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  1. I voted for Timeline. As you can tell I am a huge Crichton-related fan, even though the movie was a travesty. But it was around this time I started looking into film music, realizing this was my insane "music of choice" compared to the Top 40 world around us, haha. So it was funny that it was around this time that I got wrapped up into the drama of this score, since I had been following the film's unfortunate production. While I was a fan of Brian Tyler's take on it (and also Bill Brown's for the game adaptation that actually preceded the movie by like a couple years!), I had been so curious to hear the original Goldsmith version! I believe the sessions bootleg actually leaked a while before Varese had their album release, so that was actually how I originally heard it first. While it isn't the greatest score ever made by any stretch, I still think its action finale is such a fun and propulsive listen. I think it is the nostalgia of this score for me personally that wins me over more than anything. I did end up buying Varese's original release, but I found it somehow was damaged a few years back. Now I believe it is pretty hard to get for cheap, so any kind of re-release would be great. To have the rest of the music from the session files would be great though, because there definitely were a few gems that were left off.
  2. Same! All I can really add to what hasn't already been said is, when they eventually do this release, PLEASE have the "Kirby Paint & Tile Plus" ringtone as a hidden bonus track.
  3. I for one am rooting for a complete "Timeline"! Sure, there was a leak of the complete score that has been around for ages, but I want a legit release of every note of Goldsmith's true final score (Looney Tunes wasn't 100% him, if I recall).
  4. I'm with @Bespin, I'd still keep buying new releases of Krull... the best of Horner's Star Trek scores.
  5. I can feel the shade as if I were sitting under a sequoia...
  6. I can actually see a way for Powell to include just two versions of the song. The album version then the pre-credits/credits version at the end he could simply have edit it to have the alternate thrilling ending that the earlier film version had. So you'd essentially get it all but in just one track.
  7. OMG I am definitely excited for this one more than I was for part 1! CAN'T WAIT!!! I am oddly enough most excited for the instrumental extended version of the "Where No One Goes" song that was part of the lead-up to the end credits. It's just so damn exciting how they did that and it was NOT on the album or FYC.
  8. See, this is how I feel when people write off the climax music of Jurassic Park (which over the years I have seen a lot of people do) while I feel it is some of Williams' most intense and exciting music.
  9. That's always the challenge with any new season of a show or sequels to films, isn't it? If you are going to (or have to) change up the characters and change focus, you better be sure it is at least JUST AS interesting. And that is super hard to pull off, since it is often hard to pull it off the first time. I mean that's why many films and series end up retconning a death of a character because they realize "oh shoot, we were a hit, and now they want more of the best thing we got rid of". I think Hopkins's death in the show was appropriate story-wise, but that put them in a trap that they couldn't walk out of without feeling contrived. I feel like they pulled it off fine in Season 2, but it was so brief when they had him back. Luckily there WERE other interesting things going on in that season (and even an additional world in the park!). Again I feel like too often a series like this thinks pulling entirely away almost from what made it successful in the first place is a way to keep it fresh... I mean it kind of worked for Fast and the Furious as a franchise, didn't it? So, they took that risk... and Season 3 was the result. So hopefully they heard enough feedback to understand what needs to be done to have people keep coming back.
  10. To be clever the Kickstarter should have been titled "Dial M For Money"! *silent reaction*
  11. Yeah I was not a fan of where Season 3 went... felt like it totally lost its steam. Just did not engage with me like the last two seasons did. I think it also suffers what the Jurassic series suffers when they leave the park... PEOPLE MISS THE PARK! lol. I mean sure, we did have a bit at the park in Season 3 (kind of?), which was fun enough but wasn't the main focus of course. Maybe writers of Jurassic and Westworld need to realize... leaving the park just isn't as interesting as you'd think. The story loses its identity. It's why when Jurassic World was coming out and we learned that it was in a big new park, I was kind of excited at the possibilities. What if that movie had a breakout... that was then contained? It could have had all of the same excitements, but then ended with a resolution that restores the park in time to not make it be a end-all catastrophe. That way the sequels could have still been at the functional park with more crazy things happening, and then maybe the FINAL film of the series would have been the 100% antihalation of the whole thing. And Westworld felt like it was doing that, at first. I was so stoked when the first season ended with just the BEGINNING of the robot uprising. And season 2 gave us all of the consequences of that. But then season 3 felt it needed to be some world domination thing and it just... no. LOL. And if you are going to do that, do you have to be so boring about it? *waits for backlash from my opinion haha* I'll still watch Season 4, basically giving the show another chance. I mean Season 3 did have a nice zinger with the Man In Black now finally how he basically was in the original Crichton movie haha. So that could be a lot of fun. Either way, I really hope this show doesn't go on much longer to ruin what was so good about it at first.
  12. I love Goldsmith's medieval scores. This one probably ties with Lionheart as my favorites of that genre, although his version of Timeline also has some real cool bits and a killer battle track at the end.
  13. In the words of Quartermaine... "I'VE GOT IT!" *EXPLOSION*
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