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  1. Can't give anything but 5. It wouldn't do the work justice.
  2. Any action movie can have guns, cars, action, babes, and a villain with an evil plot. The movie didn't have the James Bond theme by the way, the gun barrel sequence was at the end, Felix had two lines in the movie, there was little to no witty dialogue, the villain should have some sort of physical deformity or iconic symbol, gadgets and a Q are a necessity, there should be a Moneypenny, Bond needs to screw the Bond girl, and of course you have the terrible editing that ruined the car chase. Despite what you ears tell you, the Bond theme is there numerous times. And there was plenty of genuinely witty dialogue. But you know what they say: Wit rarely appeals to the witless. I forgot to reply to this. Of course he always kills people, but he does it with style. Only Bond can shoot a pipe and take down 5 guys with steam (as done in Casino Royale). And only James Bond can be sadistic enough to leave a guy in the middle of the desert with a tin of oil to drink. James Bond is a killer. Why would a killer go out of his way to kill with style? You do know that Bond didn't kill those people with the steam, right?
  3. No, gotta have M harassing Bond and Q presenting some dodgy gadgets. Deducing from the path DAD has chosen, if CR and QoS had followed it, Q would have equipped Bond with a self-exploding groin armour in Quantum.
  4. Valkyrie A positive development for John Ottman, but still it has the somewhat dreary orchestrations I don't like about him.
  5. LISTEN - TO - THE - DCC - DISC - IF - YOU - ARE - SO - BLOODY - IRRITATED! The only hissing I hear is the one from people incredulously laughing at the nitpickers.
  6. Oh YES! That HBP includes one can only bring the film down a notch.
  7. Well, maybe because he quickly realised his honest opinion could not only hold no candle, but is also wrong, ignorant, and self- indulgent?
  8. Unfortunately, a good book doesn't always make for a good movie. If HBP were a good book, that is.
  9. Not just almost. It almost tears apart the very fabric of time.
  10. A solid B. It drags a bit once it gets beyond the three minute mark. The bright spot in an otherwise utterly forgettable score.
  11. Because seeing the whole family together, with all relatives, is a shocking experience, it's better to be prepared.
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