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  1. People buying multiple copies to sell on for profit are always going to be a problem in any small market where there's a collectible side to things. But I hardly think we can blame the labels for printing up small runs at a time. It's just how it's done. I imagine for both financial and practical storage reasons amongst others. Nothing wrong with it at all. Intrada just updated the site wrong in this case. It now says it'll be reprinted but they can't say when right now. Hardy surprising given the year's events.
  2. And the link is for Elite Soundtracks. Avoid this guy at all costs. I've not looked at the website for a long time, but in the CD soundtracks section, I had to get to page 4 before there was a legitimate release. He's a specialist in ripping people off, and not much more.
  3. I wonder if Donner or whoever preferred the more immediate ending of the end title. Maybe they were looking for an edit point that worked..... They couldn't cut to it after the Puzo credit because one of them has that brief key change.... so they just thought "ah well, replace the whole thing." Maybe I'm thinking too hard, trying to rationalise the irrational! The speed up is just so weird though. One of the biggest head scratchers. Thanks for all that info on the edits Jay. Fascinating stuff.
  4. I've just had a thought while watching some of the video...... now as a disclaimer, obviously I adore John, why else would i be here?! and I really do respect the orchestra as being one of the best in the world, and I was at the concerts in person and honestly couldn't have hoped for a better experience...... so, with that said.... Does anyone here who might be more familiar with the orchestra than I am, (Marian?... I'm thinking maybe you) do we know how much of the Wiener Philharmoniker "A-Team" we have here? I'm thinking about orchestras here in the UK who regularly have players
  5. I went to a concert here in Manchester a few years back, where they just dropped the final chord from the piece. I was so happy. It must have been the conductor's choice, as he seemed to be happily nodding his head once the audience realised they were finished and started clapping. That last chord is just too cheesy.
  6. The way I see it..... I can't afford it. And I can't really afford the standard releases right now. But I also couldn't particularly afford the concert tickets. I certainly couldn't afford the standby ticket I also got for the second concert. (gulp.) I couldn't afford the flights too comfortably, and I know for sure that whilst the hotel was fairly priced, I couldn't afford the meal I had in their restaurant the first night But guess what.... I bought it all, and I wouldn't change a thing 2020 might be one of the strangest years i'll ever experience. But it kicked off with one of
  7. Duetsche Grammophon have announced a limited edition vinyl of the concert. The records themselves are gold, (solid, 24-carat I'm assuming) and there's an exclusive note from John inside. 1000 copies worldwide, only through the DG online shop. (store.deustchegrammophon.com) Gah. ok. Take my money! Might as well!
  8. Has to be Hook for me. That film landed right in my formative years. The first film I remember deliberately going back to the cinema to see again, (go easy..... I was a kid) and I played that original album to death. Whilst potter is undoubtedly a fantastic score, I suppose my connection to it just doesn't run quite so deep. A little unfair perhaps if we're just going off the music, but I can't ignore those big Hook feels!
  9. Well boy, am I glad I asked. We're all here out of a great love for John Williams. Please don't be so angry. What does that achieve? I went with my girlfriend and we had an amazing weekend. After I kept saying things like "I just can't believe I'm here.... it's probably never going to happen again," she reminded me that it was indeed happening again.... the following day! So I put myself on the waiting list for returned tickets, and I got one. Just the one. So of course I went again. I paid more than I could afford, and had the most incredible time. Try and tell me you
  10. It's absolutely because I'm used to the OST. But it's just personal preference I suppose, and I always think the first part of JP breathes a little better, and gets across that sense of wonder and majesty if it's taken a little slower. When we hit the End Titles section, they can get a move on and I'm happy
  11. I have a question which I've been wanting to ask for a while and it keeps slipping my mind.... In the Musikverein was sat next to a guy who appeared to be on his own on the Saturday performance. We both responded at the same time with "oooooh" when John announced the Cinderella Liberty encore, and turned to laugh at each other. I then bumped into the same guy on the Sunday, he was sat on one of the benches in the foyer and I said a quick hello. Short-ish curly light hair. Does this ring a bell for any of you? I was just wondering if he might be a member here.
  12. I noticed a few times during Sunday's performance that the red light on the camera at the side of the venue only came on from time to time. I'm guessing only specific shots of his were being recorded, and he was being cued in via his headphones. I suppose it means less to edit. I hadn't thought it would be done this way, but it makes sense. (If I'm right.) I'm still utterly on cloud 9 from the weekend. My girlfriend and I were right on the back row at the top for Saturday, and I was fortunate enough to get a seat on the ground floor for Sunday via the waiting list. It
  13. Saw the film tonight at a midnight showing. That cameo still has me grinning. Some genuinely beautiful moments in the score. Looking forward to seeing it again on Saturday so I can focus a little more on the music. Walked home from the cinema listening to the end credits on spotify. Quite a thing to take it all in. This is the end of John's amazing Star Wars journey.
  14. I read today that there's a new bluray of Nixon coming, with 2 cuts of the film. It's been years since I saw it, so I don't remember much about the film or the score. Could there be something significant score wise unearthed in a different cut? I know releases don't always coincide, but hey, maybe.
  15. Yep, this is precisely what I mean. The big print is obviously wrapped around the box. But if whoever wrapped it made sure that the spine text was centered, that would have pushed the whole design over to the right, which is what seems to have happened when looking at the front of Owen's box. Because when the front design is in the right position, the spine text seems a bit over to the left. (of course, all assuming it was done by human hand) Anyway. Not the most important observation in the universe, but it was on my mind!
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