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  1. David Paich (from Toto) posted, on his facebook wall, a picture with John Williams in the backstage: https://www.facebook...elevant_count=1
  2. Rufio is not the least-liked character. He is the subject of the most important part of Hook's fanarts. A lot of people try to make his costume for Halloween or for conventions. Rufio is popular. And Hook is not the least-liked movie of Spielberg. Hook is a classic, all childs who discovered Hook grew up and they got some inspirations from that. (For example, Pogo and his remix and recently, Skrillex). And this movie could be a good hope to see more things on Hook.
  3. This movie could be interesting if they use exactly the same world, same neverland, same Jolly Roger, same indian village and same costumes. Personnally, i'm positive on this project.
  4. I don't know if someone have already noticed that here but the first tv channel in France took the music of Jaws for the opening of their news programs: (Old version and new version) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU6s2Zz9Jws&feature=related And here a guy who explains how they changed the Williams theme to make their opening music : (in french)
  5. No, i replicated the cover with the Struzan's concept art. This was certainly the day they filmed "Low Below" because Vincent Paterson (the choreographer) signed the same day...
  6. Captain Hook uses his ship to kidnaps Jack and Maggie. It's not in the movie because the "magic" of the neverland is preserved until the first appearance of Tink. In Snes video game, we can see the Jolly Roger pass the moon and in the Sega CD game, the Jolly Roger flying next to the Big Ben. (1:49 and 2:00) Drew Struzan made this concept for the teaser poster: So, visibly, the Jolly Roger flies... maybe with the help of Tinkerbell... the kidnapping idea is maybe a deal between Tink/Hook... Hook kidnaps Lost Boys to count his treasure. They are with Maggie. But when you see all problems Spielberg got with the esclaves scenes in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, I understand why he cuts these scenes. In Neverland, children lost their memories (John and Michael forget their parent, Wendy not). In Hook, Jack forgets his father until the ultimate war and the Rufio's death... It's a great game to be pirate and make war but we can die in Neverland. Maggie never forgets his parents, all Maggie's scenes are deleted except the final of one of these scene with "When you're alone". Peter Banning forget his childhood because in the real world, it's the reverse effect. Sometime, you don't have memories of your dream, something like that. In the Peter Pan story, girls have visibly more abilities to resist to this effect. This is why Wendy remembers his adventures. For the green lights, i don't think the reason of this element is in the story but in the symbol. Maybe a reference to an other movie with silhouettes on a windows with a green color.
  7. I know why you'll never have a complete soundtrack. Hook is a work of Spielberg with all his crew and musics of John Williams made his music on and for this work. How can you imagine to have the complete soundtrack of these music when everybody calls Hook "the worst spielberg movie". I'm sure Spielberg and Williams have everything of their work on Hook, nothing is lost. They keep it for them. You paid for an expanded soundtrack, not a complete soundtrack so you was warned. The best thing to make to improve the future: continue with this negative attitude, just to be sure you'll never hear a complete soundtrack. Seriously, everybody complains because nobody releases Hook. Hook released, everybody complains because they are not happy. Enjoy this soundtrack. LLL worked long time on this soundtrack. (And sorry for my english)
  8. The show wasn't interesting but it's to give you an idea of the size of the event. All the district vibrated with the soundtrack, seriously that was amazing.
  9. I'm from Belgium and Tintin is an important character for me because i grow up with these stories. I pass everyday in some train stations who inspired some pictures of the comics. I was in Bruxelles when Spielberg came for the world premiere. I saw Spielberg in his car 4 hours before the premiere when his escort overtook our car on the road. At the premiere, I don't received autograph but i took a lot of pictures. My pictures are not really good, my regret. That was crazy. They played the soundtrack in all the place. It's a great memory. I remember how the ground vibrated with the John Williams's soundtrack. It's not my video but it's always amazing to look and to hear that. (I don't took videos, another regret) http://vimeo.com/30951724 I saw two time the movie, the day of his release and a week after. And I bought the combo DVD-BR the day of his release. The adventure of Tintin is a great adventure for me, a lot of good memories, a good adaptation, a good movie, a good story, good musics. Just some bad stories with Sony. For me it's the best Spielberg's movie since 2000.
  10. NAME: Thomas R. LOCATION: Belgium AGE: 23 SEX: M PROFESSION/EDUCATION: Student FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Hook, Jurassi Park, The Witches of Eastwick, The terminal, The adventure of Tintin. FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): - same of my favorite movie FAVORITE FILM(S): Hook, Labyrinth, The last unicorn, Dark crystal, Goonies, Ghosbusters 1-2, Gremlins 1-2, Back to the futur (Trilogy), Polanski's Pirates, The Muppet Christmas Carol, The adventure of Tintin, Robin Hood, The mask of Zorro (not the legend of zorro), Warlock, Jumanji, Bicentenal Man, Mrs Doubtfire, Kingdom of Heaven, Jurassic Park 1 - 2 - (3?), Batman (1989), Batman returns, Batman Begins, The dark knight, 1492 Conquest of Paradise, Conan,... Too many FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Wolfgang Petersen, Jim and Brian Henson, Terry Gilliam, Coen brothers,... SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Arts, painting, music, guitar, piano, video editing, infography, comics, animation, stop motion and Hook, everything about Hook. VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: I visit this board since long time but more since LLL announced the release of the expanded soundtrack of Hook.
  11. The Prologue music used in the teaser is exactly the same from the OS version but faster. The alternate version is not the trailer music. I have the 35mm of this teaser trailer but i don't know how to rip and how to have a good quality with the sound. It's maybe the last way to have the good version of the music trailer "prologue" (without digital work). And I just noticed the youtube video is cropped...
  12. Yeah, and to some other European countries it apparently takes only 4 days! I'm from Belgium and i hope to receive the disc Monday. It's so hard to wait !!
  13. John Takis talks about that scene on Tim Burden's radio show right here: http://soundcloud.co...ic-hook-special It's another important deleted scene. I don't know if it's a long or a serie of little deleted scenes. I called this scene "A day with Captain Hook" because its the third day of Jack in Neverland and Hook shows him how pirates and pirate town are funny. The Trollops, Tickles (David Crosby) had more importance in the movie with these scenes ( some rumors exist about a cameo appearance of Bruce Willis as a pirate in these scenes). They kept only the baseball scene from these scenes.
  14. I'm interested ! Two days to wait for me... ARGH I can't wait !!!
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