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  1. Williams and Goldsmith never orchestrate the music. Except for Schindler List and JFK Williams never orchestrate an album! Anyway Alexander Courage original theme is different from Pops Boston version but it seems his arrangement, a brilliant theme and orchestration that symbolize fraternity.
  2. Does anyone know if the the track of Star Trek tv theme performed by John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra is arranged by Alexander Courage or John Williams?
  3. To be clear I don't said that Alan Silvestri is leader in film music, I just said he is leader to be the best successor of John Williams style. I far prefer Alan Silvestri to copyste like has Zimmer. He has very varied style using big orchestra, guitar, piano (héroic, action, romantic, ...) and he has even arranged some of his scores. Of course I don't compare him with orginal composers like Henry Mancini or Ennio Morricone.
  4. Very interesting article in french explaining the hacking method used by some musicians in Hollywood from classical composers and other original score composers. We discovered for exemple that Hans Zimmer (in his « Sherlock Holmes. A game of shadows » (2011)) has hacked music of Morricone from "Once upon time in west" (1968) and "Bluebeard" (1972). Danny Elfman hacked music of Richard Strauss "Thus Spake Zarathustra" in "Batman". Alan Menken hacked the music of Saint-Saëns « The Beauty and the Beast ». Hans Zimmer in Da Vinci Code uses variation of theme "Fire Bird, lullaby" of Stravinsky. Joh
  5. I think that Alan Silvestri is the new veteran in Hollywood and the successor of John Willaims. It's amazing that this man has never got an Oscar.
  6. Vangelis has released his first concert in Doha (Qatar) with new work after Mythodia in 2001, this is an exclusive interview with Aljazeera Channel and some footage from this event: http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/talktojazeera/2012/01/201211895013885489.html
  7. My favorite score ever is "Dances with wolves", there is another less known masterpiece "across the sea of time". His last composition was song with Don Black for Shirley Bassey (2009).
  8. I think JW has decided to not leave US since decades!
  9. rare concert outside America, Sunhall Tokyo, 1987 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIu0YpWacwg&feature=related
  10. yes, I has even war muisic collection that include themes such Lawrence of arabia and the English Patient. Lawrence of Arabia is historic and war movie. Uprising is last movie war of Maurice Jarre (2001).
  11. Who is the best composer for war movies? hard to decide, but I think that Maurice Jarre is the best in that field because his filmography and style were very rich with war themes: Lawrence of Arabia- Dr Zhivago- Paris burning- The Man Who Would Be King-the Message- the Lion of Desert-Sunshine and his last movie Uprising. I think that his success come from his versatile use of percussion. Other good composers for war themes are: JW, Miklos Rozsa, Alan silvestri and Hans Zimmer.
  12. I don't know what do you mean!, Cosma is a great composer who did all things himself, "The Jaguar" recorded with the LSO is well known in US.
  13. this is a short report about the latest Concert of M Vladimir Cosma in Paris, great concert full of melodies. Cosma had to write the music of Conan the Barbarian but he changed opinion, he has also rejected many projects from Hollywood in 90s.
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