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  1. Haha
    Tallguy reacted to Signals in AHSOKA - 2023 Star Wars TV   
    So uh....
  2. Love
    Tallguy reacted to chrissiddall in James Horner's THE ROCKETEER in Full Score (Chris Siddall Music Publishing)   
    It's very similar to a Benny Goodman recording (see below), but it's definitely in Billy May's hand, and arranged specifically for The Rocketeer as I've got scans of the manuscript.

  3. Like
    Tallguy reacted to Marian Schedenig in What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)   
    I did think of Dune when I posted the video; hadn't noticed it before.
  4. Like
    Tallguy reacted to Glóin the Dark in The Official Christopher Nolan Church Thread   
    I hate the whole "love is an artefact of a higher dimension that we can't consciously perceive" stuff. It undermines the film fatally for me.
  5. Haha
    Tallguy reacted to AC1 in The Official Christopher Nolan Church Thread   
    I hated all the sobbing at the end. Who does Nolan think he is? Spielberg?!
  6. Like
    Tallguy reacted to Naïve Old Fart in The Official Christopher Nolan Church Thread   
    INTERSTELLAR is my favourite Nolan film, and (shock horror!) Zimmer score.
    I know!!! 
  7. Love
    Tallguy reacted to chrissiddall in James Horner's THE ROCKETEER in Full Score (Chris Siddall Music Publishing)   
    Thanks!  "AT" is Angel Trancon.  He also did the cover for my "Alien" full score book.
    Angel Trancon Studio (@angeltranconstudio) • Instagram photos and videos
  8. Like
    Tallguy reacted to Manakin Skywalker in Star Wars is better than everything   
    Very fascinating interview with Gordy Haab about his SW scores:
    The AIAS Game Maker's Notebook: Creating More Star Wars Music than John Williams with Composer Gordy Haab (libsyn.com)
    Also, there are two major bombshells:
    1. EA's music director originally wanted William Ross to score Battlefront
    2. At least part of Alexander Desplat's score for Rogue One was finished and was still being used as temp within 8 months before release
  9. Haha
    Tallguy reacted to JTWfan77 in Soundtracks, Compilations, or other recently purchased Music   
    For a split second I thought that cover was for an Ahsoka soundtrack release.
  10. Like
    Tallguy reacted to MedigoScan in A Disney director tried - and failed - to use an AI Hans Zimmer to create a soundtrack   
    I doubt an AI could have composed Interstellar so I shall safely ignore all the 'lol zimmer' quips.
  11. Love
    Tallguy reacted to Naïve Old Fart in Blade Runner: Final Cut   
    A sad, but good line, of narration is: "The report would be 'Routine Retirement of a Replicant', which didn't make me feel any easier about shooting a woman in the back. There it was again: feeling... for her... for Rachel".
  12. Like
    Tallguy reacted to JNHFan2000 in AHSOKA - 2023 Star Wars TV   
    @JayI love reading your thoughts.
    It's so fun/funny to read someone's thoughts who really knows nothing of Rebels (or The Clone Wars).
    Your comments about the droid (Chopper) were especially amusing to me
  13. Like
    Tallguy reacted to Jay in AHSOKA - 2023 Star Wars TV   
    Ahsoka 1x02 Toil and Trouble
    I guess it makes sense that if a lightsaber goes through your body and doesn't hit any vital organs, it wouldn't be fatal, especially considering it cauterizes as it goes through.  But stll they way they shot and edited and smash cut to credits at the end of episode 1 made me think that she was either dead or seriously out of commission, instead of the nothingburger it ended up being.
    I'm not sure that I'm a fan of Thrawn being sent into literally another galaxy. To me that's too sci-fi.  Even Star Trek has spent its entire run within our galaxy - which let's face it is plenty big enough!  Not sure why they are going this route other that it seeming "cool" or something.  I dunno.  I guess I should stop being analytical and just go with it.  Maybe the "ancients" that set up this bridge between galaxies will end up being really cool.  We'll see.
    Ahsoka going back to Sabine's place to kill the lingering droid and bring back its head was fun.  The fact that it sends them off to Corellia gave me the feeling of a random Mandalorian episode, which I'm not complaining about.  Along the way it was pretty funny when Huyang basically told Sabine she was the worst padawan in thousands of years, lol.
