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  1. This seems to be completely sold out now. Even the entire lawn. Wild!
  2. Here’s a clip of that moment: https://imgur.com/t/johnwilliams/2uxTZ30 You’d be surprised. No doubt, the man is a genius, but these scores are just jobs. He isn’t a trivia detailed nerd about things like that. He’s certainly mixed up bits of trivia during concert speeches before, frequently about what happens in which Star Wars film. Plus, I don’t think he would fake a moment like that.
  3. He definitely doesn’t consult anyone beforehand. One of my favorite concert memories seeing him was at Carnegie Hall earlier this year when he was introducing Across the Stars. He couldn’t remember which Star Wars it was from, even going so far as to say he hadn’t looked it up prior, so I held up two fingers right in front of him, and he looked at me with a laugh and announced it’s from Episode II. Then he looked at me and asked if it was the movie “associated with Natalie Portman, I think - is that right?”, which I confirmed. Just casually confirming Star Wars trivia with John Williams from the podium at a legendary venue. Even better, it’s in the radio broadcast! Life highlight right there.
  4. Had that in my cart, but it vanished after I made an account. Grabbed the seat on the opposite corner - same angle, different side. See you there!
  5. The pieces are nice, but I do worry this will be another Kenobi situation where it gets to the point that even casual viewers are wondering where all the familiar music is.
  6. I doubt it was filmed for anything like that. That said, I finally got around to uploading my video of Williams’ Imperial March encore.
  7. Unbelievably, I tried “Williams” as a half-assed guess, and it worked. 😂 Just grabbed a front and center seat! The concert is far enough away that I can plan the trip itself later (I’m in NYC). Cheers to spontaneous Williams tickets! Cannot believe that worked on the first guess.
  8. Beat me to it by less than an hour! lol. Well, here’s my recording too. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sqSxB-05FCSjxPmewMAWiFsOH--4b-AD/view?usp=sharing
  9. I’ll post my audio of the Q&A in a new thread later today.
  10. I know this is very late, but I finally got around to uploading my video of the Flying Theme encore:
  11. Not sure if this warrants its own thread, so feel free to combine it with another! During the Kennedy Center pre-concert talk, Williams just revealed that Indy 5 will begin recording this coming Tuesday morning, at 10 AM to be precise. So exciting!
  12. Lovely first half. John is sitting across the room and one row ahead of me. Nothing too unique to report yet. Mutter didn’t speak at all, surprisingly. Spielberg came out before the two Indy pieces with a lovely speech about his friendship with Williams. Vanessa Bryant had a video message greeting played before Dear Basketball. I heard the orchestra practicing some bars of the Imperial March before the concert began. Hoping that’ll be an encore that Williams conducts!
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