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  1. Bowie, I remember getting the ESB soundtrack when it came out (I was in 9th grade) and loved it! Most of my friends who paid any attention to film music (I knew a few of them) also thought it was fantastic. The only thing I remember at that time being a little disappointed in was that the score didn't lean on Luke's theme like the original did and there was little of the Rebel fanfare in there, which was a personal favorite little bit of mine. Otherwise, though, I loved it then and still love it now! Todd
  2. Hey, don't have time to do any scans or anything as of now, but for those of you with Hyperspace (sue me, I've had it for a while), there's a new link to an e-book that's the "final chapter" of the Making of ROTS book, detailing all of the things that happened after the book deadline had to be met. A LOT of this stuff has to do with JW's meetings with Lucas on spotting the movie, and then later on there's a lot of detail about the scoring sessions, which include ALL of the cue names from each day of recording! Pretty cool stuff to read about, and very detailed, so if you can, head over and check it out! As you may be able to tell, though, it's pretty spoiler-heavy, so be warned. Todd
  3. Point well made, Neil, and I know that that's the case (with early reviews from the DVD and such), but it's not any other SW music, and it definitely sounds like JW, and it's from finished scenes from the film, although very brief, so I'm still leaning on it being some of the new score! Todd
  4. Well, there may not be any ROTS music on the new front page on starwars.com, but there definitely IS a brief snippet of new music heard in the all-too-brief scenes from the opening space battle found on the Clone Wars DVD out today(on the Behind the Scenes featurette, toward the end of its 7 minute length)! Yeah, it's only about 5 seconds worth, but it sounds GREAT! I'm seriously pumped about this score and can't wait for the preview! Todd
  5. Haven't seen anyone mention it yet, but JW is up and conducting on the Star Wars Hyperspace webcam even as I type! Can't hear anything, though - what I'd give to hear just about 5 minutes at least!!
  6. Long-time lurker, first-time poster, and I'm not sure what made me post on this topic of all things, except that no one's mentioned some old favorites of mine: *Love theme from "The River" *the main theme Johnny wrote for "Yes, Giorgio", which is gorgeous! *Heck, I'll even go out on a limb and say I think the love theme from "Heartbeeps" is wonderful, especially as heard in the end credits
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