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  1. True, they are inferior, but that doesn't mean they can't be good films. There have been good remakes, although never being as good as the original, still justly served well. Of course there are a lot of bad remakes too, and I do agree that hollywood should not try and do all these remakes (remaking Willy Wonka? oh come on, there's no good reason...), but some movies are 'reimagining' films. Remember "My Fair Lady"? That was a musical remake of the film/play "Pygmailian" (sp?). But most people have no clue about that since "My Fair Lady" was done so well and was so well recieved. A good reason to remake King Kong is because so many people have never even seen the original. It's true, about half the people I ask when I tell them there is a new King Kong, they say "Oh I never even saw the original", or they say "Oh I only saw the other remake," the ill-fated 70's remake. That's one reason why I keep hearing from people "Were there dinosaurs in the original Kong? I don't remember any." after they had seen the new trailer. If they had seen the original Kong, how could they NOT remember the dinosaurs? They were an important part. However, they were not in the 70's remake. Some people may be confused if they even saw the original or the remake. So I think remaking King Kong is a good thing.
  2. Why do so many people seem sour about this new King Kong? The effects need a little work, yes, but they have so much time to work on it. I mean it comes out in December, not 2 months from now. They already finished filming, so for the next 5 months they will be focusing on editing, sound, and special effects. That's more time than most special effects movies seem to get these days, the way they usually churn them out. He has said that the actual design of Kong himself is still being tampered with, still making changes. And the dinosaurs are not meant to be accurate by any means (most obviously in size, they are much bigger than dinosaurs really were). And hell, this is Peter Jackson of all people making this movie. A remake to a movie he has said he liked more than the Lord of the Rings books. So with that much love for an idea... and the amount of greatness the Lord of the Rings films showed us all (well, to most of us anyway, some may argue)... imagine what the end product of this film is going to be like? I say bring it on.
  3. Damn... I knew I would get something wrong. It was a lot to cover ya know, an entire book and all... lol.
  4. Don't know if I posted this or not. For those of you who like Harry Potter, and even those who don't, may get a kick out of reading this. Warning though, this is a 'complete' abridgement and gives away basically the whole story... in less than 11 pages! For those who read this play, I performed it to the entire class playing ALL of the characters! You can imagine what a work out that must have been for me. Go to the link below to read it! http://diehard.ath.cx/~scallenger/Goblet%2...%20Abridged.htm
  5. Really? Still missing music possibility? Well I sure hope not, or they are false advertising aren't they? Well, I own the movie and know most if not all the music cues in my head, and judging by the track listing, it seems pretty complete to me. Once I get it I will do a breakdown and match it against the movie to see. Even if it is missing some music, it couldn't be THAT MUCH or anything too worthwhile. I mean look how much is on there NOW, and bonus tracks even. Btw, speaking of bonus, any significant difference between the original Carriage Chase track and the alternate version?
  6. That sucks about the linear notes, Indy, but how was the sound quality? As good as the Silva Screen release?
  7. Well I sent my pre-order to buysoundtrax yesterday, and tomorrow is the day they said they would ship on their site! Luckily I live in California as does the soundtrack company, so I should be getting it a day or two after it is shipped! Woo hoo! If anyone wants to know what I think of it once I get it, I will be sure to tell ya.
  8. The track list looks fine to me. Me being a fan of the film (I know, the movie sucks, but its because its so bad that I like it. And hell, it does have a lot of explosions... even though canon balls don't really explode on impact now do they? And flesh-made maps also don't change size from small to big to small again in real life as well do they? Hmm...), this track list also appears to be in chrono order of the film. This is very much a good thing to me, the order on the OST was kind of all over the place. Anyway, I have watched the film several times just to hear the music not on the OST (which is more than you think). The most cut music is of course for the giant battle at the end, and the missing parts are AMAZING. There's this part where Morgan and Dawg are battling each other on the masts of the ship and this great choral and almost frightening version of the main title is played. GREAT stuff. Even the Carriage Chase theme is woven into the climax (when you hear it, it goes with a part where this pirate is trying to break this guy's arm with the steering wheel of the ship... I guess Debney used the Carriage Chase theme there because the wheel reminded him of a Carriage? Hmm....). Anyway, so the unreleased music is worthwhile, if nothing else for the rest of the battle music (about 7 minutes presented on the OST, in this 2CD it's 17 minutes, although it throws in the 'dawg's demise' track too to make it continuous. Do the math). There are other noteworthy cues too that I can't wait to hear without SFX and dialogue, but I'll save off my analysis of those.