    I thought it was seeing that House replacement doctor in charge of things on Corellia.  Why was he arrested at the end, was he Imperial or just being used by them?  The way he told that droid he should have logged things and hid behind the chair made me think he wasn't.  I guess he was just greedy and didn't care who he was taking money from, which was enough to get him arrested?
    The big fight/chase on Corellia was pretty cool.  The completely covered up in black sith dude that Ahsoka had to fight is totally a brainwashed Ezra, right?  I liked that Hera got to slap that tracking device on the ship.  Her droid was really funny too!
    Sabine cutting her hair and donning her Mandlorian guard and deciding to be a padawan again was cool.  I'm digging this show!
  14. Like
    Tallguy got a reaction from JNHFan2000 in Upcoming Films   
    This looks amazing. They're letting Cage act and not just do Nick Cage shtick.
  15. Like
    Tallguy got a reaction from AC1 in Blade Runner: Final Cut   
    I love the damn narration. And amusingly when I was "checking my work" I found a thread where people were asking what the "cop and little people" bit meant. Because they'd never seen the original movie! (They probably think Greedo shot first!)
    The two lines I use to get into my "Harrison Ford voice" are "Well if they follow standard Imperial procedure..." and "Sushi. That's what my ex wife called me. Cold fish." Oh, and "A competitor. He was good. He was very very good." Three. Three lines.
    There are parts where the narration really works. Other parts where it needs to go. But not all of it.
    And of course the original ending flying over the countryside is garbage. At least we can all agree on that.
  16. Haha
    Tallguy reacted to Naïve Old Fart in Blade Runner: Final Cut   
    Oh, dear. Quoting the narration. Alex isn't going to be happy 
  17. Like
    Tallguy reacted to AC1 in Blade Runner: Final Cut   
    I have nothing against the narration but a writer (a TV writer) was brought in last minute to come up with some lines right before the recording session with Harrison Ford. What he wrote was nothing but his personal interpretation. It wasn't approved by the film writers or the director. It was however greenlighted by executive producer Katy Haber, who was the only one there at the time. To be honest, I haven't seen the OT in decades and have completely forgotten about it. Nice to hear people still know the lines by heart!

  18. Neutral
    Tallguy got a reaction from tee_oh in Taika Waititi to Direct New ‘Star Wars’ Film   
    Ford v. Ferrari is one of my favorite films of the last ten years, but after Indy they're really leaving Mangold with a Star Wars project?
    Obviously they need to figure out what they want (and what we want) Star Wars to be. I've figured out that I want the War. The "period of civil war in the galaxy". So I love Star Wars - Jedi, Rebels, Solo, Rogue One, and of course Andor. Which is a fairly diverse group of tones and styles (with Andor somewhat breaking the curve).
    People raved about Knights of the Old Republic (video game) but I just couldn't connect with the world. It just feels like Star Wars without the Star Wars. (Of course I've heard people say the same about Andor. Those poor poor people.) To a lesser extent I felt the same watching the Prequels. The Sequels felt a little more like Star Wars but they were stupid.
  19. Love
    Tallguy got a reaction from artus_grayboot in The Dave Filoni / Kevin Kiner (& co.) Star Wars Thread   
    That's cool too!
  20. Haha
    Tallguy reacted to QuartalHarmony in John Williams Caption Competition!   
    ‘You Americans. Always overdressing for the wrong occasions.’
  21. Haha
    Tallguy got a reaction from Marian Schedenig in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    So when I was a kid (11 or 12 ish?) my Dad was watching Taking of Pelham 123 on TV. I kind of wandered in and out until towards the end. I watched the last 20 minutes or so with him. Promptly forgot about the film. Probably never knew the name.
    Nearly 20 years later I rented the DVD from Netflix. Probably because FSM had done a disc of it. I'm about, what? 30 minutes in?
    Fantastic film.
  22. Haha
    Tallguy reacted to Marian Schedenig in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
  23. Like
    Tallguy got a reaction from Mr. Hooper in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    Do both. They're both enjoyable. The biggest problem with Suchet's version is it feels like the only one where they were competing with the other versions. So it feels like not only a departure from the other versions but even from Suchet's own Poitrot series.
  24. Like
    Tallguy got a reaction from LSH in The Official David Arnold thread   
    You Know My Name is one of the greatest Bond songs OF ALL TIME.
  25. Like
    Tallguy got a reaction from JTWfan77 in The Official David Arnold thread   
    I'll take Writing's on the Wall over Only Myself. I've always HATED that song.
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