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  1. My father in law was an audiophile. Top end equipment. Huge collection of music. After he passed away, it was sad watching his stuff be dismantled and sold just to move it out. I really didn't even know myself how to get the best price for it. I kept a few of his CDs, but we had different tastes, so most of them were I'm sure just donated. Personally, I would love if the opportunity arose to find a young fan to whom my music could be gifted, because I don't think my family members would have a use for it. Imagine being sort of into John Williams and someone wills you a complete collection. Priceless.
  2. If anyone needs help with fixing these two tracks, drop me a pm and I'd be happy to help. Or just drop Intrada a message and wait for the replacement. I did that and Jeff responded quickly that I'd been added to the list.
  3. For myself, getting expansions over the decades has been a delight, and part of the fun of being a soundtrack fan. The delayed gratification made me appreciate both album arrangements and the newly released material when it came out. I wouldn't change that for the world, because when there's a cue you want, but don't have, it shapes your estimation of all of it, for better or worse. A new fan who gets everything all in one shot is denied the thrill of the yearning and the satisfaction of the new release. I'd imagine someone whose first exposure to these scores is the complete score will regard little incidental cues very differently than those of us who hungered for them for decades. A weird psychology, I know, but I enjoyed growing up in the OST era, and now living through the expansion era.
  4. I wish they were unlimited so that John's popularity would skyrocket because they'd be available in brick and mortar stores, as they should be. You'd also see them go on sale occasionally.
  5. Hahah sorry Chris. That was my ode to my favorite B-Movie actress crush. She has a bit part in the film (which is the biggest film she was in), but if you want to see a true 70s foxy lady, check out Pets or Hollywood Boulevard (before you venture into Chatterbox ) Heheh. I’d forgotten about Yes Giorgio, So I ordered it. So I guess NOW I’m complete.
  6. Just wanted to chime in and say thank you for sharing. It's quite lovely, and both the mock up and reinsertion into the film are beautifully done. Too bad it was never recorded, but I can see why they didn't use it. The scene it is setting up is one of mystery and foreboding, not swashbuckling adventure. Although, you could argue that with it, it intensifies the "surprise" of Ceti Alpha V, if the audience is conditioned by the music to expect a happy Starfleet adventure. Either way, magnificent.
  7. It may not be LLL shipping them at this point. I got mine from moviemusic. It's likely they got their batch before the mistake was discovered, and just continued to sell them. I emailed Peter there personally to ensure that mine was the uncorrected misprint disc, and he confirmed it before I ordered.
  8. I didn’t grow up with these shows, and haven’t really ever watched them. I slept on the Lost in Space and Land of the Giants sets. Do I go after these or hope LLL will do and Irwin Allen John Williams Collection ? IIRC MV didn’t shoot it down when I asked him if that would be a possibility for a future release.
  9. How cool! I was considering following the Jay path. Getting them used could still end up being cheaper. Maybe.
  10. I had it as a Saved Search for ages and then one day got lucky. I have now removed Eiger Sanction from my eBay saved searches.
  11. I do. I managed to get it on eBay this year for a fairly tolerable $60.
  12. This is a pretty big get for me, personally. More than just filling a gap. With Eiger in my hands, I now have EVERY commercially released JW Film Score on CD! (In at least one form)
  13. From the looks of it, they did everything right for this release. There's a handful of scores that you just have to buy every upgrade, and this is one of them. I sure wish the original reels for Jaws would magically turn up like this.
  14. Thanks for this. Very interesting. It always had sort of a "Superman II" sound to me. The snare percussion specifically sounds too pronounced and not at all like a Williams recording. Dan was Wallin' it literally,
  15. Got tired of waiting for a re-stock, so I went and bought the Target exclusive with the variant cover and the bonus track "On The Chair Lift"
  16. I’ll never understand the dismissal of the last acts of the Superman score. It has some of the finest action music from that era of Williams’ career.
  17. Just curious, did you begin your familiarity with the chronological Intrada release or the OST album? I think I mentioned earlier that the album arrangement is really splendid. There are some really underrated moments that don’t get mentioned too. The latter half of “Sean’s Rescue” is just lovely with its strained optimism and hopeful serenity. The strong punctuated trombones about a minute into “Catching the Cable” (dialed out in the film) recall some of the brass used in the Krypton and (construction of the) Fortress of Solitude from Superman. i just love “Rescue Party” (dialed out in the film) which was the second half of “Brody Misunderstood “ on the OST. It’s noble, emotional, and somehow evocative of the ocean. But, yeah, if you don’t love Jaws 2 as much as the original, you’re still awesome because you love the original.
  18. I think, like the film itself, there was no way to go back to the subtleties of the first film, especially with the shark motif itself, since we all know what it is and how it works out for the victims. So with Jeannot Szwarc changing the tone from horror and suspense to more action and disaster, I think that is reflective in what Williams delivered. And I think it’s terrific. Audiences had 3 years to taunt each other in the water singing the shark motif, and Williams knew it. So he goes bigger with it, almost to the point of self parody. I do personally prefer the simpler, more primal slicing of strings from the first Jaws (see: The Shark Approaches and The Empty Raft) to the “Boats in Danger” and “Water Kite” cues where the whole orchestra seems to just go with the simpler 2 note structure, but with more gusto. It’s got great action disaster chase set pieces that evoke some of the tone of Superman’s third act, which is also pretty swell. But Jaws 2’s real power lies in the underwater ballets, the noble Brody material, the delightful sailing pieces, and the unbelievable End Cast. I’m surprised to hear anyone would have difficulty enjoying it.
  19. I am waiting to listen to Maurizio's podcast. I don't watch movie trailers for the same reason. I sort of want to jump in blind when the CD arrives. I'll then go back and listen to the podcast, almost like listening to an audio commentary after watching a movie. Does anyone else like to place the sound file of the Mike Matessino interviews at the end of their playlists? I think they are golden analyses, and regard them like bonus features on a DVD/Blu.
  20. It’s minutia like this that completely redeem the internet for me! Not gonna lie, it would be a cool “Easter egg” to have at the very end of the CD (or playlist) after some seconds of silence.
  21. Out of weakness, I went ahead and ordered the uncorrected pressing from another retailer. I contacted him and made sure it would be the July stock from LLL and he confirmed. OCD is a horrible thing.
  22. Rather than just post "Ordered!" Here is Co-Star Candice Rialson to say that "Hedji Ordered"
  23. I agree, this is a bit of a bummer. The OST art was perfect. No need to change the key art or font. Makes me want to pick up the Varese for cheap after this is out.
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