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  1. The Joker should make us ask if like, we're the crazy ones, man.
  2. I've actually been familiar with this channel for a few months, the dude is definitely a talented musician with a good ear for music. So while I can appreciate the video from the perspective of him sharing his love for Williams, I'm disappointed that his takes don't really go past what we've heard countless times already, which have been pretty shallow in their own right ("he writes so many memorable and iconic themes!")
  3. They have a free one that's pretty damn good!
  4. It, and the series as a whole is cute fun, but I am not a fan of this rasp.
  5. I haven't used it in a while, but maybe Plogue's soundfont player?
  6. And edits, as following the tradition of TFA. There were drastic differences in cuts up to November 2019. Naw, it was more like, "Hey John, it's your best bud JJ here. You know I'm a big fan and think you're a genius, right? Of course you do. Hey, so listen, it turns out I really don't know what movie I'm trying to make here, even though I co-wrote the damn thing. You're cool if I just endlessly shift around and change giant chunks of the movie, as I always have, right? Oh, and if on top of you taking months to score these multiple revisions, still hack it up further? Oh, and replace music with stuff you've already written? Oh, and turn the music mix down? Oh, and we all hate Rian Johnson, right? Even though he campaigned for your score for his movie to get an isolated score, something incredibly rare in your whole career, and some of the best treatment your music's gotten in a film in the 21st century? Remember, John, it's my greatest privilege in my life to work with you!"
  7. I'd say it is! We practically have a rejected score, but the same composer picked up the pieces!
  8. Oh don't pretend! You've been having this tat-for-tat with him for months, and we warned you then! You're in denial, chief. From the sounds of it, similar to TFA, we might have enough for practically another score waiting to be released! If we've gotten from both so far is an accurate indication, these might be some of the most interesting alternate scores ever released.
  9. This is the part where I piss people off by saying I think Batman Beyond's storytelling was usually better than TAS. A good number of TAS episodes--particularly the earlier ones--leave me feeling empty by the end, like not much happened, or that there was a lot of missed potential. Episodes like the Two-Face origin are still absolute classics, though. On the subject of Beyond though, I'm guessing this would be before that? I really don't know how much they can recapture the aesthetics of the original, with cast and crew departed, such as Ansara and Walker, or with people like Hamill whose voices have evolved into an almost unrecognizable timbre.
  10. @Edmilson So I'm talking yo a Brazilian girl right now, and she dropped a bombshell on me. I need you to confirm or deny...give it to me straight........... ....is White Chicks considered a classic comedy film in Brazil?
  11. Thanks for the clarification. I recognize that I was conflating the two, but I don't want to put words in your mouth by misremembering which scores you think earn that place. True, but I consider these channeled in a way that feel very fresh, where the sum far exceeds the parts. I see this a la Star Wars and Close Encounters, with their precedents found in multiple scores such as Black Sunday and Family Plot.
  12. Keyword "heard", not "listened" I admit my ears have largely glossed this tune over since I was a teen. This thread has been so crucial in making me actually listen to this again! I also find it inspiring that over half a century, just about, Williams never truly became complacent with even his most famous composition, always thinking of new ways to try and improve the piece.
  13. Admittedly, I've never listened to the vocal versions, as my first exposure to the score was from the one-disc Oscar promo that I received as a gift. Similar to croc, I love the OST as a tone poem, and when I listen to it--cannonballing into the Thor pool here--I don't care about what thematic strands are omitted from it, or if X theme isn't introduced in an "introductory" way. Hell, I'm fine with thinking a theme in the score is just a one-off idea because that's how it's portrayed in the album. I'm grateful all the music was released--one of my few score expansions--but practically every time I want to listen to the score, I go with the OST. Opening up with bangers such as The Mecha World and Abandoned in the Woods just can't be beat. As to your second paragraph, I find your use of the word "conventional" here to be odd. I've seen you give effusive praise to a number of scores that I would put in the "conventional" category, or at least how I'm assuming you mean it. This isn't a diss on you, I just don't see how this excludes AI from the runnings where some of these other scores presumably aren't. As has been said multiple times before by many people, AI hits a spiritual resonance that I hear very, very seldomly in the medium...hell, probably a good chunk of music in general.
  14. As someone who thinks AI is one of the greatest scores ever written, it's immensely easy for me to imagine why he eschewed so much of that. A lot of those early cues are on the static and portentous side.
  15. Huh, well that's the worst idea a conspiracy theorist can have, isn't it, to lay all their cards down with a specific, tangible event. Way too easy for the jig to be up.
  16. I suspected as much. This is probably the culprit. Try using the L/Mono output. For stereo in your DAW, you'd need two cables for each output, or a stereo split cable. While some gear has a built-in USB audio interface, the XD is not one of them. That USB connection is purely for MIDI. So if you wanted to write a part on your XD and have it recorded into your DAW, rather than directly play it in, you'll need the following: 1. In Logic, set up a MIDI track, and have the output routed to the XD via the USB connection. This will send your written material to the XD, like giving sheet music to a performer. 2. Have a separate audio track to record the XD's performance. You'll have the XD output to the corresponding channels on your Focusrite (ex. Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 for the XD's L and R outputs for stereo). Monitoring is simply being able to listen to your instrument. So my question in other words, was to see if you could get the XD's audio heard through the Scarlett without Logic, as a means of eliminating suspects. I doubt this will be necessary after what I wrote above. Doubtful! Don't be alarmed. I actually recently "downgraded" to the Monologue, but for any synth or gear I use a Behringer UMC1820 audio interface.
  17. I have to admit I haven't used the Scarlett or Logic, but I'll work backwards by asking obvious questions. I imagine there's a way to get monitoring on the Scarlett without using a DAW? Which output are you using on the XD?
  18. I'll say it again, and more explicitly: Luke was not in the finale to be a full character, he's established to be the most powerful Jedi alive at that point in Star Wars, with his primary function to deliver Grogu from Din, and deliver some fan service as a bonus. That's it. Ironically, these "missed opportunities" people speak of would draw away focus from Mando. And we don't want anymore of that.
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