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  1. Liked on first listen. When the last track started I thought my player had skipped to "Out To Sea" from Jaws.
  2. With older scores being released on vinyl these days I'd like a Jaws The Revenge vinyl (I love the poster art and think it would look great in vinyl size - similar to the laserdisc, which looks great). As for the program, supposedly the 28 min. promo was taken from a Michael Small's personal copy of the cancelled soundtrack album, but it was not a very good program (with some unused tracks taking place of some more relevant tracks used in the film). So I prepared a 35 min. program of what would be my "ideal program" for a 1987 vinyl release (before the time of complete soundtrack releases): Side A (18 mins.): 1) Jaws The Revenge Main Titles (same as CD track) 2) The Bahamas / Tagging The Shark (similar to the promo track, starting with "Ellen Plays With Leah" then merging it at 1:00 with "Shark Takes Bait") 3) Remembering Sean (joining the tracks "Identication" and "Run-Funeral") 4) The Shark / Ellen's Nightmare (joining 3 tracks in the following order: "Ellen Warns", "Jaws The Revenge" and "Ellen's Dream") 5) We Got A Big Fish Down Here! (joining "Shark Attacks Jake In Sled" and "Don't Tell Mother") 6) Michael And Thea (joining "Peek-A-Boo" and "Saying Goodninght") 7) Underwater Chase (joining "Picking Up Signals" and "Michael Attacked By Shark" [ommiting the final 20 seconds of this last track]) 8) Michael's Nightmares (joining "Michael's Dream" and "Michael At Mirror") Side B (17 mins.): 1) Attack On The Banana Boat (same as "Banana Boat (original ending)") 2) Ellen Goes Out To Sea (same as CD track) 3) Michael Runs For Help / Come And Get Me (joining "Michael Runs For Help" and "Plane Buzzes Shark") 4) Attack On The Plane (same as "Is Hoagie Dead?") 5) Jake's Last Stand (same as "Killing Of Jake") 6) The Final Showdown (joining "Sean Attacked" until 1:01 with "Shoked Shark - The Finish" as of 0:20 [a similar edit as it is in the movie] and looping the stinger of the latter track at 1:14 twice, as it is in the movie) 7) Jaws The Revenge - End Credits (same as CD track)
  3. It's either the director or the producer, never the composer. Some Directors have "final cut" rights in their contracts, which allow them to have final saying on their movie. In other cases they only have the "first cut" and the producers decide on further tampering with the movie, manage the scoring process etc.
  4. McNeely. But I liked Powell and Giacchino scores also. I think Peter Bernstein's Ewoks (Caravan Of Courage and Battle Of Endor) should also be included in the options.
  5. I liked the video, will check some of his other videos. The guy discusses a bit the different approaches for the shark in the original and the sequel scores, with the sequel using less the shark motiv and highlighting the Jaws 2 shark as violent and savage. He concludes praising the music as a good sequel score from Williams that elevates the movie.
  6. Twilight Zone The Movie was released on 1983
  7. I'll go with the shortest: JAWS. Two notes are enough. Pure genius!
  8. For those who like Jaws The Revenge there's a new book just released "The Shark Is Roaring: The Story Of Jaws The Revenge" by Paul Downey. Amazon.com: The Shark is Roaring – The Story of Jaws: The Revenge eBook : Downey , Paul : Loja Kindle It is a good overview of the rushed making of the movie with some new interviews with actors Lorraine Gary, Lance Guest, Mitchell Anderson, Karen Young and other crew members. It was funny to read the chapter on the soundtrack and see that it basically includes information from Scott Bettencourt and Douglass Fake liner notes of the Intrada release and from my review and track-by-track description above.
  9. I wish he had rerecorded that, maybe extending it for the OST (and also The Pier Incident) then the album would be even more perfect.
  10. JAWS (1975) – OST Album is a rerecording using the film version compositions with extensions and modifications indicated below (references to disc 1 film tracks are from Intrada’s 2-CD release): 1) Main Title (Theme From Jaws) 2:24 0:00-1:00 – T.28 “Jaws Main Title (alternate)” with hits at 0:33-0:35 and 0:42-0:44 not used in the film version 1:00-1:18 – Section 0:55-1:10 from T.13 “Man Against Beast” 1:18-End – Album Extension (with theme fade-out - before 1991[?] concert arrangement that included a dramatic coda) 2) Chrissie’s Death 1:42 T.2 “The First Victim” 3) Promenade (Tourists on The Menu) 2:48 0:00-1:22 – T.9 “Montage” 1:22-End – Album Extension 4) Out To Sea 2:30 0:00 – 0:25 – T.11 “Out To Sea” beginning 0:26-End – Album Extension 5) The Indianapolis Story 2:27 T.14 “Quint’s Tale” 6) Sea Attack Number One 5:25 T.13 “Man Against Beast” with abridged beginning and Out To Sea theme added at the end, as of 4:35 7) One Barrel Chase 3:10 0:00-2:05 T.17 “Great Chase” first part (with film version revised beginning) 2:05-End - Album Extension 8) Preparing The Cage 3:26 0:00-0:47 T. 22 “The Shark Cage Fugue” first part 0:47-2:10 Shark Cage Fugue Album Extension 2:10-End T.16 “Barrel Off Starboard” 0:11-1:06 section extended 9) Night Search 3:34 T.8 “Ben Gardner’s Boat” 10) The Under Water Siege 2:34 0:00-1:16 T.24 “The Shark Hits The Cage” first part 1:16-End Album Extension 11) Hand To Hand Combat 2:34 T.26 “Blown To Bits” (omitting section 0:44-1:15) 12) End Title (Theme From Jaws) 2:21 T.27 “Jaws – End Title” with added section 1:34-1:57 Film tracks not recorded for the album: T3. "Remains On The Beach" T4. "The Empty Raft" T5. "The Pier Incident" T6. "Father And Son" T7. "The Alimentary Canal" T10. "Into The Estuary" T12. "Tug On The Line" T15. "Brody Panics" T18. "Shark Tows Orca" T19. "Three Barrels Under" T20. "From Bad To Worse" T21. "Quints Thinks It Over" T23. "The Shark Approaches" T25. "Quint Meets His End"
  11. As far as I remember the longer cut only uses the Mancini score (Kamen rescored tracks are used on the US shorter theatrical cut). I love the Main Title music and think it works well in the movie (Main and End Titles). Some of its propulsive style is used also at the end of Carlson's Story and in the mid of Son of the Web and also works with the over the top style of the movie. I agree it does not goes well with the helicopter escape (but it is not Mancini's fault as it was tracked there)
  12. With the release of Jaws in IMAX and 3D maybe the score will finally be back in print, like ET. And it would be even better if additional material was added (such as the film version of the marching band and other source that Williams may have vetoed on the 2015 version) and/or if on the preparation of the sound for the new release they found new elements such as multitracks for the score or the album masters).
  13. JAWS will be in two versions: IMAX (but in 2D) and in "REAL 3D" (but not in Imax), so if you want to see it in IMAX and in 3D you will have to see it twice. I'd love to see it in Imax and in 3D, but so far no news of it being shown down here.
  14. Mine is in the same situation. Day one purchase and shipped quickly. But tracking indicates that package is still ‘waiting acceptance’ at LA…
  15. I’d love also if more source music, like the film version of the marching band in Jaws, was included. On Jaws 2 i’d also love if the source cues that Williams vetoed on the previous edition were added. But also a fresh remaster on this one would be good. The low bass is a bit low on the mix (maybe the volume of the center channel is a bit lower than it should?) and also some hiss could be minimized.
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