha ^^ Oh but don't get me wrong, I love playing the big SW hits It is awesome music !
  12. Thank you ! It's always been a goal of mine to play the kind of stuff you never hear people cover, like entire action cues or more osbscure themes ( I mean,I don't think a lot of people have played stuff from Images, Dracula or Heartbeeps ) I feel most JW medleys are always about the SW and HP "hits" plus a few other iconic scores, which saddens me a bit since ( as everyone knows here ) he has such a gigantic corpus of amazing music to choose from !
  13. Part 4 is here As I said this one is my personal favorite ! Most of it features cues from Indy 1, 2, 3 and SW V with some of the most challenging stuff I've ever recorded. Enjoy
  14. A few screens from Part IV ( my personnal favorite )
  15. Here's a few screenshots from the upcoming Part III
  16. Part III and IV will feature more cues from Last Crusade
  17. Maybe this thread should be renamed just "Dream Theater" ? Anyway here's my latest ( and probably craziest ) project ! A Horn and Trumpet cover of The Dance of Eterniy
  18. Wow I pretty much have the same list ! Just never played the Fanfare for Fenway and Tuba Concerto
  19. Yeah that is something I decided to do right when I began working on it ! There are so many amazing JW cues which have rarely ( not to say never ) been covered... It's really exciting to arrange and play something like the Close Encounters cluster or JFK's Arlington ( which is one my favorite JW cues ! )
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