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  1. They definitely did. And I took advantage when I placed my next order
  2. So maybe it's this version of the "DCH" that will be on the Bluray
  3. As much as his collaboration with Anna-Sophie isn't exactly my favourite of his career, I just love seeing him so enthused about something. It's quite clear they have a truly special connection and it means a lot to both of them. There's a lovely moment when he calls her "Angel," and I feel like we get a slight glimpse behind the formal interview mask.... a bit like him calling JJ "baby" in that TFA video. Great to see him so chatty and relaxed. Wonderful stuff.
  4. Vienna, for me, was utterly magical from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. A nervous excitement in the air that I can't quite put my finger on, but certainly driven by the disbelief that it was actually happening. I also really liked the program. Although it was the Mutter arrangements (which I don't tend to prefer... other than Eastwick) I love that my first Williams concert included Cinderella Liberty and Sabrina, along with some expected favourites. The venue, the weather, the city.... all just perfect. I don't think I've ever smiled at so many strangers I was just over the moon to be there. Berlin was utterly wonderful. A fantastic few days in which my amazed self watched John conducting for the third time, having been convinced just a few years ago I would never have the opportunity at all. It was fantastic to see him in such high spirits and full of such energy. The man is a treasure. What a week. Travelling internationally again felt marvellous. I met some friends, made some new ones, and felt real joy in being part of a great film music, and Williams fan community. Vienna takes the Win for me. But that's no slight on Berlin at all. It's really an impossible question, and I feel no real need to refer to one as being "better." It's like choosing a favourite child. The more I've read of this thread though, the less I want to discuss it here any further........ beers at the Lindenbrau anyone?
  5. I think also there might be season ticket holders who aren’t interested in John. There was a lady sat next to us on Thursday who was utterly baffled by the concept of a film music concert. But by the end she was loving it.
  6. i also noticed this straight away. I’d assumed maybe it was because I sat at the back, above the percussion. Sounded brilliant though.
  7. Different Jim 😊 no apology necessary. what a great evening. John on fantastic form, and the orchestra sounded great. Lots of smiles amongst them. Privileged to have been here. My barcode wouldn’t scan, on either the pdf I’d saved or the version I’d saved to my “wallet” on my iPhone. But my girlfriend’s scanned fine 🤷🏻‍♂️ But it didn’t cause a problem in terms of gaining entry. They could see I had the covid pass, and that the name matched my photo ID.
  8. So is it just me.... or does anyone else prefer to avoid reading what the program will be? I steered clear of it for Vienna, and I truly believe the wow factor was amped up even higher because each piece was a surprise. (Apart from I knew Hook would be the opening... and that's only because I accidentally read it on this site ) For me it's just like going to see a band. It's very rare that you know what they're going to play before they begin. I love the element of surprise, and it truly puts me in the palm of the hand of the performer. But, just like when the Vienna concerts were getting closer, I think I'm going to have to either stop checking this thread, or just be super careful. Already read some things I would have preferred not to know while skimming through. I'm just curious if I'm alone in this preference? (Cue some hilarious one word "yes" answers.) I'd love to know why you're either for or against, and if you can tell me without mentioning specifics about the upcoming program that would be much appreciated
  9. Think we need to lighten up a little, and I'm saying that from personal experience. I was horrified when I heard they were thinking about doing this, but I saw it during its initial run in Manchester, and I loved it. There were a very tiny handful of cringy moments, maybe a few headscratch "hmmmmm.... not sure" bits, but that could equally just be my general dislike of musicals. But they've done a truly wonderful job of capturing the spirit of the film and also managing to make it stand as its own thing. The cast are brilliant. The effects work with the car are simply staggering. Proper jaw drop moments. I know people who saw this having never seen the film (I know, I know.... choose my friends more carefully) and they adored it. BTTF for them will always be the musical first and foremost. The other thing to consider, is that with the core creative team behind the film also involved here, it means that Bob and Bob are keeping true to their word in keeping the rights with them and not letting anyone get close to it in terms of remake or reboot on the screen. It's all done from a place of love, and despite my huge initial reservations there are no barrels being scraped here. Also, without it, I might never have met Alan Silvestri So selfishly I'm in full support!
  10. Not the C, but the last G of the melody repeat. Definitely a bit on the short side, and a little weaker than it should be. Like I say.... picky!
  11. The Hollywood Sound Main Title is so so good. Apart from.... one of those things that once I heard it, I can't un-hear it, and now it bugs me..... French horn at 3:08. That poor note. Cut off in its prime Yes, I'm picky!
  12. Not sure if I've got much preference over when.... but I'd love to be involved in a meet up. It would be lovely to put some faces to names. I regretted not getting involved in Vienna.
  13. That's the current minimum order for the UK, because 52% of us hate having access to expanded scores.
  14. Thanks so much for this confirmation. I also made a little panic buy. So it looks like the "total amount" mentioned in my email receipt is, in fact, the total amount payable and includes the ticket for Johnny. This is wonderful news.
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