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  1. Well, that's the whole problem, he doesn't even bother to give you a proper review, not gonna waste his breath on film music, just a very superfluous look on the whole idea of a film music concert, a concept that conveys more of a fun factor that actual quality.. Mr. Ender gives you the feeling that this is something that should be left to the fans and doesn't really belong in a concert hall. I would have appreciated more of a real, down-to-earth analysis of the music and its interpretation(being a first for the VPO), than a poor and IMHO not really funny comparison to a sermon.. Believe me, a
  2. Its really embarrassing, it shows that he is not use to writing these kind of film music reviews and has decided - in the most arrogant way possible - to step down from his throne, getting off his usual „traditional viennese concert“ review and do a review of „filmmusic“ just to show off and be able to mock it a bit...Ahhhhhhhh, terrible this viennese „we know what classical music is...you dont“ attitude ..🤮🙄😤
  3. Wish you guys a magnificent, magical and amazing concert!! 😊✨🎊
  4. According to my colleagues and fellow musicians, the parking lot is all reserved for the film crew... so I would bet on it 😉😏
  5. sorry.. got carried away 😂😅 Well, the thing is, this one pic was sent to me, so like you, I don't know if the bottom of the page is cut off or if that's it.. 😁 but I'm hoping for at least one more
  6. the Zugaben (Encores) : The duel and remembrances with Anne-Sophie Mutter
  7. no, sadly and they have very strict security policies this time.. The general rehearsal is normally open to the public but they changed their minds.. these are from yesterday some more pics from after the rehearsals, a private autograph session for the musicians.. the one while signing the tuba is priceless.. 😆 I still have one pic left with the entire program with the first two encores, if someone wants a spoiler.. 😆
  8. I have something for you guys to warm up to before the upcoming concerts, directly from the Musikverein Some pics from the rehearsals with the maestro himself (at his best!!) and Anne-Sophie Mutter.. It sounds really amazing and very much looking forward to the Encores 😁😉
  9. For those interested in mixing the new with the old: The OST is coming March 27th on Vinyl, 2 lps https://elusivedisc.com/john-williams-star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-180g-2lp/
  10. It's the same theme in both tracks, but just a bit shorter at the beginning of "rescue" and with a different orchestration than in "Farewell"
  11. That's my opinion exactly, the fairy tale sense that one gets with the new theme at the ending is the right comparison indeed. Maybe it will also fit the "new" SW world and feeling created for the last trilogy - It is, after all, a work of fantasy and Scifi that comes to an end - or at least momentarily (disneywise), but definitely, like you said, for Williams. I have to say that this kind of grand themes with a general sense of "goodbye" and the melancholy that comes with it, have been present for a while now in Williams scores and concert work.. but maybe that's just me..
  12. Yes and I agree with you in part, I think Williams uses more motifs or snippets of new themes to create the necessary feeling for the ending of the original saga, rather than actual soaring themes, which would be more in line with his classical influences at that time. Now, the new theme might sound more melodic and therefore more starwarsy, but in terms of harmony, phrase and construction (and kitsch.. :)) more like his work in jurassic park - IMHO, of course.. 😆 - but, who knows, maybe TROS needs that kitsch and it will fit like luke skywalkers glove...😏guess we will find out soon enough! 😉
  13. The new theme, maybe considered to be the Trio's/friends theme which is heard at the beginning of "rescue" or in full at the end of "Farewell"(3:35) (which I find beautiful btw), sounds more like a theme Williams would use in a jurassic park movie and not so much in a star wars episode.. Anyone?
  14. Hi Everyone! Quick question, does anyone know if these arrangements are gonna be released as sheet music (Hal Leonhard edition, maybe?), for violin and orchestra or in the form of a violin/piano reduction? Maybe someone has heard something in this regard.. As a violinist I'd love to get my hands on these arrangements and use them as encores or concert pieces! Cheers!
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