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  1. Violent Night was lots of fun. I especially liked the bit about Beverly D’Angelo is having a lot of fun here too. I enjoyed the director’s previous efforts Dead Snow and Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters. This is the same kind of thing. Over the top, not to be taken seriously. Not mean spirited, just fun. On a whim, I watched 2020’s Fatman with Mel Gibson, which shares some similarities with Violent Night. They pair well together, with Violent Night being the more “popcorn” of the two.
  2. When the title of ToD comes up with Willie blocking it (cause you already know the title, dummy) and the horns swell up in that eastern exotic way, I get chills every single time.
  3. I believe so. Matthew Robbins was good friends with George Lucas, so I’d bet that’s how ILM got the job.
  4. Dragonslayer is fantastic, and a bit of a paradox. Marketed to kids in the wake of Star Wars, but it eschews the swashbuckling expectations for a somewhat somber affair with imperfect protagonists living at the end of an epoch. It’s got something rather profound to say about Christianity replacing magic and sorcery. A score that is as off kilter as the film, and visual effects better than they should’ve been. Astonishing that in the age of Hi Def physical media, Dragonslayer and Yound Sherlock Holmes are both so late, considering they’re both damn good, and always mentioned in ILM docs. Probably my last big holdout for Blu Ray.
  5. Dial of Destiny? DoD? Would it have killed them to name it Pinwheel Of Ages?
  6. So… I can avoid this trailer for the next 8 months, right? Right?
  7. Good idea! I'm sort of feeling nostalgic for the film itself. Do you mean Amistad? Or was there an announcement I missed?
  8. Yep. I don’t need samples the way I don’t need trailers. I will properly savor this when it’s in my hands.
  9. I got out of control with Blu Ray. Lots of blind buys, justified by saying it was cheaper than going to the movies. Then 4K came and underwhelmed me. So a few years ago, I would’ve said I buy more films. Now the films have tapered off, and I’m back to soundtracks. I probably buy more soundtracks, but it’s close.
  10. Had to set some limits. Just Amistad and the Burbs for now. Reeeaally wanted to order Spider-Man, but it’ll have to wait. Would love to be able to get all 5.
  11. I agree with the first part, but not the second. Why wasn’t this just a novel? I feel like the dumbass stick figure in Jay’s cartoon, except my reasons were completely unrepresented in the meme. And I don’t begrudge anyone for enjoying it, although it is a bit astonishing to me how this wasn’t divisive. Most people seem to love it.
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