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  1. Thanks so much for this confirmation. I also made a little panic buy. So it looks like the "total amount" mentioned in my email receipt is, in fact, the total amount payable and includes the ticket for Johnny. This is wonderful news.
  2. For any other UK buyers, they now have the CD for pre-order at presto classical. It's more or less the same as the Amazon price, but you're guaranteed to have it arrive in good condition with no bashed in corners
  3. A Williams commentary track for a film would be pretty interesting. If he spoke about it a bit like a spotting session. But that would mean him watching a film again
  4. I would love a CD re-release of this. Although I have the vinyl, and it sounds excellent. But if one day a better remaster was possible, perhaps with an expansion, it would be great to explore the score further. I think it's wonderful.
  5. I feel you. Can't deny I would dearly love some deeper dive into his life and works. And like you, I'd be thrilled if some light was shone on his earlier years.
  6. Sorry if I came across grumpy mate. I certainly wasn't wanting to throw any insults about. But in the same spirit, I just felt everyone was being un-necessarily dismissive of the guy. Spider-Fal shared the video, I assume because they thought we might get some enjoyment out of it. But instead it was said the video creator should "get out," and he was labelled "annoying" and "bumbling." Someone (obviously... I know... 'jokingly') said "kill him," and he was "tolerated." How gracious. I don't even know why I felt such an urge to stick up for him. I just wonder where the encouragemen
  7. if you reeeeeeeeally want to Maybe just not for you, or for us. (There is always the distinct possibility, that not everything with the words John and Williams attached to it is aimed at we high and mighty knowledgeable folk.) But it doesn't mean we have to crap on the poor guy's efforts. As a musician myself, I enjoyed the parts where he was trying to work out the chords. Very interesting. Bordering on informative I might even say!
  8. Thank god there isn't much snobbery here I mean.... heaven forbid a guy tries to show a bit of interest in something and wants to share it with other people. Tell you what... I bet the fans of John Williams would welcome this with smiles. It's always lovely to know that this music has touched someone, isn't it? Ah. Maybe not. Pretty happy to be in the minority here. I thought his level of excitement and admiration was lovely to watch.
  9. I love how John's jazz days leak into everything he writes. Such phenomenal chord voicings everywhere.
  10. I can't believe it's a year already. I remember everything about that weekend so clearly. A truly magical time that will stay with me forever.
  11. Which recording is on the "Greatest Hits" compilation? I think I'd always assumed it was TPM, but the very opening is different
  12. I believe I'm right in thinking the Phantom Menace recording of the Main Title became Lucasfilm's go to version for many years. Is it possible they were asked to get a complete End Title for use in any other projects?.... video games and wotnot? whilst the LSO were sat there and the mic's were on, it could have made budgetary sense. Few birds, one stone etc.
  13. I can confirm that the Checkmate combined with Hong Kong is a great sounding release. I don't actually hear any difference at all between the FSM master and this.... but there is a terrible version out there which I think is just transferred from a record. I think some people confuse that for the FSM. I have that in a box set, and it sounds so bad compared to the Fresh Sounds and the FSM. If you've bought that, you could also get this.... then you have all the material from the FSM release without the price tag. Johnny Williams - Rhythm in Motion + So Nice (2 LP on 1 CD) Digipack - Blue
  14. I believe there's a blu-ray only version coming in Feb. And.... there is no DVD version. So that should be easy to avoid!
  15. I think..... you might get it! John Williams in Vienna-Live Edition by Williams, John, Wiener Philharmoniker, Mutter, Williams, John: Amazon.co.uk: Music
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