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  1. I, personally, don't see much of a similarity between Don Juan and Indiana Jones. An additional example of lifting which is more obvious to me would be the similarity between the Luke and Leia theme and Make Our Garden Grow from Candide. Sure, it would sound kind of ridiculous to cite your sources in a piece of music in the a way researcher would in a scholarly paper, but just because it sounds more profound not to disclose from where the material came doesn't mean it isn't dishonest to take material from others and pass it off as your own. Also, people here keep accusing me of implying mys
  2. I never suggested you are "okay" with anti-Semitism. You justify plagiarism thusly: "The great composers plagiarize. Therefore, John Williams should be allowed to plagiarize." Such a logical statement can be generalized to this: "If a great composer does something, other composers can do it too." I adjusted your argument to "prove" anti-Semitism is okay, thereby invalidating the argument since you and I both agree that anti-Semitism is bad. Plagiarism is not even really a musical issue; it's a matter of honesty. Rachmaninoff technically lifted from Paganini for a famous, wonderful piece
  3. You've probably never even heard Death and Transfiguration. First, let me start by apologizing for the length of this reply. But, as a thoroughly educated professional musician and John Williams enthusiast, this topic gets me quite agitated. I've heard Death and Transfiguration. In fact, I've PERFORMED all of the greatest classical works you can ever possibly name; I've received some of the finest music education money can buy in that I have two degrees in Music Performance. One is from The Juilliard School, the other is from the Indiana University School of Music. I've been a professiona
  4. Raising issues of plagiarism is a legitimate form of critique. There's nothing "elitist" or "snobbish" about it, and there is no knowledge of John Williams' "soul" required to make these criticisms. If you can't tolerate that John Williams isn't perfect, then that's your problem. The shape of the first 5 notes are, to my ears, clearly derived from Strauss at some level. But writing the entire effort off as plagarism is, in my eyes, quite unfair. How Williams uses those five notes, and expands upon them, to create something that is his own. In context, the five notes do not sound nearly a
  5. The chord progression is the same on those five notes (C major to D major seventh; it can also be defined as C major to D major with a C pedal). There is a slight difference in the five notes in that Williams just forms the beginning of the melody out of an arpeggiation, whereas Strauss uses a passing tone to connect the tonic and the third degree (and the third and fifth in the accompanying line below the main melody), but the basic shape is clearly derived from Strauss. That's definitely plagiarism. I don't think Donner requested this as Death and Transfiguration has nothing to do with fl
  6. You've probably never even heard Death and Transfiguration.
  7. you know,we don't care. It only bothers snotty classical elitist So believing plagiarism to be bad is "elitist"? I've never heard that defense before. I would think it's just a basic part of human morality to find fault in someone artistically profiting off of the work of others. What makes me most upset about these instances of plagiarism is that they are completely uncalled for; John is clearly a skilled-enough composer to do without them.
  8. It doesn't bother me Williams might copy himself from time to time. What does bother me, however, is his penchant for copying others. Take, for example, the disturbing similarity between the Superman love theme and one of the main themes in Richard Strauss' Death and Transfiguration. He really needs to refrain from doing stuff like that; it's absolutely unnecessary and makes me and others feel a bit ashamed of him.
  9. Is this in reaction to the mariachi music as it appears for a fraction of a moment at the end of the second Alkator clip?
  10. Hayden Christensen should be grateful the most significant burden in his life is entertaining requests from fans that he sign memorabilia for them. If he doesn’t understand this, he should consider taking a trip to a third-world country or visiting a pediatric ward in a hospital.
  11. Ian McDiarmid stalked for autographs I don't blame any Star Wars actor for being an a-hole given what they sometimes go through. As Carrie Fisher once said, Star Wars has provided them with "a small merry band of stalkers." I was at a screening of Shattered Glass at the Chicago Film Festival a few years ago and some of the SW fans were pretty obnoxious and angry with Hayden Christensen when he didn't take 6 hours to sign every toy, poster, book etc. for everyone lined up outside of the theater. I met him because he happened to be in the audience at a classical concert I was attending. We we
  13. Is Spielberg into all of the alien conspiracy theories or something? It makes you wonder when the theme of extraterrestrial encounter recurs over and over again throughout his body of work. Supposedly, his earliest home-camera movies as a child were also about aliens, and his dad, who was an engineer, helped him to make a rudimentary special effect that looked like a UFO for them. With such an interest in alien movies so early on, it appears this fascination is something more than a mere calculation that a movie, if aliens are put into it, will automatically improve its chances for commerci
  14. Here’s another one: Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story. First of all, I didn’t so much as snicker once throughout the entire duration of the film, very bad considering I was supposed to have been watching a comedy. Secondly, the whole movie was so convoluted that when it was over, I still felt as if I had never seen it.
  15. I agree with the critics. The movie is fascinating and one of my personal favorites of this decade. I'm glad that the film wasn't explanatory because film is not about resolving. The answers are not important. Why, because Kelly is a bad screenwriter?
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