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  1. Goldfingers


    "When you're Alone" by Guy Haines (Bruce Kimmel) for his album "The Musical Adventures of Peter Pan" (1996)
  2. I think the label is "MusicOnVinyl". But I'm not certain. It is cancelled because that edition was not legal or because the website where I bought it don't have authorisation to sell it? I ordered it on the french website Fnac and I received it like that. Has anyone received a similar email from other websites that were selling it? I sent a message to MusicOnVinyl anyway to have more information. I hope they will answer fast.
  3. It seems that 3 discs edition was a unofficial bootleg. I received an email to announce the cancellation by the label for legal reasons.
  4. Not only Zavvi, some french websites listed it with a release date for June 2022. (June 3 for the MoV and june 30 for the Mondo). Seems June will be a big Hook month. The two vinyls (MoV and Mondo) and maybe something more?
  5. Pre-orders on the MusicOnVinyls are closed. That email say it is postponed but this edition is available on the french amazon website and it's announced for a release on june 2022. Now, impossible to say if it's the first release date or if it's the new date. https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B09XT6PCDF/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_RX9V634PTY041ARB8DGB  French Fnac shops announce the same date https://www.fnac.com/a16939742/John-Williams-Hook-Vinyle-Rouge-Translucide-Vinyle-album#omnsearchpos=1
  6. Maybe but all infos are gone now. Usually the page stay with grey "sold out" button. John Williams, The Witches of Eastwick soundtrack
  7. It was already sold out but now, the announce and the order pages are gone ... What is happening?
  8. MusicOnVinyls looks rushed and messed up to me. If the visuals on the website are the validated and definitive visuals, it's really messed up, the track infos and the artwork covers. "Original" when it's "expanded", "Musics and lyrics by John Williams"??? etc. I wait to see the final product but i'm afraid. To me, this is what happened: - "Oh Mondo vinyls are sold out in less than a quarter of an hour ! Jackpot !" - "Really? What are we waiting for? More vinyls !" - "But what more could we put in it? Which cover artwork?" - "Everything we have ready!" and then in chorus through Sony's offices "Money! Money! Give us the money! Money! Money! Show us the money !" I think Hook deserve more efforts, re-issue or not. The Mondo release look cool because new artworks even if it don't respect totally the Hook aesthetic. Supervised by someone who know what he is doing and new liner notes by John Takis. I think they inverted the project charts for both releases. Mondo should be expanded and this one a simple re-issue. It's funny because we've been waiting for 10 years for Hook stuffs and in less than 4 months, we have two. But it prove that even if we get vinyls editions, they are not afraid to announce more stuffs. What more is coming?
  9. My biggest fear... if they make new recording of the songs to avoid the approval process of the originals artists who worked on the movie.
  10. Between the new copyright registrations noticed online and the published sheet musics. Something has been unblocked anyway. But if there are no songs or no more never heard material like the alternative Prologue track, it is useless in my opinion. In janurary, the artist Devin Elle Kurtz published the textless artworks on twitter. For those who are interested.
  11. Goldfingers


    It's from Amblin website. https://amblin.com/movie/hook/ Some interesting stills and behind the scene pictures. And here one of the deleted scene of Maggie and the slave lost boys. The scene that was supposed to precede "When you're alone".
  12. Goldfingers


    Deleted scene picture from the Low below / Pirate sequence.
  13. Goldfingers


    Yeah ! And you even have the prices on the wall All day = Free 1/2 day = 75 1 hour = 100 5 min = 175
  14. Goldfingers


    The note "Croc Tower area" is interesting. It means that Smee returned to the kitchen and the Croc Tower area before returning to the forge and the brothel. The prostitute scene "Put your face on girls, here come smee" is only at the end of the second page because the "[Beverly speaks] - Well you should know" on the third page is only on the third page. It give an idea of the continuity of the missing parts
  15. Goldfingers


    First page of the vocal sheet music of the "Pirate sequence" aka "Low Below". From Randi Pareira archives, published on twitter (RandiCee) ( https://twitter.com/RandiCee/status/1492747924001878020 )
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