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  1. I'm pretty sure 15M2 The End of Hook and 15M2 Insert Bar 28 were combined and recorded as one cue. @Jay, can you confirm that? I'm still waiting for someone talented with mockups to do this one! The original hasn't been mocked up yet, right?
  2. So, the original version of the insert happens to read "Thursday AM" at the top, and only the later date (1/24) was a Thursday: The revised insert was most likely written in or dictated, since it's fundamentally the same notes, just slightly tweaked.
  3. Fortunately, the recording log is out there. It doesn’t account for the revised insert, but 6M5 was recorded 1/18/2002 and 6M5 Insert 1/24/2002. So it’s not a case like Hook where an insert was incorporated prior to recording, so we should definitely be able to hear the original…someday.
  4. I’ve heard it was rushed out quickly because stores simply could not keep the LSO double LP in stock for a long time. I think they were even forced to change the cover so it wouldn’t be mistaken for the original. Here’s a truly random fact: the conductor of this recording played the ocarina solo on The Troggs’ 1966 hit ‘Wild Thing’.
  5. I wonder if this is only here because of confusion about the London Symphony vs. London Philharmonic. It’s a rather—umm—unique recording.
  6. Ooh, I think you’re onto something there! I was biased by how the cue appears in the film, so I assumed something was added onto the end, but this feels like a more satisfying ending to the scene to me. It would also allow time for a shot or two of Kylo walking to the castle, rather than him just suddenly appearing there.
  7. Varèse Sarabande released the original CD, so they’re the most likely candidate to release an expansion, but I’m not sure if they have exclusive rights or not.
  8. I can’t recall ever seeing any quotes from SpaceCamp director Harry Winer before: From https://www.al.com/life/2019/07/secrets-of-the-80s-spacecamp-movie-revealed.html, which also mentions that it was Winer who invited Williams to score SpaceCamp, which he agreed to after viewing a rough cut.
  9. So, I've been curious about how the Oracle would have fit into the Mustafar scenes. There's actually two quite different versions of the scene in the novelizations: the Rae Carson novelization has a longer version featuring Hux and Pryde and with more dialog between the Oracle and Kylo, and Kylo wades into the pond the Oracle appears in to find the Wayfinder on some kind of island or platform in the middle. In the junior novelization, the Oracle talks to Kylo, but he never says a word in return. The Wayfinder is instead in Vader's castle or at least the ruins of it. There's also a
  10. There isn’t any easy way to see everything for Always, unfortunately. I’ve just searched for known cue titles and character names, and several are missing with no obvious rhyme or reason.
  11. How badly do you want to know? 😜 https://www.ebay.com/itm/124205350409?hash=item1ceb373e09:g:V~YAAOSwNDJacrgb
  12. I had a go at restoring 'The Speeder Chase' from The Rise of Skywalker, filling in missing footage with some concept art and storyboards as placeholders: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17-D5f9NIfu6U4UCH8RcjfTT5RYMNPRJy/view?usp=sharing
  13. Good pick! Williams’ working title was even “Swashbuckler”.
  14. Oddly, it’s still not Episode IX, but there’s apparently another new Signature Edition on the way, American Journey: https://www.jwpepper.com/American-Journey/10558273.item#.YN9kEuT3bDt No indication when this will actually ship, though: There’s also no separate listing for the full score only, as there usually is with JWSE titles.
  15. Um…ok. Why didn’t he just bring along a sax player and do ‘Escapades’? That’s a much more impressive showcase for a solo percussionist than this. I do hope JW will get around to a proper percussion concerto at some point. There’s not a lot of classics in that category, and he’s got a better shot than anyone I could think of to potentially write one.
  16. It’s only this one track that’s any different. The “Album Score” accurately records the edits and cue combinations for every other track. Actually, there’s one minor exception: the score of 5M3 Yoda’s Entrance shows a cut to 5M3 End Fix where it was originally intended to appear, but what’s heard on the album is a combination of the original ending with the timpani solo from the End Fix version, most likely dictated from the podium.
  17. Now, that part I had to guess on: the insert is included in the album score, so it seems it was intended to be used somewhere, though unfortunately there’s no specific directions. It just seems to me to fit pretty well as a coda to the longer 1M2 New Start insert, as heard on the special edition.
  18. Well, just when you think you pretty much know what there is to know about a score, sometimes you still stumble across something new. cc @Jay @Falstaft @Ludwig @crumbs @Datameister So, there was an "album score" of The Empire Strikes Back that appears to have been prepared by 20th Century Fox, I'm guessing as a keepsake for the people who worked on the score. It certainly was never offered for sale, but it does have the proper copyright info. It contains full scores for all the tracks on the album, with one omission: while it does contain 1M2 The Imperial Probe, it's lacking 6M3 Th
  19. Ok, let me see if I could help. It was proceeded by some arrangements intended for school bands and orchestras, but the very first "professional-grade" suite from Star Wars to be published is the Star Wars Symphonic Suite, published by Fox Fanfare Music in 1977. It has five movements: I. Main Title II. Princess Leia's Theme III. The Little People IV. The Battle V. The Throne Room and End Title This suite forms the core of the Gerhardt recording, though he apparently personally suggested the addition of 'Here They Come!' (anyone know a source for this
  20. Even if he did include more of the Ultimate War material, I can't imagine it would be all in one track. JW doesn't usually like to have that much continuous action material on a soundtrack album. He even broke up 'Follow Me' and 'The Falcon', which really seem to belong together, after all.
  21. Assuming the album release date of November 26, 1991 I found is accurate, the album was in stores before recording had even concluded. Wild!
  22. I don’t know how I keep ending up on the topic of Superman on this Always thread, but I noticed planning on the album began early enough that there’s a note on the sketch about which take to use for the album for the original, not revised version of 1M3 The Dome Opens:
  23. Oh, guess it's not a typo! The tempo is definitely noticeably broader than the film/OST take.
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