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  1. i just want to see williams go goddamn ballistic on social media when sugarland express is announced
  2. Rule 49 of the Internet: never click on a video with a Photoshopped Rian Johnson thumbnail.
  3. Haha, I didn't realize this wasn't considered common. But you've already heard swung rags!
  4. Nothing's wrong with them, just never been really compelled by what they've got, musically. What I have been compelled by lately though is Thundercat's "Them Changes"! I love how the chord progression and off-kilter tone offsets a story about heartbreak. And true to my forum title...boy do I love that bass.
  5. On the tangentail subject of Pink Floyd, I've been fixated on these ten seconds for the last few days: The nonstop major chord phrases cascading into that B minor resolution, the bass synth punctuating them until it finally holds at that chord, the lyrics (I also love how the music opens up with the words "clear blue sky")......... I'm not a Pink Floyd fan, but this might be one of my favorite little musical moments ever.
  6. Oh for sure. It doesn't compare to AVP:R, though, because no viewer's mind could be protected enough from that movie's diseased, penetrating violations.
  7. That's more apt, because that's all I ever was...and that's all I'll ever be. .... Same, and even 3 is a stretch.
  8. I meant to reply to this with my earlier post, but it got erased in my draft. That's like just calling John Williams the conductor of the Boston Pops, but yes, the one and the same. That's one thing I kinda love about another set of space prequels made in the 21st century. As a strict prequel to the original trilogy, they suck pretty hard, and if you think about the details too hard they could actually lessen your appreciation of certain preexisting events and characters (what, so Yoda nearly kicked the Emperor's ass, lost to a very particular circumstance, said "Thi
  9. I guess my ultimate question in response to your question is "Does there need to be a point?" One of the greatest appeals of science/speculative fiction has always been how it takes the intangible and often presents it in a literal, present reality. I don't think it's necessary to come up with a "conclusion", as long as the idea(s) are explored in an interesting or compelling way. Speaking as neutrally as possible given the subject matter of Prometheus, the likelihood of us as humans meeting and directly interacting with our hypothetical creator is next to none, but here in this film we have t
  10. Yeah, it almost feels like the same concept as Jaws 3, People 0. Resurrection was my first Alien movie, and I loved it as a ten year old. i like alien 3
  11. It's so nasty and cynical, it really turns me off. I think it's not so much the subject matter, but Scott's approach to it. And it's a total copout. I used to say I heavily disliked Prometheus, but loved it. I think most of the criticisms against it are completely warranted, but dammit, seeing a glossy, REAL, sci-fi movie that's actually about something, with all the planet-exterior-shots-with-solo-oboe trappings to go with it, in the 2010s? Yes please! Shortly after the movie came out, Wayne Shorter said that he felt Scott hit a bunt with Prometheus so he could hit a
  12. Something being overused, stopping us from bringing it up? Here, at JWFan? ...You will soon learn to appreciate us.
  13. What's really implausible is that we haven't used the phrase "suspension of disbelief" yet!
  14. This raft vs. fridge argument is making me so nostalgic for 2008.
  15. Wait when did people start hating the ants scene?
  16. Ellington was very much inspired by Impressionists, but it's weird that it takes something like this for me to realize just how strong that link can be. Those cascading notes during the "B theme" are beautiful!
  17. Not that writing a "compassionate" score is the only alternative, of course. Taxi Driver is a very rich score, for example, that does so much. It gives the down to earth bustle of NYC a larger than life presence as Bickle's manifested hell and purgatory. The theme has a longing for innocence and romance that is like a landmark we hear to see just how far Bickle's plummet into madness goes, until the theme itself drops down with him at the climax. For Joker, I thought it would've been really cool if they took an approach similar to Shirley Walker in the animated series:
  18. The approach Williams took for Irina really isn't that different from Indy if you think about it: the music is bright and heroic, which are not traits you'd really give to the character, particularly in Raiders. However, the theme perfectly encapsulates the experience they (Spielberg and Williams) wanted to give to the audience, and there are multiple times where Indy personifies this feeling of adventure and heroic feats...if adventure has a name? Irina?...Williams was just trying to find something to latch onto, 'cause there are practically no instances outside of the opening seq
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