  9. YES! Better late then never, right?! I listened to those sound clips and saw the great track listing... a slew of bonus tracks too. *shudders with joy* Too bad I don't have the money yet to preorder... saving up now.
  10. Thanks, Stefancos. I have my information now. No more worries. The only question I have left would be where to buy the CD once it comes out (which site)? Prometheus's official site I would guess.
  11. Oh, thanks for the info! How do you know? Wait... don't tell me, because then you'd have to kill me, right? Thanks though.
  12. Yeah I guess I shouldn't worry... although now it is safe to say the Movie Music site's claim of it being released March 1st are now obviously false.
  13. A delay because of... artwork? Oh boy... I really do hope this complete score really does get released sometime soon... or sometime at all...
  15. According to Music From The Movies new releases page, apparently Cutthroat Island will be released by Prometheus on March 1st! http://www.musicfromthemovies.com/uccd.asp I am worried though that this news is not spread elsewhere, so is this all really true?
  16. Still need more proof that MANOS is the worst film ever? Read a scene by scene review of it below. Although, watching it itself is still far more disturbing, but here you go anyway: http://www.agonybooth.com/manos/default.asp?Page=1
  17. I haven't seen those other two titles, although by reading them up, they DO sound incredibly bad... ...but I still don't think anything can match up to the badness of MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE. I'll have to see those two titles to find out. Have either of you seen MANOS? Manos... Manos... Manos...
  18. MANOS: The Hands of Fate By FAR the worst film ever made. This post isn't to discuss what you think the worst film ever made is... its to discuss THE worst film ever made is. And it IS this one. If you have seen it (in its original form or with commentary by the trio from Mystery Science Theatre 3000) you KNOW what I am talking about! And for those who don't, take a look at the International Movie Database page and read the comments, trivia, etc... http://imdb.com/title/tt0060666/ For those of you have seen it, or for those who haven't and want to know what the fuss is about, respond. By the way... Manos means "hands". So the title of the film is actually: Hands: The Hands of Fate
  19. Anymore news on this release... with March drawing in even closer.
  20. Told ya it was an odd question, lol. If you or anyone online you know does, please let me know by replying here or sending me a private message. I'll explain why once you do. Thanks!
  21. No, not the threads about it. I am asking if anyone has the possible cover artwork that used to be here: http://www.markbanning.com/cutthroat_spec.html but isn't anymore. Did anyone save it?
  22. Thanks for the responses. Well I guess I am going to have to give my video store a visit and rent Jaws 2. Its a shame Jaws 3 wasn't made very well as you guys are saying... I kind of liked the idea of the shark attacking Sea World. And I heard about the shark crashing into the shark encounter glass tube or something and that looked real cool in my head... but I guess that wasn't done right either? Oh, I must also check out the scores for 3 and 4 sometime...
  23. I just recently obtained a copy of the JAWS 2 score by John Williams. Who else liked this very entertaining take on the first JAWS score? I thought it was thrilling and a good overall listen. Question: I haven't seen the movie, is it any good? I know it can't be as good as the original, but what is it like? Also, does the OST have most of the music from the film or is there a lot missing?
  24. Well just saw it on IMAX (and it was GREAT film) and I think that it was cropped from it widescreen original ratio. still it was VERY good the way it was and I will see the regular theatre version tomorrow.
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