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  1. Agh a day late....Happy Birthday JW! :flameblob:
  2. More of a reader than a poster here, but a big thank you its creators and contributors, and happy birthday to the site ASW
  3. That bit in ESB when Luke is following Lando, Leia and co at Bespin. I think it's around where Boba Fett first fires at him
  4. Wasn't it FDR's that said that the only thing America had to fear "was fear itself" or something?...that's sort of a catch phrase. It might have taken a while for it to become a catch phrase though, as you pointed out, history is not immediate and takes a while to crystallize. Could be the same for this recent speech perhaps? Good points about the use of the Shaker hymn though.
  5. I don't post here a lot, but I this was the first score that came to mind when I saw the thread title. Guess you beat me to it! A great score for a great film.
  6. Sorry if someone's already posted this...I thought I'd read it on this board before but did a quick scan of at least this thread and couldn't find it Brahms' "Academic Festival Overture" in "A Whirl Through Academe". Based on what little I know of the Brahms piece, I think this is intentional. Does anyone know? ASW
  7. That's a really cool story WilliamsFan301! I actually watched this film last night as well. It's always been a favourite of mine that I'll watch from time to time....it really is an amazing film: beautifully shot, acted, scored etc. I also watched WOTW recently (the Spielberg film) and noticed that Spielberg seemed to borrow certain images from Empire of the Sun for the ferry scene and the mob crowding around the car - right down to a shot of the characters' hands getting separated in the mob. I'm not complaining, of course, and they work well in both films, but it was nice to see where it may have come from originally. ASW
  8. Well, in fairness, having Chuck Norris actually sing the theme to his own TV series could be considered ambitious.
  9. Raiders March in The Holiday (well, all the other cameos in that film too)...not sure if these qualify given the context of the film though. I guess since CE3K in Moonraker was brought up, might as well add The Magnificent Seven's cameo in that film as well ASW, who loves the aforementioned King Kong reference in TLW too
  10. Cool, where's that? During the scene where one of the talking gargoyles tells the birds to "Fly! Fly!"...they purposely try to make it look like Wizard of Oz, visually and aurally. But the cue itself is unreleased (at least it's not on the OST =/) OH this is the Disney version of the film, just for clarifcation
  11. Not themes from another film, but there's a lot of good ones in 1941, apart from the Jaws appearance already mentioned. Offhand, I can think of Anchor's Aweigh, The Marines' Hymn, the German National Anthem (is that Deutche Uber Alles?) and Deep in the Heart of Texas (I think that's the title of the song, but it's the one Belushi sings)....too bad only two of those are on the OST
  12. The Witch's theme from The Wizard of Oz in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Dumb and Dumber oh, and The Quiet Man in E.T.
  13. ASW


    sigh it's not just at Amazon either, alas. http://www.filmtracks.com/comments/titles/...ndex.cgi?read=9
  14. LOL. Seconded. He is....a modest man!
  15. Indeed. The roaring shark in Jaws: The Revenge is also quite amusing
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