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  1. Whilst not Williams conducted versions (of which I think I might like Berlin the most.... once the tempo picks up a little after the beginning. The '96 version is brilliant, but there's a rushed timp bit which always bugs me) .... I think the Greenaway version is pretty nice and powerful, on an album I really overlook most of the time. But I adore the recording of the LSO with Richard Kaufman on the Varese album "The High and The Mighty, a Century of Flight." It's a corker.
  2. I would love exactly that... for the film prelude and the up and away to be in there. My two favourite bits!
  3. Just been looking in to that direct-to-disc process. It's fascinating really, stripping it all back to how it used to be. I know we're jumping to conclusions based on stickers on a door but... it's cool to think something interesting might be coming.
  4. Are the remaining cues on the isolated score track on the Twilight Time Bluray? It's been so long since I watched it, I'll have to check. I know Mike worked on that too and said in an interview that there were some improvements to it over the Intrada release, but again I can't remember exactly what. Not a particularly useful post! Apologies
  5. I'm so happy for everyone who was able to attend, and I'm overjoyed at seeing John look so happy and dare I say sprightly! Something so wonderfully familiar about seeing him in that hall. I dearly wish I could have been there, but fingers crossed there'll be another European opportunity before too long.
  6. I wondered if the postage would be prohibitive, but if you were considering Presto, one of those discogs sellers might work out. Good luck!
  7. Check Discogs for the digipack blu-ray set John Williams, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Wiener Philharmoniker - John Williams Live In Vienna (Blu-ray, Germany, 2020) For Sale | Discogs
  8. There's very very little to no difference between the checkmate tracks on the FSM and the one with Hong Kong. Both sound fantastic. The Rhythm In Motion album can be bought separately on the Spanish label Blue Moon (I believe they're actually part of the Fresh Sounds label which released the Checkmate and HK CD), paired with "So Nice." I'd say the sound quality as about as good as the FSM, with a slightly different stereo spread. But it's nice that the contents of the FSM album can be found at a reasonable price.
  9. I had the same problem in multiple browsers. Got round it by ordering through the Bravado.de site instead. Exact same offerings as the DG store.
  10. I really wanted to, but work came in for that whole weekend, so too much to turn down Real shame.
  11. Are you still attending all the concerts? I've been weighing up trying to make it over for one or two. Was thinking about dropping you a line!
  12. They definitely did. And I took advantage when I placed my next order
  13. So maybe it's this version of the "DCH" that will be on the Bluray
  14. As much as his collaboration with Anna-Sophie isn't exactly my favourite of his career, I just love seeing him so enthused about something. It's quite clear they have a truly special connection and it means a lot to both of them. There's a lovely moment when he calls her "Angel," and I feel like we get a slight glimpse behind the formal interview mask.... a bit like him calling JJ "baby" in that TFA video. Great to see him so chatty and relaxed. Wonderful stuff.
  15. Vienna, for me, was utterly magical from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. A nervous excitement in the air that I can't quite put my finger on, but certainly driven by the disbelief that it was actually happening. I also really liked the program. Although it was the Mutter arrangements (which I don't tend to prefer... other than Eastwick) I love that my first Williams concert included Cinderella Liberty and Sabrina, along with some expected favourites. The venue, the weather, the city.... all just perfect. I don't think I've ever smiled at so many strangers I was just over the moon to be there. Berlin was utterly wonderful. A fantastic few days in which my amazed self watched John conducting for the third time, having been convinced just a few years ago I would never have the opportunity at all. It was fantastic to see him in such high spirits and full of such energy. The man is a treasure. What a week. Travelling internationally again felt marvellous. I met some friends, made some new ones, and felt real joy in being part of a great film music, and Williams fan community. Vienna takes the Win for me. But that's no slight on Berlin at all. It's really an impossible question, and I feel no real need to refer to one as being "better." It's like choosing a favourite child. The more I've read of this thread though, the less I want to discuss it here any further........ beers at the Lindenbrau anyone?
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