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  1. 'Perfect Storm' by James Horner. a personal favourite.Wonderful main theme.More than a score:A magical symphony... Regards, Timur ─░stanbul,Turkey
  2. 'Out Of Africa' - John Barry amazing main theme. Regards,
  3. L'ANIMAL a french commedy from 1977,featuring Jean Paul Belmondo and Raquel Welch a very enjoyable french commedy.Belmondo has become ona of my favourite actors. Regards,
  4. Hunt -Lost World may be a bit dangerous while driving even to most calm ones:)
  5. Merhaba Merhaba:) recently I watched the intro of 'Perfect Strangers' in Youtube after so many years.Very nice song.The energy and sweetness of characters are still there. rgrds, Timur
  6. Hi, I am a new member.I live in ─░stanbul,Turkey the ones I like (though not a complete list) Dallas Dynasty Perfect Strangers National Geographic theme but Dallas's theme is my favourite. Bruce Broughton 's theme. isn't it? regards, Timur
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