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  1. I can definitely hear how he may be influenced by Alex North; the other day, I was listening to Cinemagic, and Spartacus came on...at one point, I thought I was listening to a John Williams fanfare!
  2. Who influenced John Williams' composing voice? What composers did he "look up to?" Also, on a more random note...do you guys think that John Williams is so good thanks to natural, borne talent, or was his classical/jazz training also pivotal in developing his aptitude for music composition?
  3. What are the chords that are played in the "chorus" of "Sean's Theme?" I really like that key change that John-boo pulls...it's one of those, "rewind and listen to that junk again, Mr. Biscuit...it really caught my ear...or ears, since I can't tell which ear it's catching." I can't seem to find any sheet music on the internet or in books. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I read that John Williams composed his first song in 1951, when he was 15 years old. Supposedly, it is a piano sonata. Are there any recordings of this song (even short clips), or any sheet music excerpts? At the very least, can anyone describe how it sounds?
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