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  1. I agree with most on the Potter films, wish he had scored them all (or at least had returned to score the final films, replacing the unmemorable Desplat scores)! Would also love to see what he would have done with Superman II - developing his Kripton themes for the vilains and new setpieces instead of having the music of his first score just cut and pasted over it. Other than that I'd not replace the great scores of LoTR, Poltergeist or Alien (Goldsmith's original intentions should had been more respected on this one).
  2. The lullaby is ok, but the intense moments are also what I love more in Poltergeist: Twisted Abduction, Night Visitor, Rebirth, Night Of The Beast and (the best of all for me) Escape From Suburbia - These tracks are incredibly intense but never fall into the “pure noise” category we so often have in horror scores nowadays, they always maintain a thematic base (with great themes like the “beast” theme, the “light theme” and use of dies irae in the later).
  3. "Surprise On Ceti Alpha V" is the only track in the expansion I programmed out of the chrono order to the end as an "extra" in my playlist. I also prefer Horner's score to III, which in complete form is fantastic. E.T. is great and deserve all the praise, I love the government/"keys" menacing theme and that final track is perfection, but for some reason it is not among the scores I listen most from Williams. My votes were for Conan, Poltergeist and Blade Runner.
  4. PSYCHO III (1986) – Music Composed By Carter Burwell - Intrada Records 2-CD set I still remember when I watched Psycho III for the first time in the late 80’s after having loved Psycho II. One of the aspects I liked the most on Psycho II was Goldsmith’s score. It captured in its theme both the sense of innocence and tragedy associated with the Norman Bates character and I loved how it was distorted gradually as Norman is losing his sanity. I also liked the way the famous murder theme was employed sparsely but effectivelly during the murders, together with the electronic slash
  5. Edmilson, I’m also Brazilian and situation is indeed critical here. We now are reaching the highest numbers of the pandemic on our “second wave” never having in fact left the “first wave”. I hope situation gets better if vaccine speed increases but it is clear that a more severe lockdown is needed at this moment. I believe at least in São Paulo where I live a new more restrictive phase will be anounced tomorrow...
  6. Yes, it is scheduled to open on Sept. 30 here in Brazil. But with the terrible current status of the pandemic here and slow progression of the vaccine program I think I'll wait for the streaming at "Paramount+" that reached an agreement with MGM: Paramount+ to Stream James Bond Movie 'No Time to Die' After Initial Release (popculture.com)
  7. Just noted that in the Jaws 2 spreadsheet the film track "Rescue Party" was not previously unreleased, as it was included as the Second half of the album cue "Brody Misunderstood".
  8. I did a "top 25" I love most of his scores and it is very difficult to rank something like Star Wars against Accidental Tourist or Memoirs Of A Geisha, all 'perfect scores' but very different genres. That said here's my list: 1. Jaws 2. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 3. Star Wars - A New Hope 4. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 5. The Fury 6. Superman - The Movie 7. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 8. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer´s Stone 9. Star Wars - Return of the Jedi 10. Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back 11. Ra
  9. I migh say I prefer Jaws 3D to some of the Jurassic Park sequels... great soundtrack and kind of fun when you watch it in 3D on the Blu-ray with all those pop out effects.
  10. Rambo III, Poltergeist II and the Star Wars trilogy are the first ones I still remember for the wow! factor they had for me at the time.
  11. No use of any of the Herrmann’s themes. When I first watched the movie (specially during the murder scenes) it felt a bit odd, like watching Jaws without the shark theme. Psycho III It’s a percussion based/electronic score with some voices and in some sections sounds a bit like sound design, which was very unusual at the time. I soon warmed to this very unique and bold score and it has been one of my top grails for many years.
  12. Yes... with that “exciting” battle between good and evil at the end of the movie...
  13. It’s an interesting recording but my main problem with it is that the shark theme itself / low strings are very low in the mix that also has to much reverb. When they recorded it the actual score was not available but then the Decca edition was released almost at the same time of the release of this Varese re-recording and it lost some of its appeal. I’d love a modern re-recording with a more close miked/sharp sound, including the extended album versions of some of the score tracks.
  14. If I remember correctly it was not the same analogue elements. Douglass Fake mentioned that for the Jaws 25th anniversary Decca release they had used the 5.1 remix that was prepared for the dvd and downmixed it to stereo (with lots of noise reduction)
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