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  1. In the broadest senses I think you're right, but I also think there are some trends that won't swing on a pendulum. People like to cite the 60s and 70s as a time where orchestras in films were unpopular, then revived by Star Wars, as an example, to indicate that we're in a temporary "drought" that will be reversed at some point in the future. But I don't think that's necessarily a good predictor; orchestras will always have a place in film scores, of course, but the musical sensibilities have changed so much (including the types of musicians that would feel inclined to pursue film scoring in the first place), and the sensibilities about how film and music interwine have also developed so much--both aesthetically and the very art of how music is produced and set to film itself-- that I don't see mainstream film ever truly returning to the musical aesthetics of yore.
  2. I got teary-eyed when Grogu and Din parted ways, yeah. Luke was just the catalyst for that moment.
  3. I might be ignorant, so please correct me if this is false, but I feel like I've seen a greater prominence of the "big" indie/ arthouse films, as characterized most prominently by A24.
  4. One of the things I really enjoy about Goransson, moreso in his feature length scores, are his dramatic instincts in terms of spotting and textures. I keep harping on Creed 2, but I loved that there would be conservation scenes between characters that would go unscored for minutes. Then a character would say a pivot line, and something intimate like a harp and french horn would come in. Felt really old-school and satisfying And those strings around the end? Hard to imagine many other film composers now writing those.
  5. What is that supposed to do, hypnotize me?
  6. Creed 2 is what made me excited for his announcement as the Mandalorian composer.
  7. @KK Just a non sequitur tag apopos nothing.
  8. That's one thing I imagine being hard to reconcile as someone not familiar with the show. From the bjts I've seen, you have and series major characters, namely Ahsoka, and you're just supposed to suspend your disbelief that none of these critical people or things are even remotely on the mind of any of the characters during ROTS?
  9. I mean right now it's hard to see where else they would go, but I wouldn't mind that inherently. I didn't like Bo Katan and the crew in their debut episode, but after the S2 finale their inclusion made sense to me. It's pretty tantalizing that Din is apparently now the unwilling ruler of Mandalore. I just hope like S1 they delve into him more. I wanna see Mando have actual character conflicts, dammit!
  10. I feel like S1 also structured the character development and everything more dynamically, such as Mando's mistrust of droids caused by his traumatic experience as a child, and his growing acceptance of IG. And of course, similar to what you said, it was him and Grogu against the world. S2 had him rubbing elbows with so many people, and in a way that really didn't illuminate his character very much. We didn't get that until the last few episodes. Now that they got all the backdoor pilots out of the way, and even Grogu himself, I'm really excited to see where S3 goes.
  11. At least you have the MCU movies to satiate your mature desires.
  12. I'm split on it (though agree 100% on TFA). The infiltration episode does something rare in the series in that a character consistently clashes with Mando rather than putting aside their differences after like three lines, and Mayfeld is the perfect character to slide cognitive dissonance in his loyalty to his creed. Mando removing the helmet is a great culmination of that dissonance, and he's absolutely shellshocked as a result (which Pascal portrayed magnificently). That he committed such a sacrifice to his sense of identity to save his boy is a character-defining moment. We wouldn't have experienced that if he had solely removed his helmet to say bye to LIl' Grogu.
  13. Probably for similar reasons why he acted on visions of the future and rushed off to Bespin despite the warnings of his mentors.
  14. Awwwwwwwwwwww snap! Have you gotten a chance to fire it on? Let me know if you have any questions about it! Pro-tip: as it powers on and tunes, move the Program knob
  15. Luke's robo massacre scene gave me goosebumps, and it started with the music. Great sense of awe and surrealism.
  16. I'm really glad they're pushing the Imperial Remnant angle. #mercyformidichlorians! I don't mind them at all and don't think they take any mystique away from the Force in their basic concept at all.
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