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  1. Premiere Releases Fright Night Part II (Fiedel) Batman and Robin (Goldenthal) Troy (Yared) King Kong [rejected] (Shore) [whatever he recorded/complete recording of whatever he composed] Excalibur (Jones) Expansions All Bonds (except the Thomas Newman's which I do not care much for) Hannibal (Zimmer - complete & without dialogue) Gladiator (Zimmer) Brainstorm (Horner) Sphere (Goldenthal) Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (Carpenter/Howarth) The Final Conflict (Goldsmith - and Omen II remastered) Highlander (Kamen) Highlander II (Copeland) The Dark Crystal (Jones) Arachnophobia (Jones) Dark City (Jones) Re-recordings Red Sonja & Hundra (Morricone)
  2. Never had any problem with the original 73 min. CD. What is more puzzling to me is how they managed to fit that program in a single LP edition. I believe that, at 73 min., this is the longest ever single LP release of a score (?) I`m curious about how that LP sounded, the CD sounds great as it seems it was a great recording. The shorter 55 minutes score album for Batman had two tracks removed from the LP to fit the format. Other than Willow, Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade was the the longest single LP I can remember (59 min) and it was still much shorter than Willow.
  3. No dolphins in Jaws The Revenge. Apparently Cindy wanted to return but Sandy refused to appear in the sequel. That sound seems like a kind of electronic(?) harp in the score that coincides with the transition of the scene to Ellen swimming in the sea.
  4. Great that the digital release is almost complete. The selection for the CD version apparently leaves out some of my favorite tracks. My highlights playlist is 62 min. including the following tracks: 1- (1) Jurassi-logos/Dinow This 2- (3) It's Like Herding Parasaurolophus 3- (4) Upsy-Maisie 4- (5) Clonely You/The Hunters Become the Hunted 5- (8) A Sattler State of Affairs, Alan For Granted, Sattler-I Barely Know Her 6- (9) The Wages of Biosyn 7- (11) A-Biosyn We Will Go 8- (13) You're So Cute When You Smuggle 9- (15) Da Plane and Da Cycle 10- (16) You're Making Me Feel Wu-zy 11- (19) A Dimetrodon a Dozen 12- (21) Gigantosaurus On Your Life 13- (24) Gotta Shut Down the Blah Blah Blah 14- (27) Wu-ing For Redemption 15- (28) Battle Royale With Reprise, Six Days Seven Denouments 16- (29) A-O-Kayla 17- (30) All the Jurassic World's a Rage 18- (31) Larry Curly and MOE 19- (32) Suite, Suite Dino Revenge If I would select the tracks for a 1 CD, 77 min. version I would include also: 10 - "Free Range Kidnaping" 14- "In Contempt..." 22- "Ladder And Subtract..."
  5. Wonderfull score. You reminded me of it and I found that it was re-released (in 2016) and ordered it. Federico Jusid's score for the 2018 Netflix miniseries version is also great.
  6. I much prefer the first (film and score). I hope part 3 is better than 2 (film and score).
  7. Love the movie - fun but still manages to generate some suspense, the cast seems engaged and has some very good scenes. Like the score a lot, but not amongst my favorite Goldsmith. As I said in one FSM thread comparing this with Leviathan: - Deep Rising - better movie - Leviathan - better score
  8. You are correct. The last few seconds of "We're Saved" are tracked in that scene.
  9. I recommend that you watch them in chronological order. Not much continuity between the movies but some few of them have references to previous events that are nice. It is also interesting to watch how the series progressed and alternated between more over the top entries and more restrained, specially in the Moore era. And please post your thoughts on the films and scores here as you progress.
