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  1. Kylo Ren's theme reminded me of the Cape Fear theme by Bernard Herrmann(later used by Elmer Bernstein in the remake).
  2. Yeah, JJ Abrams was on Jimmy Fallon saying John Williams gave him permission to get someone else to do the incidental music for the new "cantina scene" because Williams was doing the actual score so Abrams got Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer of HAMILTON.
  3. For now "General Leia" I want JW to do a "militaristic" version her old theme.
  4. According to the booklet(which I downloaded) director David Yates wrote in it that when he heard the track "Ron's Speech" being recorded, he wanted Desplat for Part II. I don't know if he's actually going to be scoring Part II or not. I do say I know what he means because it's a beautiful track. You do hear Hedwig's Theme in "Polyjuice Potion", "Sky Battle" and "The Will". Considering it's a different type of movie because it doesn't take place at Hogwarts I think the soundtrack overall is appropriate.
  5. Hearing that JW was asked to do first music for a reel of footage to show WB execs explains how they got the original music quickly for the teaser trailer for Sorcerer's Stone! The first time I heard "Hedwig's Theme" was in the teaser months before the movie came out and I wondered how they got new music so fast when scores are typically recorded just a short time before release. That's why they use temp scores from the library in movie trailers.
  6. Here's a sneak peak at the Harry Potter music featurette on the new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition DVD. John Williams talks about bringing "Hedwig's Theme" to the film makers.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B08HSI7NdCU
  7. Here's a nice clip of MISS SAIGON's Lea Salonga singing "Can You Read My Mind" from Superman: The Movie:
  8. In the trailer of an upcoming movie called starring Thomas Jane there's a cue familiar to Star Wars fans at 0:56!
  9. I think the script would have worked well. if they did back in the mid-Nineties and both Harrison Ford and Karen Allen were ten or twelve years younger. I just can't see them acting the way do in the script at their age. Not to mention ridiculous and defying Newton's laws of physics. In Darabont's script, Indy is supposed to have gotten over his fear of snakes years before which is retarded. I love that part of Indy's character. I like that he's this mostly brave guy with this one paralyzing fear. Yeah, the bi-plane sequence reads exciting on the page but it would have to have been done mo
  10. My favorite part of the book the transcript of the story meeting between Lucas, Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan where they're coming up with ideas for the opening sequence of Raiders.
  11. The thing about CGI that still bugs me is the movement. A lot of CG today looks realistic but the way it moves is still looks weird.
  12. Is the "Lonely Man" theme from the TV show in the movie? I always liked that tune. Always felt sad when I heard it.
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