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  1. I'm not certain it would be more boring. Brittel could score it with rustling fireplace ashes. Gritty! .
  2. The publicity for this indicated we would learn why Andor became the man we saw in Rogue One. Of course, the defining scene for him in that film was the shocking killing of the nervous guy with loose lips. What kind of "good guy" rebel would do such a thing? Problem is, he kills somebody in the first scene of the show. I don't really see much difference or a lot of room for a huge arc in his character. We will certainly get to know him better over, what 14 hours (!) of content, but it's not like he's a naive young idealist at the start. It seems clear that he will have a relationship with Brix, but she must die before this ends. Prequels really are confining. I get that people like this part of the timeline, but the imagination and wonder of how things will turn out is gone.
  3. @Holko is right. Subtractive spotting is the way to go. Then dial out what is not needed, and release that to the rabid fans. I think of so many scenes from Empire where the absence improves the feel of the storytelling... Han's Hoth search, the Mynock jump scare, the start of the Bespin Duel. All great music, but the film plays better as it is without. And then you have Raiders, which is masterfully spotted and lean. Can't think of much that was dialed out, just a few edits. About the only wall to wall spotting success for me is Temple of Doom. What could've been dialed out there?
  4. Yes! So those were rustling leaves I thought I heard. I’ll be performing the score live to projection this Autumn as I do my yardwork.
  5. I just finished the Orville literally the day before Andor. The difference could not be more apparent. With the penultimate episode of the Orville, they managed to do Star Wars better than Star Wars. Somehow the people in charge of Wars and Trek act like it's a major chore to make fun aliens and people in colorful masks or makeup. Meanwhile the Orville is a rainbow of aliens that populate the screen. Some used only once, but to great effect. Admittedly the Orville aliens are often on the comedic end of the spectrum, but not always. I can tell you first hand as an OG SW fan, everyone's favorite scene was the Cantina. "Look at that guy!" "Oh wow, look at them!" "Hahah check out that dude!" With SW these days, if there is an alien walking around in a grey generic earth planet crowd, it's usually repurposed from the stash of Sequel costumes they saved. The Orville is the little show that could. A 90-something piece orchestra, banging out music both joyful and wondrous and exciting, with legacy fan composers. Recorded on the 20th Century Fox sound stage. Disney can't afford that for Star Wars? Are they all so intimidated by Williams that they just give up? Aliens aside, the only thing that's gonna save Andor for me is the character that Kenner deemed too boring to make an action figure of, and instead decided her friend General Madine was the plastic embodiment of excitement.
  6. I never saw the movie until last year, and I thought it was quite fun. Certainly not deserving of its turkey reputation. The adventure theme is definitely hummable. I bought the OST right after. I tried the expansion, but I just didn’t connect with all the 90s flutes and such.
  7. Amazon does that all the time for non US Titles. It’s likely an algorithm where they err on the side of region lock rather than deal with consumers returning incompatible discs
  8. Admission: James Newton Howard has never won me over. I've yet to fall in love with his music. I have Waterworld and Dinosaur. But there was a melody from Alive that has stuck in my head since I saw the film decades ago. I figure if that lovely melody has that much staying power in my memory, then $20 for the Intrada is worth giving him another try.
  9. For me, it's more a case of not being fun to watch. I really don't care what happens next. It's well made in some aspects I guess. I like that they're not using those claustrophobic LED virtual sets. If I can be honest and bare my soul for a bit. I'm getting a taste of my own medicine. I'm finally seeing what it's like to have a Star Wars project really turn me off. I was born in 72, so up until now, I enjoyed most all of it. The Sequels, Prequels, spinoffs, Clone Wars, Mandoverse. And now I'm finally getting to see what it's like to be on the other side when it doesn't fit my criteria (mostly, that it be fun). Andor HAS to get better than the first 3 episodes, but for the time at least I can empathize with all the disappointed people over the years who felt like someone took their toys and played with them "wrong". I guess I'm happy(?) that fans finally got their dark, gritty Star Wars. But if I want to watch Blade Runner, I have two of those movies and countless imitators.
