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  1. Psst, I figured out the correct order for the first track: combine 1:55-end of "Decent Men" and all of "Bank Robbery". Pretty good list, overall, though. Now all we need is CJWilkie to go NUTS on his chronological list. Yeah, I'm working on it. That list is quite wrong I'm afraid My Batman Begins score sounds a lot better in chronological order. For starters, the first 1:40ish of I'm Not a Hero goes between Bank Robbery and Buyer Beware.
  2. Correct. It deserves the Oscar for being the best score of the year. Wall-E was better.
  3. The Dark Knight score is back in contention for an Oscar. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/the_big_pi...-the-acade.html
  4. Excellent job. By the way, did you count how many music in the film are still unreleased in the OST? Because we will have 50mins of new music. In this case, maybe we could (in other words, you could) calculate whether the End Title will be include in the 2CD set or not. Would you mind doing that? Well the current TDK CD is 1:13:32. Add "50 minutes of new music" and we get 2:03:32. According to IMDB the film is 2 hours 32 long including end credits. From this alone I cannot tell whether or not the new cd will include the end credits. The entire film is not saturated with music (the batpod chas
  5. That wasn't even analysing the score per se, it was merely pointing out what goes where... A little bit of Zimmer on a page of John Williams never hurt anyone ;-) Mind you, I love Williams' scores for not being a mish-mash like Zimmer's. I don't have to do what I just did for John Williams, but I've re-cut Pirates 1, Batman Begins and bits of TDK because of their stupid layout.
  6. TPM was Williams and the whole production team trying to hark back to the old days. AotC was them moving in a new direction and not doing a great job of it. RotS was them again moving in a new direction but this time doing a wonderful job. I think TPM had a good general "sound" to it - it sounds like Star Wars, though through a slightly different looking (hearing) glass. Duel of the Fates is a totally left field track that blows me away all the time too. Proof that Williams can score some serious poo. The problem with Attack of the Clones was that it wasn't a serious movie...or it was diffic
  7. Alright, let's do this. Here is the list of scenes from The Dark Knight, and the corresponding music that is in each scene too. I made this so that I could re-cut the score as I did with Batman Begins to put each track in order. Sure it's nice owning the original CD, but I am also a nerd for music in chronological order... 1. Bank Heist 2. Gotham at Night/Scarecrow Encounter I’m Not a Hero: 0:00-1:40 3. Gordon and Batman in the bank - 4. Stitching Wounds 5. Courtroom Gun/”If you’re not getting shot at” 6. Gordon meets Dent/Lau and Boardroom/Bruce wants a new suit
  8. Compare and contrast: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lord-Rings-Fellows...8779&sr=1-2 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dark-Knight-Specia...8787&sr=1-2 One real problem I have atm with the TDK "complete" score is we don't know exactly what the tracks contain. If it contains all the music from the film, a lot of it may be kept as suite tracks (example: Harvey Two-Face) in the original cd, and the extra stuff is just music that wasn't there before. Or they're going to expand on the original tracks. Like will "A Watchful Guardian" be the opening of A Dark Knight with a bit of Aggressive Expansion added o
  9. When you look at it realistically like I explained in an earlier post, it's a decent price. Don't compare it to Indy, because quality of music is irrelevant, and Indy was hella-cheap for what it was. Have you considered that the Blue Box is about 3 times the price of the Indy set, yet it only has 3 more discs of music? Now look who's being overpriced, JOHNNY WILLIAMS!!! Look at it this way then. I bought the Fellowship of the Ring complete collection (3 cds + DVD + book about the music/motifs + awesome case) which was a complete 3 and a half hour score with perfect presentation...for about £3
  10. An acceptable price would be less than the Indy collection. 3 and a half legendary almost complete scores verses one very enjoyable and apparently complete score.
  11. I love the TDK soundtrack, and Batman Begins too, and this is too over-priced for me.
  12. Ha, no problem. It's interesting how much film goes in between the two scenes (sick trike and the brachiosaur wake-up), and more importantly, how much music!
  13. I already have my holy grail: The Lord of the Rings: The Complete Recordings. Having said that there are two soundtracks after this Indy one that I would love to have a complete score for. Batman Begins(I've heard enough opinions about this already) The tracks on the official soundtrack are jumbled up, and despite me having recut and rearranged the entire thing, there are still cues and tracks from the film that should have been included, such as the suit up before Rachel visits Arkham, and the monorail fight. Jurassic Park One of my favourite soundtracks/films, though has its flaws. Again, li
  14. Thought I'd add King Kong (2005 - James Newton Howard) because it doesn't seem to have been done. Only some small changes, but the following is the chronological order of tracks: King Kong Defeat is Always Momentary Two Grand The Venture Departs A Fateful Meeting It's in the Subtext Last Blank Space on the Map It's Deserted Something Monstrous...Neither Beast Nor Man Head Towards the Animals That's All There is... Tooth and Claw Beautiful Captured Central Park The Empire State Building Beauty Killed the Beast I-V
  15. Anyone else looking forward to The Two Towers at the end of the year? I can't imagine a Christmas without Lord of the Rings. Wouldn't it be great if they released all the music from the first film too! I mean, I enjoyed the general release soundtrack and everything, but for me it just wasn't enough. Unfortunately I can't see anyone pulling out all the stops on a masterwork that's bound to be ignored...
