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  1. I agree! I had a blast in the cinema. The bike sequence in Malta had me on the edge of my seat, helped a great deal by MG's music. I thought the legacy characters had plenty to do and were handled respectfully. People on the internet just want to find things to hate.
  2. I'd say it's BBC mandate to hype the next era of DW as much as possible considering the dire response (and viewing figures) of Legend of the Sea Devils. There is more buzz right now about the show than I've seen since Jodie Whittaker's debut.
  3. Apparently she will "degenerate" into Tennant at the end of the centenary special. It's not clear if he's the original 10, the metacrisis clone of 10 or a new Doctor with a previous face.
  4. Rumour has it that it's a trio of specials throughout next year climaxing in a regeneration into Ncuti Gatwa. It's so nice having buzz around Doctor Who again! Also interesting that so far RTD has done more promotion for the final Whittaker episode than anyone who's actually involved in it.
  5. I always thought Jonathan Pryce would have had the right level of presence and playfulness.
  6. Could Powell be working on Pixar's Lightyear perhaps?
  7. My tracking says it's in Australia and en route to me, but I find with any tracking as soon as it's in Australia it's a black hole and I've just got to wait patiently.
  8. John Murphy is reteaming with James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3. Not sure what the deal is with Tyler Bates but it appears he no longer has any high profile gigs.
  9. I'm with you Disco Stu. I got into the revival with Capaldi, then went back to the beginning. But series 9 stands out as an absolute ripper of a run. Production, writing, music, Capaldiness - all brilliant.
  10. I'm really impressed with LLL, this is why I've been an avid supporter for over a decade. Makes me look forward to what the rest of the year will bring from them. Next time there's an Intrada release I want, I'll email them and see if they could use the same alternative as LLL.
  11. I got a shipping notification from La La Land yesterday for my order of Stripes, Glory and Star Trek II. It says they use Global Post Standard International to Australia, which according to Google has not been interrupted by the USPS restrictions to Australia.
  12. So I guess I killed this thread. Seems to happen a lot to topics I post in.
  13. I really like it up until the final few tracks. What I presume is the third act. And it's not that I dislike the final tracks but they seem the most derivative for me. But my bigger issue is that the Spectre album had the same problem - the final act devolves into a wall of sound, continuous churning with not much variation. On the other hand, Cuba Chase is a wonderful return to Arnold's style and feels like where Arnold was heading with Quantum of Solace. I also really enjoy Message From An Old Friend - there's something interesting in the way it builds up to what I assume is the big action set piece shown in trailers. I also appreciate that Zimmer wasn't tempted to overuse Johnny Marr as a gimic, ala the drum circle in Man of Steel. I find Marr's contributions accentuate the greater whole. I'll be having this album on repeat for a while. My only wish is that the final set piece had gone balls-out like Arnold used to do (see All In A Day's Work, Submarine and Perla De Las Dunas). One other gripe. The score kind of just ends. The final track is an emotionally manipulative Time from Inception lift. It's pleasant enough but doesn't resolve. I presume the film will end with a Bond theme rendition, which I suspect will be Arnold's arrangement since it featured so heavily in the official podcast for the film.
  14. And in a phenomenally strange turn of events, Russell T Davies is returning as showrunner! I couldn't be more excited, especially if it means he brings Murray Gold back with him (and thus inspires Mr Gold to release the soundtrack to Series 10).
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