  10. Precisely. Look at all of the exposition and universe building that was done (with likable characters!) in the first half of Star Wars.
  11. I hear a lot of people use “world building” when defending the pacing. Makes Lucas’ efficiency at “world building” in the original film all the more astonishing.
  12. Geez. Maybe he was still in character from one of his Michael Kamen scored films.
  13. She signed the papers and was like “Now I can die.”
  14. Yes absolutely. Suspiria is one of the most colorfully lensed film ever made. It is an assault on the eyes and the ears. Be warned, the soundtrack is relentlessly loud. But it’s part of the experience. If you enjoy that, Inferno is the sequel. Not as bold, but wonderfully unconventional. I might also recommend Deep Red, a stylish Giallo. It’s dated and ridiculous, but again, Argento has a way. He is sort of a blend of Hitchcock and Mario Bava. You must see Suspiria though. It’s probably the most strikingly beautiful horror film ever made. Inferno is the sequel, and it’s no slouch either. Unlike the Friday the 13th series, which are just consistently entertaining dumb fun from first to last , the Halloween sequels are an exponential drop in quality. The original and II are sort of like Jaws and Jaws 2. Season of the Witch (III) was the right move to pivot away from Michael. Carpenter’s plan was to make each Halloween sequel a new story taking place on Halloween. We could’ve had, what, a dozen or so weird tales of Halloween by now, if the audiences hadn’t rejected the idea and demanded Michael come back. I would gladly trade those almost unwatchable sequels for more one-off stories with Carpenter’s involvement. They really are terrible.
  15. I’m envisioning the turtleneck showing between the pieces of shining armor.
  16. Oh wow, great topic. I could go on and on. I enjoy the genre and love the holiday. My favorite horror film is Creepshow. Also enjoy Carpenter, Hammer, Universal, 80s horror, Italian horror, some slashers, and even some of the modern cheap thrill jump scare flicks. Some of my favorite horror scores that are not from Williams, Goldsmith, or Horner Creepshow The Fog Halloween Salem’s Lot Amityville Horror Bram Stoker’s Dracula Sleepy Hollow Any James Bernard Hammer Friday the 13th Bride of Frankenstein Carrie Suspiria Dawn of the Dead I’d say the Omen is probably the greatest original horror score of all time.
  17. Don’t judge, but I reeaally tend to look for lighter fare. I’m at an age and point in my career and family life where after adulting all day, I have little desire to watch edgy gritty shows. Maybe I’m missing out, but I sort of know that light tone and optimism will sooth my need for entertainment. I’ve started to watch Peacemaker and 3 episodes in I’m not clicking with it. I hear some goo things about the Boys, but I have a feeling it’s a bit nastier than I care for. I would NOT be watching Andor we’re it not under the Star Wars brand.
  18. It’s been three years since TROS. Does anyone else miss the theatrical experience, the long time ago silence anticipating the blast of the Main Title? I’m ready for big budget full bodied cinematic 95 piece orchestra Star Wars.
  19. It reminded me of Heartbeeps, both the film and 00:48 of “Projected Trip”
  20. I thought that repeating growling ostinato was unique. Oh wait, that was my wife snoring on the couch. This had music?
  21. I find it amusing that Gilroy felt the need to immediately tell parents this is not for their kids by kicking things off with a brothel and a disturbing (for Star Wars) murder. Henry, you could be just let the ensuing boredom do the job instead. I guess I’m happy for fans who wanted Star Wars to grow up with them. We not only get the word “shit!” but there’s also a bottomless woman sliding her pants on getting out of bed the morning after. Hawt!! Diego Luna might be a good actor. I can’t tell because he really isn’t given much to do but look sad and moderately desperate. His acting range is … steady. I’ll keep watching, hoping for “the feels” that I associate with the universe of imagination and whimsy. Andor makes me feel nothing but impatient. But I would rather watch Kenobi. At least that was sorta fun to make fun of.
  22. Spot on. This show, so far, is a chore as joyless and soulless as scrubbing a dirty pot for 2 hours with cold dishwater.
  23. I finished the Orville, and now I feel like a better human being. That was the most joy I've had watching anything in I don't know how long.
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