  16. E.T. The bicycle chase (as mentioned before). Empire of the Sun Again, as mentioned earlier, Cadillac of the Skies. That sent shivers down my spine. Raiders of the Lost Ark "I've found him" "Where?" "There" - totally captured the reckless adventurer that Indy is. Jurassic Park This being one of my favourite films ever, there are several moments to choose from. Seeing the dinosaurs for the first time; every moment with the Velociraptors; T-Rex + jeep + kids; and so on... Saving Private Ryan Both major battles were horrifying/amazing...and then there was the snipe-off after Vin Diesel got shot.
  17. If anyone's interested I posted an incomplete analysis of the soundtrack in the "chronological" thread: http://jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopi...mp;#entry459437
  18. The problem with The Dark Knight's ordering is the same that Batman Begins had. Some of the tracks are a compilation of cues from different parts of the film, and the track names have nothing to do with the music (except perhaps "Harvey Two-Face"). Anyway, as spoiler-free as possible, here are some ideas to play with which I will not be able to complete without much studying of the film: Complete tracks are: Blood on My Hands; A Little Push; I am The Batman; And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad; Agent of Chaos (very nearly complete); Introduce a Little Anarchy; Watch the World Burn. In order (or wh
  19. If you guys are being anal and analytic about the score, I'll throw this one out there: a direct extract from Molossus features maybe once in one track, and is layered with some of the new ideas that the composers are using. The underlying recurring track in the score seems to be Myotis (which plays when Bruce escapes from the League of Shadows). Anyway, just because this music appears on the cd doesn't make it the best in the film. With Begins, we could have done without an extended Lasiurus piece and instead gone for the monorail fight, or included the Batman fanfare after he gets Falcone, o
  20. Curse of the Black Pearl was a fun soundtrack. A little similar throughout but set the tone for the whole series. Dead Man's Chest soundtrack was very, very dire. Sure "Jack Sparrow" is one of my favourite pieces ever. "Davy Jones" is nice, and "The Kraken" is alright, the rest of it is a disaster considering the music they could have put in it. As for the "Bonus Track" of the Tieseto remix...while interesting I think it should not have been included. At World's End however is definitely one of my favourite soundtrack albums of all time. The use of the various parts of the love theme throughou
  21. Wahey your work will aid mine but a couple of points. For the first track I use the first 48 seconds as "opening titles", have the section of track 5 as a separate track, and then play the rest of track 1. (ie Vespertilio 0:00-0:48; Artibeus 2:31-4:20; Vespertilio 0:48-2:53) Track 4 is missing the rest of Macrotus. It's annoying how the tracks are edited on soundtrack, but your track 4 should be (approximately) Eptesicus 0:00-1:58; Macrotus 5:01-7:36. So that would be your error for track 15. The rest of macrotus is what plays when Bruce is at the court hearing. Track 5 I don't think the first
  22. I've done Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl, but in my opinion there's no point really in switching tracks around because the sequencing is poor (example - going from the campfire drinking straight into the underwater march). Generally it's aesthetically nicer in the way it was originally presented. Also some tracks overlap by a couple of seconds, even if the music before and after aren't related, which is annoying when cutting and pasting... But anyway here it is in order (having cut up the tracks - take the times slightly approximately): 1. Fog Bound 2. The Medallion Ca
  23. NAME: Christopher LOCATION: London, England AGE: 19 SEX: Male PROFESSION/EDUCATION: Student FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Empire Strikes Back FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): The Lord of the Rings Complete Recordings, Batman Begins, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 FAVORITE FILM(S): Batman Begins, The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, The Godfather FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Spielberg, Nolan, Jackson, Tarantino SPECIAL INTEREST(S): Playing piano VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: May 2008
  24. Does anyone know Empire of the Sun chronological order? Edit: Looking back through this thread I noticed The Two Towers (years ago:P) was requested. Despite the joining of cues in the tracks (so you can't achieve full continuity without cutting the files up), here's my take on it: 1. Foundations of Stone 2. The Taming of Smeagol 5. The Uruk-Hai 3. The Riders of Rohan (starts with Eomer meeting the three hunters, but ends with the rebirth of Theoden and him grasping his sword again) 10. Treebeard 4. The Passage of the Marshes 9. The White Rider (opens with the drawing of Saruman's poison from T
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