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  1. If you have scans or copies of any/all of the Performance Scores to The Lord of The Rings trilogy, contact me ASAP.

  2. has some rare scores. What do you have?

    1. WilliamsStarShip2282


      what kind of rare scores?

  3. It's interesting that you prefer Naqoyqatsi's score over the first two films. I don't agree with you, but it's sort of refreshing to hear. I enjoy Koyaanisqatsi the most out of the three films and scores. During an empty day, I've shut the lights off and listened to the music. It has a very meditative quality to me. Nothing sinister going on... just enjoying the music! Kudos to you for your differing opinion!
  4. Anyone who wishes to challenge the idea that Philip has not been well-trained should look up his history. For anyone who knows of her, you do NOT study with Nadia Boulanger if you were an idiot. If you did, you didn't last long. Check out the documentary Philip Glass in 12 Parts. I claim myself to be a Philip Glass fan. He has a very clear and unique voice. You may hate it or love it. I initially did not like Philip Glass and avoided him. But, I forced myself to listen to many works from different times in his career. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself! I'm not saying that any here does not do that on a regular basis. But, moving beyond an initial gut reaction can lead to interesting avenues of thought. Of course, this is just an opinion. Enjoy what you will!
  5. I second that thought, Fiery Angel. If you hate something, that is fine by me. In this instance, I happen to disagree with you about Desplat. However, I am genuinely curious about your reasons. What are they? Can you be specific? Or, are these simple contrarian puffs of smoke, intended to incense the fan while riling the assumed masses of decent folk against the advancement of this Greco-Franco bastard and his silly attempts at a career of sonic story-telling and horror they feel it inflicts upon their ears? Be specific, please. I absolutely love nothing more than a good discussion or healthy debate. Give me a proper platform, so that I may propagate my lies and thoughts from the pro-Desplat side of town.
  6. But... Newell didn't say "no" - John did. He was very busy that year and couldn't fit it within his schedule. I'm pretty sure that if John decided to do it, Mike Newell would have happily obliged. I've yet to hear a story of someone actually saying "No" to Williams' participation. At least, a legitimate one...
  7. I will have to focus on it. I didn't really pay much attention.
  8. I didn't really listen to it. What it is? I was finding the documentary and pressing play as quickly as possible.
  9. Yeah, I realize that. But, it sucks for him to not be featured on the "Sound and Music" portion of the documentary. I was basically hoping for a small sneak peek. Greedy fan, I am.
  10. I'm glad that I revived this topic for the second time this quarter. On another note... I'm pissed that they didn't discuss one thing about HP7's score - for either parts! Now, Desplat won't be included in the Ultimate Editions! Unfair to him, I say. I'm only concerned because I know this is the definitive set that they are releasing for Harry Potter. There will never be another set after these are finished - never. ...
  11. This is purely a random thought and has no basis in fact at this time: Do you think Warner Bros. will have info for Part II's score on the "Sound and Music" documentary included on the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition? Would they dare to have the composer on there for an interview? It would be really cool. Imagine if John is on there talking about it, and that's how they make their announcement! It would start as a word of mouth thing, until they confirm a week later (if). The only reason I propose such a notion is that they will have a film uncovered in their "Ultimate Edition". I wouldn't put it past them to skip it. But, I thought it would be a neat idea. I know there is still plenty of time for scoring... but the window is starting to close for John's possible involvement. What are your thoughts? Don't be vicious - , unless you really want to be!
  12. Between seeing the price and listening to that tragically beautiful music box perform... I am sad. This will be tricky to obtain. I want it, so much.
  13. Now this type of referential banter - I can completely tolerate! Continue on, gentlemen, continue on... (Shoves another fistful of popcorn into mouth)
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