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  1. Is it me or is everyone skirting about the source of this cue? I haven't seen a single direct answer.
  2. Ugh, tell me about it. It's on the bottom of my Williams list, right along crap like Jurassic Park with that generic and anonymous fanfare that doesn't represent a single character in the whole thing.
  3. But in spite of his proclamations of giving up on the show he continues to watch, so there might be something to this show after all. So far I would say it's potentially the most interesting Trek we've gotten in about twenty years.
  4. My immersion is ruined! Star Trek is not better than everything!
  5. It's a definitely a sequel in many of the traditional ways, yeah.
  6. Chen, I don't recall any topics made by you before. Clearly, the universe wanted to bequeathe this opportunity upon you.
  7. I covered part of the screen there. Funny that all Star Trek fans get hung up on seem to be cussing...I believe in the British vernacular, we Star Trek fans would be referred to as "precious". I don't have a note of the Voyager theme in my head, but in the scene I thought the music was too effective, so I immediately assumed it was Goldsmith.
  8. How many "fucks" does it take, Admiral, before it becomes wrong? Hm? 10? 5? 1? How many "fucks" does it take, Admiral!
  9. Isn't that stressful to get invested a show, just waiting for the bomb to drop and bounce out when a few "un Star Trek" words appear? Also, if I remember correctly, the only cuss word last episode was when the captain said "fucking", and this latest episode Raffi says "You're shit out of luck". I don't understand where you're drawing the line, and where you'll go no further.
  10. I didn't expect to have to wince away from the screen watching a Star Trek episode! It's also always nice to start out with mercy killing. Overall, this was an interesting episode. Pretty weird, and not just 'cause of all the goofy infiltration stuff.
  11. 1. Star Wars is like Toni Morrison's Jazz, shape the story the way you want to! 2. Why do any of us 20-something clowns on this page think we're gonna have kids to worry about this crap anytime soon? From an educational standpoint your idea is much better, but I will say as a little kid I hated Star Wars movies, but I couldn't go anywhere without my Star Wars audio drama cassette tapes.
  12. You swiped on a round face!? Also, what does she mean when she says "good bird"? I wouldn't say that line of thinking is inherently true, but there are definitely some weird cognitive dissonance things mostly women like to air out as far as their cerebral beliefs vs. their own natural preferences. I guess a "woke" dude would air the same, that's what they want maybe?
  13. Just saw the fourth episode. The show keeps getting better and better.
  14. Yeah, those morons who saw the candles in that skepticism thread and bought them...many of them...those stupid-ass lurkers!... ...
  15. First Paltrow's vagina candles then this! JWFan truly is a global cornerstone!
  16. "Hi there, sir, thank you so much for being here and your hard work! You're the caterer, yes? This is the Oscars reception for film composers, do you know anything about movie music?" "...A thing or two."
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