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  1. If you haven't checked the newly edited message at the very top, I have now found mp3's of the all the tracks at this link: DELETED BY MODERATOR
  2. Original Message: Has anyone already done or is planning to have downloadable mp3's of each track up in the meantime before the cd gets released? It'd probably be greatly appreciated by a lot of people. Well, guess what I found! That's right, the mp3's! Don't know who it is that put them up or how long it will last but here they are! DELETED BY MODERATOR Enjoy!
  3. Sorry to ressurect this post, but I would like to know if there is any more news as to when exactly this will be released? By the way... have any of you ever heard the Bill Brown score for the old Timeline game (it came out in 1999). Its actually a pretty good score. I have the complete score of it (actually traded it with another score with Chris Crusher), but here are some tracks/clips at his site: http://bbmusic.crosswinds.net/musicG4.htm#Timeline So there are actually 3 scores for Timeline. Lol.
  4. Yes Hector you are right, I am looking for more action oriented scary cues. However I have liked a lot of these choices, like the omen was a good one. But yeah I am looking for more scray/action stuff. Thanks everyone!
  5. First let me thank everyone who helped me in the "action soundtracks" post find the action soundtrack I ended up liking quite a lot: CutThroat Island. (hee hee) Anyway, to the point of this new post: What action cue (or soundtrack itself) has the scariest/creepiest/most intense aspects? Thanks:)
  6. Thanks for all of your comments on my completeion of a rough draft! Although, I hope some of you will be able to read it sometime and post your thoughts as well! Oh, and Uni, I e-mailed you again.
  7. Check your e-mail, I sent you a message a while ago. And thanks for all of that, I appreciate it.
  8. Below is the complete rough draft of a story I have written and have now finished the rough draft of. However there are still some bugs of course that need fixing. Here is the basic, and I mean BASIC plot below: *** The greatest sea mystery of all time is about to be revealed... When tourist Brent Derringer takes a Florida boat tour in the Atlantic Ocean, he gets to see much more than what he paid for. When at first the tour seems to be running incredibly smooth and quite interesting, something goes wrong. A storm comes from almost nowhere, and a strange incident happens to the tourists... leaving them and their boat shipwrecked along a beach. They have no clue where they are as they leave the beach and explore inland. What they find and discover is the shocking truth of where they are... an alternative reality... and they then come to the conclusion that they had entered an area in the Atlantic known as The Bermuda Triangle, which they now know is a portal to this other world. But even more terrifying is the creatures that inhabit this world, ones that could only come from myths, legends, and the imagination itself. Join Brent and the other surviving tourists as they try to escape, in an adventure out of this world. They'll have to overcome challenges and obstacles never before imagined... ...and hopefully they will all make it out alive. *** There's quite a lot more to that, and is not a mindless action tale, but I don't want to give it away. Below is the link to the actual rough draft, and comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism is welcome, especially since I am now in editing stage. It took me a year and a half to write this rough draft, and I am 16 right now. Oh, and before I post the link, here is the amount of pages (estimate, depends on your printer settings and word doc formats) and words counted up by word count. Pages: 227 Words: 99,505 And it is considered that a book 50,000 words and up is a novel! Well, does that sound promising? I sure hope so. I bet John Williams would have a lot of fun scoring music to this if it was a movie. Below is the link: http://diehard.ath.cx/%7Escallenger/Sites/...pter_Index.html
  9. okay, the kind of action music i am looking for is in the STYLE of williams (although it doesnt have to be williams). and it would be good if there were some advernterous themes too, with barely any slow stuff:D
  10. Guys, I need help. Which soundtracks of ANY composer that you know of have the most action music? I am just really looking for a score with a lot of great action music. Thanks
  11. (this is who started the thread, finally got registered) ok, you're right about that. but i know for a FACT that there is new music from HP2's quidditch match that is on NEITHER of the films soundtracks. i know the music from HP2's quiddicth macth DOES use some from HP1's, but it does have new material as well. its not great new material, but it is an action bit when they are being chased by the rogue bludger. its sort of repetitive but neat. besides, i like ALL action cues. and like i said, this music i describe is also in very recent TV trailers for HP2. hopefully this guy who claims that he will get these unreleased tracks will have this one!
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