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  1. Unfortunately I'm aprox. 11,000km away from Berlin. I don't think I will be able to join you guys.
  2. TND has the best ones, I love “White Knight” and the Bond theme as used in “Bike Chase” but my favorite is “All In A Day’s Work”, which has a great rendition of Surrender, really a perfect ending.
  3. Wow! They left out some of the best tracks, Cuba Chase, Home, I`ll Be Right Back... It is not. The music with it would go between "Matera" and "Message From An Old Friend"
  4. Plotwise I agree that the motivations of the main antagonist seems weak and not clear enought. It is clear why he wants revenge against Spectre, but other than that he does not seem to have an issue with Bond and what are the reasons he plans to kill millions? /or in fact what he wants is to profit with his weapon? (As he mentions buyers comming in the end) it is all very unclear. Also this Marvel/Game of Thrones trend of killing main characters to give emotional weight to the film as a "big finale" is a bit annoying. I don't have a specific problem with the killing of Felix (it added emotional weight to Bond's FYEO car moment to avenge him) or even with the killing of Bond (that was unnecessary but worked at that point in the plot). But the killing of Blofeld was a mistake IMO. Safin had killed all Spectre and forced Madeleine to kill Blofeld. She does not do it (but Bond ends up doing it on the same occasion - so for Safin it would be mission accomplished and probably he would never know if it was Madeleine or Bond who killed Blofeld). Therefore, what is the reason for Safin to go after Madeleine if Blofeld was killed as he wanted? Was he in love with her? Now he wanted to kill her? He was after Bond not her? (which would make no sense since he had no issue with Bond). If Madeleine had failed to kill Blofeld, Safin would have a reason to go after her at that point in the movie. But in any case, even if some of these killings make sense, the killing of 3 traditional Bond characters and exterminating all Spectre in a single movie seems pushing a bit too much. But overall I think the good parts compensate for the weakeness and this is Craigs 2nd best Bond movie after Casino Royale.
  5. I loved that quote! With the repeat of scene from the opening of The Shining and that music playing very loud I got shivers in the theatre. I also liked when Zimmer quoted Vesper's theme, I like thematic use when appropriate. But IMO, subjective of course, the OHMSS quotes felt forced.
  6. I think I didn`t express my impressions correctly. It is not that it has no meaning at all, it has - but I still think it would work better without quoting the theme of OHMSS and using the theme from this movie. The use of the theme in these scenes felt forced to me, to emphasize too much a connection, and took me out of the movie in those scenes.
  7. I liked it, not as good as Casino Royale but better than the terrible Spectre and the overrated Skyfall. Craig is great on this one and the sleek action and humor made it feel more like a Bond movie than his previous entries. The finale was predictable although I was expecting at some stage that Bond would end alive but in self exile not to kill Madeleine and their daughter. But I hope that the series returns more to self contained adventures than this kind of forced - after the fact continuity that tried to make the films connected and seem more important/relevant on an emotional level than they can actually be. Liked the soundtrack and the title song, but the song was kind of underused and I felt the inclusions of We Have All The Time In The World were a bit forced - pure fan service without much actual meaning. ps.: why can’t they get the gunbarrel right in these movies? (although this one was an improvement over Spectre’s and Quantum)
  8. I think the "scientific" criteria of heart rate favors modern movies on which the suspense is replaced by "jump scares".
  9. I`m not a big fan of Skyfall - it kind of falls appart in its last third. Casino Royale is great, one of the best in the series IMO. I saw some reviews linked at Rottentomatoes saying that No Time to Die is "certainly better than Quantum and Spectre" but not comparing it to Casino or Skyfall. Also some reviews saying it is the best of the Craig movies and some others saying the last hour of the movie is not very good. Let's see, I already bought tikets to see it tomorrow at Imax (first time in a theater since Invisible Man, 2 years ago).
  10. I forgot Hellraiser, definitely among my top faves of that year.
  11. My 1987 faves are quite similar to Jay’s, but replacing Spaceballs for Jaws IV and adding some others that he did not included among his favorites. John Williams - Empire of the Sun Alan Silvestri - Predator Basil Poledouris - Robocop John Barry - The Living Daylights John Williams - The Witches of Eastwick Michael Kamen - Lethal Weapon Michael Small - Jaws The Revenge Jerry Goldsmith - Innerspace Ennio Morricone - The Untouchables Alexander Courage - Superman IV Jerry Goldsmith - Lionheart Bill Conti - Masters of the Universe Sakamoto - The Last Emperor
  12. In fact Dr. No is the shortest Bond movie.
  13. I’m just speculating here, as I do not have any details on the takes/recording sessions. But probabbly not something added latter to the composition itself, but an edit of different takes - in this case maybe the last portion could even be part of an earlier take.
  14. No, it is his 3rd best. His great movies: 1) ALIENS is the best. 2) THE TERMINATOR 3) THE ABYSS 4) TERMINATOR 2 5) TRUE LIES His OK but not great movies: 6) TITANIC 7) AVATAR His really bad movie: 8) PIRANHA II: The Spawning
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