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  1. Here's mine-- 1. Superman:The Movie 2. The Empire Strikes Back 3. E.T. 4. Jaws 5. Star Wars:A New Hope 6. Return Of The Jedi 7. Raiders of the Lost Ark 8. Hook 9. Jurassic Park 10. Schindler's List Very Honorable Mentions: Close Encounters A.I. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Saving Private Ryan Born on the 4'th of July
  2. I went at midnight to get the 4'th book Goblet of Fire at Barnes & Noble--it was something else! The store was packed full and the lines wrapped all the way around the store upstairs and downstairs. There was also a reading at midnight from the book. When I finally got my book and left it was nearing 2am--and I can't wait to do it again this June with my family. It was an experience, like seeing Star Wars Ep 1 at midnight or LOTR:TT at midnight. Definitely something I'm looking forward to.
  3. I can't speak for the rest of you, but what about The Death Of Yoda? "There is...another Skywalker...." Classic!
  4. I was just curious--I'm in a position to acquire a copy of the Always cd from JW, and was wondering how the score is overall? It's nearly impossible to find a review or any information on this cd at all. Any info would be much appreciated.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I heard not too far back that Spielberg was considering giving Raiders the special edition treatment that he gave to E.T. So wouldn't that give George Lucas the opportunity to ruin yet another trilogy with "enhanced digital effects" and "new sequences" with "never-before-seen footage"?
  6. I for one cannot choose--I want them both so very badly, and plan on buying both of them when they do finally arrive.
  7. One other track I have forgotten about--The Mission from The Sum of All Fears...gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it!
  8. I've been a visitor to the site since '99, but never registered until this year. This is one of the very best soundtrack sites out there, and constantly updated(unlike most of the soundtrack sites I regularly visit).
  9. Easily the best cue from the last 18 months--The Bridge of Khazad-dum from LOTR, followed closely by The Great River from LOTR, as well. Confrontation With Dooku and Finale from ATOC also was an excellent cue that is real standout from Summer 2002 to me, as is The Hand of Fate Part I from Signs.
  10. IMHO the best score of Summer 2002 was Signs from James Newton Howard. I loved Minority Report as well as ATOC, and Spiderman was Elfman at the top of his game, but Signs to me was just better than all 3 of them.
  11. I want to thank Stefancos for helping me out with the Jaws chronological order--now I have another question: can we determine the chronological order of the Minority Report score? I've got a rough outline, and was hoping someone else could help sort the tracks to follow the movie. Here's what I've got for now: 1. (2) "Can You See?" 2. (3) Pre-Crime To The Rescue 3. (4) Sean And Lara 4. (8) Everybody Runs! 5. (10) Anderton's Great Escape 6. (6) The Greenhouse Effect 7. (7) Eye-Dentiscan 8. (11) Dr. Eddie and Miss Van Eych 9. (5) Spyders 10. (12) Visions Of Anne Lively 11. (13) Leo Crow...The Co
  12. Hi everyone--I've just been listening to the 25'th anniversary rerelease of Jaws on Decca and was wondering if anyone could tell me the correct sequence of the cues? A lot of them seem quite out of place, and I would love to be able to listen to the album in the movie sequence...any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. 1. John Williams 2. Jerry Goldsmith 3. Hans Zimmer 4. Max Steiner 5. Alex North 6. John Barry 7. Thomas Newman 8. Trevor Jones 9. Danny Elfman 10. Alan Silvestri Most of this list is subject to change(it depends on my mood, I guess), but I guarantee that the top 2 will NEVER change! :!:
  14. This is my first post to the board but I've been a reader of the board for a looooong time. I just wanted to congratulate John on his painstaking work--I love the score to AOTC, but wish and hope for a complete score release because it is a beautiful score, surely one of his best of the last few years and right up there with AI as one of his best, period. I would gladly sign any petition demanding a complete release because I believe that the hack job Lucas did with AOTC is irresponsible--would you ever see Steven Spielberg do something like this to one of Mr. Williams' scores? I think not. Bu
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