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  1. Well put. I also would rather see expanded soundtracks than a gimmicky boxed set in lieu of unreleased material. Temple of Doom is a perfect example as the original CD issue was put out on Polydor over 20 years ago and hasn't been available since.
  2. Ya got that right!! Of course, if they want to release some unreleased score material on a digipack, I say have at it!! Agreed..as long as the original cover art is reproduced and we get some unreleased material I'll be happy. I wasn't a big fan of what BMG did with the Star Wars soundtracks a decade ago...I missed having the original artwork. Jewel cases though tend to break easily though, I'd like to see something maybe more evolved - like a super jewel or something. Vinyl reissues would be awesome too..
  3. Just heard about Concord's reissue plans for the original soundtracks...I'm hoping for a bit more than just straight reissues - I'd like to see them reissued as digi-packs, remastered, and with unreleased material (if any exists)...
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