  10. I was trying since a long time to find the chronological order for FINAL DESTINATION 5 (Brian Tyler), then I decided to watch the movie again and do it myself. Final Destination 5 - Brian Tyler 1 (1) Final Destination 5 Main Title [love this track, this works wonderfully in sync with the over the top 3-D opening credits - in the film some cool cymbals overlays, that match the breaking glasses on screen were added that are not on the album] 2 (11) Meet The Gang 3 (8) Olivia 4 (2) Fates Bridge [action packed track for the accident scene, the most elaborated/best in the series, starts with a grand quote of the new "death theme" introduced in the main titles] 5 (5) Cheating Death 6 (3) Repercussions [lovely sad track for the cerimonial] 7 (16) Bend Over Backwards 8 (10) The Gift Certificate 9 (13) Isaac's Got A Point 10 (6) Bludworth 11 (9) Eye Can't See So Good 12 (17) The Order Of Death 13 (12) Hook In Mouth 14 (4) Kill Or Be Killed 15 (14) Recognition 16 (7) Death's Work [the lenthier track in the album for the climax of the movie, has a great ending quoting the Shirley Walker theme from the earlier films, works wonderfully in context and makes sense to have been saved until the end] 17 (19) Infinte Finale [a great track that ends the film] The end credits start with a song then uses tracked music. Alternates: 18 (15) Mystery (alternate take of the final part of "Repercusions" - I could not spot the difference between this and the final 2:45 of Repercussions in fact) 19 (18) Plans Within Plans (alternate begining of Death's Work) I think the album as organized by Brian Tyler starts very strongly introducting his new 'death theme' on the great "Main Titles" followed by the action-packed "Fates Bridge" and then the beautiful "Repercusions". It seems that Tyler decided to present the best tracks right at the start of the album which works well, but for the rest of the album he made some odd decisions, with the cue for the climax of the movie "Death's Work" presented in the first half of the album (track 7) and a couple of unnecessary alternates mixed in the program of an already long album. The score is mostly complete, some very short suspense bits missing, most notably two romantic moments between the leads (when Sam visits Molly after Repercussions and see she still has their photo on the table and for when he asks her to go to Paris with him). One track "The Gift Certificate" seems to also be tracked after "Olivia" on a few scenes before the bus departs.
  11. As others mentioned HP had more room for new themes and deeper emotional evolution. It would be great if Williams had scored them all (including a full Williams score for Chamber of Secrets). Jurassic Park was never a favorite score for me. The two main themes are great but the action music is far from my favorite from Williams (which are in his Indiana Jones and Star Wars scores). Among the two I prefer The Lost World with its percussion and better action tracks, but it still is not among my favorite from Williams. Sorcerer Stone and Azkaban are much superior to JP, IMO. And I think the replacement composers on Jurassic (Don Davis and Giacchino (specially with the new theme Giacchino wrote - As The Jurassic World Turns - which integrated very well with the Williams theme) did a better job than the replacements on HP (although I liked the Doyle score and Hooper`s score to Half-Blood Prince they do not compare to the William's scores and I really disliked the Desplat generic scores).
  12. In fact you missing the point here. At that stage in the franchise the Dark Side had won destroying all the Jedi (except Obi-Wan and Yoda of course). Therefore the Force was at its weakest and, in this particular piece of music, as it starts to rise it then falls appart (which the horn player performed brilliantly. Trully a genious moment from Giacchino!)
  13. The Abyss was supposedly waiting Cameron’s approval since more than 2 yrs… This movie could look great but never had even a blu-ray release…
  14. I voted for the OST and now it is a tie with the film version (both with 13 votes), but as it is the same as the film version minus insert we can say that 26 voters prefer this version and only 4 prefer the concert version, which I never liked much for the unnecessary changes in order, transitions that did not improved the music. One reason why the film version/OST is so perfect was of course Spielberg decision to allow Williams to record it without the need to match the film cut and adjusting the cut to the music after.
  15. All are great, the first is probably the better score, but two has amazing action material and my personal favorite is part III, with its new themes (just think Jerry should have used his Russian theme from II on this one), and it is the one I listen more.
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